Iran Election: Video Showing Someone Cheating On Vote

Discussion in 'Videos' started by ConciousGood, Jun 30, 2009.

  1. ConciousGood Member

    Video Showing Someone Cheating On Vote

    Iran Election: Video Showing Someone Cheating On Vote

    Can someone translate what they are saying please
  2. They are speaking Farsi (Persian) with accent. The Accent is from NW of Iran as far as i can tell. They have whole bunch of information about voters. In order for you to Vote in IRAN, you need name, birthdate, your birth certificate Number, Town you were born and who you are voting for. So these 2 guys had some extra ballots and lots of names and info. One of them keep saying " make sure you dont make a mistake". He said this lots of times. Unfortunately, they didnt say or at least i couldnt catch whom they were voting for. I will listen again and again and if i hear something i missed i will reply again ...Thanks....Nick
  3. mancer0 Member

    Okay Anons, POST EVERYWHERE. This would make the world news. What the hell is someone filling out multiple ballots for? You don't have to be a smart person to know something criminal is going on. Repost in YouTube too in case its flag nuked.

    "The power to govern comes from those willing to be governed"
  4. And filming it, of course

    What could be more natural, when rigging an election, than documenting that special moment to recall those special memories later on, for the sake of the old times? I can also hold a bunch of papers in my room and claim I rigged elections in Iran. Maybe I could make a buck or two if someone needs my helping hand.
  5. Or this was an actuality captured by Anonymous working undercover as an Iranian State Official with a hidden cam while investigating rumors of possible ballot tampering.

  6. Jakomeyu Member

    how do i download this on my computer?
  7. Whizzbizz Member

    Download "Miro", open the program and search for "IranElection Cheat on vote!" in its YouTube search field.

    You will then be able to download it through the results in "Miro".

    Good luck!
  8. Thank you Iraniam, stay anonymous. We love you!
  9. /i/moralfag exists, therefore, hope exists.
  10. I Don't think their accent is from NW of Iran. I think they're speaking Farsi but with an afghan accent.

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