Iran Threatens Strike on Israel's Nuclear Facilities if Attacked

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by Unregistered, Jul 25, 2009.

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  1. Or rather, your "views" mean shit.
  2. Wow. So completely clueless.
  3. but your views will make you burn eternally in real hell after you made a temporary hell on earth (Atomic bombs).

  4. Do you have any more one-liners? Only, it's a bit like debating with a petulant child, given how often you fall back to "that's the way it is because I say so"
  5. Is that how all you basiji view others? Petulant children, who won't listen to what your master claims Allah wants, so they must be beaten, raped and murdered?

    Those petulant children. Got to keep them in line, huh? Or the master will beat you, too.

  6. Basiji? Either you're confusing me with another unregistered, or you're a blithering idiot.

    /or both!
  7. Hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

    Dude, looks like you pissed the basiji off so much they threw a temper tantrum and took the site down for ten minutes. You petulant child, you! Forcing the basiji to throw a temper tantum! It is all your fault they want to beat you, you know. Those are fists of love.

    Speaking of petulant children, here is the story of one woman who was petulant. She actually had the audacity to fight back, and not just sit there and take the beatings.

    So they killed her.

    Anger management, basiji bro. Look into it.

    FRONTLINE: video sharing | PBS
  8. All outcomes are speculative. Future is speculative. there are other possibilities with other outcomes. for example Iran will do what is doing now and one of the outcome of that would be a non-nuclear bombardment of nuclear centers in Iran. Another outcome is that Iran will bomb Israel and will become power on the Middle East with majority of its citizen getting ill with radiation sickness (Israeli dead man switch) ,economy will go stagnant and finaly half of todays territory will go (Kurdistan, Baluchistan, territories near Afghanistan). Another possibility is that Iran will get nuclear bomb and will successfully blackmail Europe which will show good dog rutine. Iran will became a major power and finaly will get destroyed by Chinese who will want better price for their oil.
    Can do some more scenarios.
    But wanted to show the best one for Iran, in my view.

    I understand that you may see economic benefits from having nuclear energy, of course there are some, but I think the best is to co-operate with IAEA. Period. Then Iran will have nuclear power stations and benefit from no sanctions. In my view benefits from not-having nuclear energy now outweights benefit from having nuclear energy now.

    Iran for quite a long time has good relations with Ukraine and the deal you are talking about was talked about in 2002. The deal about production of antonov aircraft was signed in 1990s. and first aircraft joined the Iranian civilian fleet in February 2002. IN 2002 Ukraine also had deal with Iran regarding non-military nuclear projects. So it is nothing new.

    And that is quite a mouthfull. And somewhat strange. Because that is what some people think about the West, from the distance. Even if that distance is conquered, even if they find themselves in that country they still think that. Not knowing history, of the western countries is today quite popular. thinking what newspapers tells you is also quite correct, particularly western newspapers who panders to view that everything is fault of that "ominpotent great powers" who do not pay any costs. But they do. Always did. And contrawise regimes such as Iranians do not only pay costs, they sometimes get away with not paying the costs. Like having proxy-organisations, who fight for it,but countries like Iran can say "we support them "with out thoughts". All powers paid. Only someone who does not know history can think that "omnipotent great power" do not pay. Xerxes persia paid, , Safavids omnipotent great power paid, didn't they? Ottoman empire paid. Roman empire paid. And "supposedly omnipotent great powers" never claimed to be omnipotent, not like some lesser powers in the Middle East whose Leaders do.

  9. If you were a rapist and an atomic bombs guy, and when you confront to Allah, believe me, raping would be the least of your sins that you should worry about.
  10. Sooooo, since the ayatollah wants to make a nuclear bomb and wipe Israel off the page, I guess he is shooting for the gold and covering all his bases, huh? Having children raped and executed isn't good enough. He wants to rain down fire, and make sure he goes to hell, right? Along with all his mindless traitorous stooges.
  11. Ray Murphy Member

    Ray: Did someone say that such a right existed?

    So what are we talking about here - bombs that are too big or bombs that cause radiation sickness and damage future generations?
  12. add to the post 168

    pls disregard the last part. Posted it too quickly and it is somewhat unintelligible.
    It should be:

    And that is quite a mouthful. And somewhat strange. Because that is what some people think about the West, from the distance. Even if that distance is conquered, even if they find themselves in western country they still think that. Not knowing history of the western countries is today quite popular. Often western newspapers panders to a view that everything is fault of these "ominpotent great powers" who do not pay any costs. But they do. Always did. And contra wise, regimes such as Iranian sometimes get away with not paying the costs. They have proxy-organisations, who fight for them, but these countries can claim that they only " support these organisations "with our thoughts"". . Only someone who does not know history can think that "omnipotent great power" does not pay. Xerxes persia paid, , Safavids omnipotent great power paid, Ottoman empire paid. Roman empire paid. And "supposedly omnipotent great powers" never claimed to be omnipotent, not like some lesser powers in the Middle East whose Leaders claim to be doing everything according to God's will. and whose presidents seems to see halo going from heavern to hover over their heads.
  13. You don't get it, do you? its not about the IAEA, its about the US and Israel who want to mess with Iran and stop its advancement. Period.
  14. Iran has a nuclear program for peaceful purposes. They don't want to build nuclear weapons. And so, don't build conclusions on nothing.
  15. Riiiight. And the holocaust never happened, and there are no gays in Iran, right?

    That's why they won't let the weapons inspectors go anywhere, right? Because they want to keep all that peaceful nuclear machinery a secret, right? They have nothing to hide, but they're going to hide it anyway.
  16. Ray Murphy Member

    This is all going to look like a big waste of space after Israel destroys what it believes are nuclear weapons factories.
  17. Neither they nor their apologists claim so much in words, but in effect this is what is claimed, when discussion always centers around what conditions such states will impose, and never on what conditions will be imposed upon such states. Pointing out that such states are not in as powerful a position as their posturing suggests leads to the idea that the strength of position of such states to continue to impose their self-declared order on the world may well deteriorate.
  18. Excuse me, what advancement?
    Bigger population of drug addicts, more corrupt bureaucrats and mullahs, lower numbers of religious Iranians, lack of jobs for university graduates, higher prices, lower economic production and bigger exports from china.
    Nobody need to mess with Iran and stop its advancement. It is messed enough already. And that's why Iranian protest. NOW.
  19. TANJ - There aren't no justice. If the conditions can be imposed on such states they will. And if they or their apologists do not claim so much in words, the claim may be in the mind of the beholder. That means you. You think that the discussion always centers around what conditions such states will impose but that the imposition is only from their side, that they never are subordinate to conditions who they impose upon others. You think only you suffer from other's laws. You think that they are posturing because you would do it in their place. And it is your view point which suggest that because you think that they are posturing therefore they are not as powerful as they seem to be. Therefore their self-declared order on the world may deteriorate. But of course it is their order which may soon deteriorate, you and your country have nothing to do with that order. And even better. Your strength of belief will allow you to convince them that they are not so strong as they though they are and that they may deteriorate. And that would be a coup d'etat. Or shall I say a propaganda coup?
    But I would not be so sure. That they are not so strong. And that they posture. However history says that some states go down and some go up. But often not the one which think are going up. Because the states who think are going up sometimes stagnate. And blame others for their own faults .But different states go up. Different powers will appear. Not the ones expected. And some will only dream of past power which came from sands and disappeared like a sand in the sea of sand.
  20. If you were right of what your are saying, they would leave Iran drown alone, just IF you were right.

    So, don't just spill your words with no ground but your damaged thinking.
  21. I'd love to get a recording!

    Actually they can withdraw if they want. Though that would probably have serious ramifications.
  22. It seems this guy is determined to ignore the truth and logic. It's waste of time to argue with.It's like a tape. Any time I see your quotes, there are same things repeating and repeating and repeating.Iran is a heaven and aliens are stopping its advancement. Good luck Don Quixote.
  23. Firebombing killed so many more civilians in WWII than those atomic bombs.

    All bombing is evil, whether nuclear or conventional.
  24. And yet they tested and dropped these bombs on people anyway. A testament to their commitment to the earth and humanity.
  25. No. The shooter didn't just shoot the guy with the knife. He shot up the knife-wielder's whole neighborhood (many of whom may not have even liked mr knifey).

  26. What truth and logic? the entire world is facing economic problems.
    would it be drugs? I think you confused between the US and Iran.
    trying to stop the Iranian PEACEFUL nuclear program, is because the program is a side of Iranian advancement.
    And yes, militarily speaking, Iran is advancing very well, they can't stand Iran being strong in facing Israel.

    That is what they target! they don't care about Iran's economy, they should actually solve their economical problems they already have.

    logically speaking also, Iran has NO PROBLEMS with the IAEA, it is only about USA and Israel.
  27. waste of time

    Just going through this thread I feel like so many contentious issues are being discussed that have nothing to do with helping Iranians who are tying to secure their rights. Maybe we should stop fighting with each other over WW2, the cold war, and even Iran's nuclear ambitions and focus on Iranians in Iran fighting for freedom.

  28. To add to this, if they care about the Iranian economy, they should stop their economical blockade on Iran, that was made to punish Iran for their Nuclear program.
  29. Stop blaming THE OTHERS.If you are an Iranian, you understand this. If not or a government agent, it's another story. Ye suzan be khodet bezan, ye javalduz be digaran!!!!
  30. akuma_river Member

    Good guys went from Iran threatening a strike on Israel's nuke facilities to moral grounds of nuclear weapons to whether the bomb needed to be dropped on Japan in wwii, to the wars of the cold war to picspam...

    I just have one thing to say. Considering how bad Iran's airplane maintenance is...why the hell would we give them nuclear power? Does anyone remember Three Mile Island or Chernobyl by any chance?

    A nuclear meltdown is just as bad or worse than a nuclear bomb going off...right?
  31. May Allah curse you for putting the cartooned hate drawings of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).
  32. :D No one is asking you (and those whom you refer to) to give them nuclear power, just mind your own business and let Iran worry about their nuclear program.
  33. Visionary Member

    Well technically the US already gave it to them, when they started the program back in the 50's.

    (Not necessarily saying this was a good thing...and obviously the coup before it wasn't.)

  34. And because of Germany and their scientists, US was given the ability to build the Atomic bombs.

    We can go back to Prophet Adam (pbuh).
  35. Along came the Khomeini and started a siege to giver's embassy. And in such way Imam ended giver's good intentions along with cornucopia of things given.
  36. Ray Murphy Member

    Ray: No one gives Iran the right to do anything on it's own soil, however as long as Iran remains committed to the treaty it has a contractual obligation to observe it, but it can withdraw from the treaty at any time it likes.

    A treaty is simply a contract.
  37. The government fucks in here have been pulling anything they can out of their ass to keep this thread going, because this is their main scare tactic to keep their people in line right now. This thread needs to die.
  38. Russia is giving them nuclear power, dumbass. Do you really think people are that stupid? Who is building the plants? Russia and China. Who is supplying the nuclear bomb and missile technology? North Korea and Khan of Pakistan.
  39. Don't be that stupid, when he said "we" he meant neither Russia nor China. And there is no problem of getting help from them, it is non of your business. The Unties States is filled with scientists from different nationalities from all over the world.
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