Iranian Freedom Kit by OTPOR (LiVE eggs inside!)

Discussion in 'Protest Advice' started by Bombenhagel, Jun 17, 2009.

  1. OTPOR is a tool they could use to achieve freedom in no time flat...

    OTPOR (Resistance) was a decentralized, WELL-organized and very 1999-tech-savvy Serbian movement that literally laughed Slobodan Milosevic out of office. And tons of fun.

    They did it all with marketing. Yup. Marketing.

    What they did was to strip leadership of its legitimacy in the eyes of the people by using humor, irony, ridicule and of course, technological superiority.

    Here is the OTPOR user's guide (95 pages, illustrated):

    Here are some steps Iranians can take immediately, but seriously, read that manual.

    1. Stop being adversarial toward the police. Give them tea or a cigarette. Chat them up as circumstances allow. Get them to break rank. Get them to come over to your side.

    2. Marketing, marketing, marketing... one color, green = good. They need a symbol. One symbol. Tag & sticker it everywhere. Get young children and grandma to wear it.

    3. Constant low-level pressure, disruption, refusal & resistance. Keep it decentralized. For example, you know 14 others who each know 14 others. Use your manual to train volunteers. Undermine authority. Bite the system and be wasteful with their resources. Let the message become less about Mousavi and more about the power structure itself. Sponsor events. Block traffic. Entertain people. Sabotage. Street theater. Rock music. Revolution. Belcevic.pdf


    Just for fun: is finished Gotov je
  2. Iran! Stop the big demonstration...

    Stop the big demonstration and give Mahmud Ahmadinedschad a new chance for
    a better and newer iran politic.....

    greetings from austria
  3. There is no way that he could do anything better than a psycho!
    he brought iran to this f***ed up situation and he would just do something like Taliban in the other 4 years!!!
  4. EPG Member

    Easy for you to say Mr. Austria, how is he going to make a better and newer Iran when he nearly destroyed Iran in only 4 years?
  5. burningclouds Member

    We need to translate this to persian. I'm going to start working on it and also post this on the "translate english to persian" section. This is some really great stuff, thank you.
  6. OP is cool in my books. Sounds like fun.
  7. Bump... Cool idea!
  8. tt23 Member

    1. Stop being adversarial toward the police. Give them tea or a cigarette. Chat them up as circumstances allow. Get them to break rank. Get them to come over to your side.

  9. Ahmadi nejad? No WAY!

    Ahmadi nejad ruined our country in these four years...
    four years ago, many voted him for a change... he lied, he destroyed our resources, wealth and did nothing right...
    Now, people voted for Change; he lost. but he (and his Great supporter) didn't play to the rules. they bent the rule and traited our hopes and votes...
    if our people get out of their way, there will not remain the least chance for us to have a country... just as Taliban did to our neighbor afgans 10 years ago or to Pakistan today...
    We MUST stand and get our right.
  10. Flash Member

    austria ^^ ehhh even a 6 year old knows you use A, not a... But a for efford..

    Now, go fuck yourself....
  11. JustMe-IRAN Member

    BurningClouds, 3 things to note:

    -1- the links posted are almost all now down. (They actually went down very shortly after you linked).

    -2- Don't worry about translating this. A full translation of the most recent edition of Gene Sharp's text will be posted very shortly.

    -3- You are correct. This is VERY important material for us to get out.

    -3.1- Thanks :)
  12. Runa Member

    Srsly, I can't believe ppl still insist on 'peaceful protesting' when it bought you how many deaths so far?

    The Regime won't be moved to tears by the 'flow' of peace that emanates form people. If only, the govt. think they can crash them more easily.

    But good luck, anyway.
  13. You think armed struggle is going to bring more deaths or less? A lot more.
    The moment they use weapons they will have to face APCs and tanks with heavy machine guns that will tear through barricades and kill en mass.
    And then what? You gonna shoot with your AK at a tank?

    The people have zero chance against the government when it comes to warfare, totalitarian regimes always have a very strong military.
  14. STOP illegal Demonstration in Iran

    STOP now! the big demonstration in the IRAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The Daemon Who Came in from the Cold Internet and make Fire and Blood in your wonderful
    city (country) in IRAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The Koran Religion say, love and help other people (to assist sb. in distress)

    STOP now! STOP now! STOP now! STOP now!

    greetings from austria
  15. He who shouts, lies.
  16. rev Member

    Serbians apparently know how to win a revolution.
  17. Very simple!

    Khamenei, Ahmadinejad and IRGC clique explains to young Basiji (some are barely 15!) they send to the streets of Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz, Qom and elsehwere, that the protesters they are going to face are Mujjaheddin-e Khalk ("MEK" or "MKO").

    MEK is a terrorist organisation killing Iranians since almost 20 years, and reccognized as such even by the FBI. They are dead enemies of IRGC and Basiji. They are based in Camp Ashraf, in Iraq, and under US protection since 2003. Google for reports about Rumfseld providing them that protection. There are enough of them.

    This is why Basji are killing Iranian protesters.

    When you support violence, you play into the hands of Khamenei and the IRGC. They present protesters as "terrorists" in the state media, and their youngster Basiji have no problem to shoot at terrorists. Thus, when you support violence, you are doing wrong to the Iranians!
  18. Oh, really?

    So, why is your wanna-be "Ayatollah" Khamenei ignoring the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran? Is that some sort of "divine" decision - or a lie?

    The right of every Iranian citizen to PEACEFUL PROTEST is constitutionalized.

    How can your glorious "supreme leader" then declare such protests for "illegal"?

    Oh, and stop your BS-itting about "greetings from Austria": there is a demo against Khamenei. Ahmadinejad and their thugs in Vienna too. And you CAN'T prevent it.
  19. Could it be that "Greetings From Austria" is Iranian Government Officials in disguise???
  20. Peaceful Protest mind you, Global National or The National interviewed a protester today blurred out so she wouldn't prosecuted, and she said people were breaking windows, throwing rocks, and setting cars on fire... which off course well lead to riot police stepping in as it happen in the states ALL THE TIME
  21. Your parents are horrible people if they let you talk like that,

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