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Discussion in 'Iran' started by Unregistered, Jul 8, 2009.

  1. It will not fall as long as only it has the guns, don't kid yourself. Unlike the Shah's forces, these people fight for Allah and Islam. As Khomeini said, if the only way for Iran to preserve Islam is for the whole country to burn, then let it burn. This is the mentality of the mullahs and RG around Khamenei.

    Either die, give up, arm yourselves, or ask for US help. These are your only options.
  2. And more will die if you are too proud to ask for help from the US. In case you don't know, the US Air Force have some very sophisticated weaponry that allows bombing military targets only.

    And if you think they will only install another dictatorship: I live in Romania, a country that is part of NATO and has US military bases on its soil. The Americans, through their covert help in our revolution, freed us from the yoke of communism and brought us freedom and the chance to become prosperous. I love the US for giving me the chance to live in freedom, unlike my parents and grandparents. Free countries do change from the 1950s, mentalities also change.

    Iranians who think like you DESERVE Ahmadinejad and Khamenei as leaders.

    Too bad that through this "we want to do it ourselves" attitude towards the the only ones who could help you overthrow your shackles, the only results are more innocent lives lost, more bodies tortured and more souls destroyed.

    I say better to end it now than allow this barbarism in the name of Islam to continue!
  3. Hmmm...this is FAIL on a lot of levels.

    I'd respond insightfully but I know I'd be wasting my time.
  4. Would you respond insightfully for me? (Never commented on this forum before, but reading it regularly).

    I am very confused whether and which kind of Western help would be productive and which would be damaging.

    BTW I am from former Czechoslovakia, and, during the Velvet Revolution, there was no overt Western help, but probably something under the waterline.



    Man what arrogance!

    Think again. If the USA were to "help" one of the long-term effects is having its interference as an excuse by other countries who hate USA to keep spouting anti-American rhetoric, not to mention breed terrorists. Notice how Iran is blaming the UK this time around? That's because the USA decided not to interfere militarily.

    If help is going to come, it should be through channels that don't belong to any government. And it should concentrate not on providing arms, but on opening up their communications.

    BOMB BOMB BOMB IRAN McCain anyone?


    "I'm from America. We're here to help you." BOOM HEADSHOT
  6. freeIran134 Member

    Here is the thing, you say that declaring war and bombing Iran will cause less casualties just listen to yourself. A war would be harmful to the entire region. How many people will die in bombing raids? How amny people will die when scud missiles rain over the Middle East?How many people will die when the leadership in Iran is forced to use it's nuclear fuel to make a dirty bomb and explode it in a metropolis? How amny people will die from that? This is a fight the Iranian people need to fight and we can give support, but if the US intervenes unilaterially than many more deaths will come of this.
  7. It took Gandhi 20 years to boot the British from India with the assistance of an entire population -- and almost no help from the outside.

    At this point, military force will only complicate things -- it would be a gift from God for the hardliners if it came from outside powers.

    The Shah and his people murdered and tortured tens of thousands of people -- for a time people lived in fear, but beneath that fear grew hatred. Things growled to a halt in the country. In the end, not even the U.S. could save him.

    Right now the political elite in Iran are probably bleeding money. It's expensive to run a police state with visible security everywhere in every city. The entire economy must be slowing down right now. Communications are interrupted making commerce hard to run. People find friends and co-workers disappearing in the dark of night.

    The outside world can bear witness and take note of atrocities that take place inside the country. The Iranians though are doing the heavy lifting for themselves. No outsider understands the country as well as they do. No medicine applied with an outsiders understanding is likely to provide the best cure.
  8. They do that anyways, and will be even more encouraged to do so if USA acts like a wussy. So you are quite counter-productive as long as you don't punish bad behavior.

    Terrorists fight in the name of Islam, even if America wouldn't exist they would still blow up infidels, as the Qur'an states: "Kill unbelievers wherever you find them" - read chapter 9 and find out for yourself.

    Or read some articles on, many of which provide the religious justification behind terrorist attacks.
  9. The fact of the matter is there's no chance of America meddling militarily. And it brings me lulz to see so many BOMBDABOMBDABOMB IRAN moralfags upset about that.

    Awww, are you concerned that America looks like a pussy by not attacking Iran? The image of America as all muscle and no brains is sooo lulzy too ya know. :D The eye-for-an-eye business brings great lulz to my eyes, Old Testament style. Too bad America took the high ground of a white knight this time around.
  10. Ask yourself this: how many people will die if Iran manages to get the nuke before anyone steps up to stop them? Even if they were toppled after that by popular uprising (although highly unlikely, as it is now), what makes you think they wouldn't launch the nuke at Tel Aviv as goodbye just before going down?

    Even if they aren't in danger, maybe they will give some dirty bombs to Hamas and Hezbollah or some other obscure proxy? What do you think will happen then?

    The arrival of the Mahdi, in Shia Islam, is followed by a great catastrophe, do not forget that. What makes you think they are not eager to fulfill the prophecy themselves, at any cost?

    Chamberlain Neville tried to appease Hitler - it didn't work. Do you really think it will work on some delusional elderly people longing for a place in Allah's heaven?
  11. That's the same thing Neville Chamberlain said back in the 1930's, just replace America with Britain and Iran with Nazi Germany. Guess what happened after that.
  12. World War II =/= current Iran Revolution

    History does not repeat itself to the exact same measures you seem to be implying. The repetition of history is a spiral. New incidents being written into history may appear comparable to things that happened before but it's stupid to assume this will be an exact repeat.

    And Neville was a Brit too, so I don't get your America replaced with Britain crap.
  13. I'm not talking about this Revolution, I'm talking about what would Iran do after it gets nukes.

    Of course Neville is a Brit, but my point is many leaders, including Obama, are acting just like him nowadays - bowing to dictators like the Saudi king, saying he will fight for the women's right to wear the hijab, thereby abandoning Iranian and Muslim women fighting for the right not to wear it, showering the Palestinians and Pakistanis with US taxpayers' money but without any serious demand for real improvement in the common people's lives, etc...

    And it's far more stupid burying heads in the sand and choosing not to see any similarities at all between Nazi Germany and Islamic Iran. Look how the IRI regime treats its own people, what makes you think it isn't dying to do even more damage to others with nukes, like the hated Jews?

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