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    سلام به همه دوستاني كه هوادار اين جنبش سبزمردمي براي دستيابي به دموكراسي هستند :

    دوستان عزيز براي اينكه بتوانيم اهداف و خواسته هايمان رابصورت كاملا شفاف و روشن به تمامي مردم جهان ورسانه ها اعلام نماييم ، ضروري است آنها را برروي پلا كاردهايمان بنويسيم . لذا از تمامي دوستان صاحب ذوق و انديشه خواهشمنديم كه شعارها يا جملات كوتاهي را كه مي تواند هدف اصلي اين جنبش را بيان كند ، با تاكيد صريح بر

    1.عدم قبول انتخابات انجام شده به علت تقلب صورت گرفته .
    2.عدم قبول نتيجه شمارش مجدد آرا به علت اينكه در صندوقها نيز دست برده شده است .
    3.درخواست ابطال انتخابات و برگزاري انتخابات مجدد اما به صورت كاملا سالم

    پيشنهاد نمايند.
  2. I Ran Hubbard Member

    This is in the wrong place as it appears to be more of a general statement.
    From the magic of googles
    1. non-acceptance elections have been done to cause has been a fraud.
    2. non-acceptance of the vote count votes because the boxes in hand.
    3. issues asked for holding elections and new elections but as completely pristine
  3. Human Translation:

    to all dear friends, please suggest some english Slogans that we can write on our placards and carry in the streets, emphasing these principles:

    1- denying the Election because of the fraud done.
    2- denying the result of the recounting of votes beacuse the voting boxes had been tempered with.
    3- request to annul the election and rehloding the election in a healthy manner.
  4. California Member


    Someone please translate these so that those more directly involved can decide their appropriateness and pick whichever ones they like. Thank you.

    My Vote May Have Disappeared, But My Voice Is Still Here

    What happened to our democracy?


    Tampered Voting Boxes = Fraudulent Results
    Each and Every Time

    A Rigged Election Is Not A Real Election
    We Need A Truly Free And Fair Vote

    Fraudsters Stole Our Election!

    Recounting The Same Tampered Votes Will Give The Same Fraudulent Results

    Our Fathers Died For Our Right To Vote
    We Will Not Let It Be Stolen

    Election, Not Selection

    That's all I can think of right now.
    To all my Iranian brothers and sisters: Stay Safe.
    الله أكبر
  5. Slogan suggestion

    How about this:

    The land of Cyrus and Darius deserves better than to be ruled by Thugs
  6. Democracy

    We want Democracy
    Not Theocracy

    ما دموکراسی می خواهیم
    نه حکومت دینی
  7. Kruge Moderator

    So what would you suggest as being better than a democracy "doug"?
  8. FREE IRAN , the Land of King Cyrus and the First Declaration of Human Rights

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