iran cop :: "nice" pic

Discussion in 'Pictures' started by dom_perignon, Jun 23, 2009.

  1. dom_perignon Member


    We have photos of you just like this one. What happens to you when the new regime takes over? Some of your generals already refused orders. We have photos of you shooting and beating students, women and old men. We don't forget. Lay down your arms and choose freedom.

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  4. Junius Member

    Somebody sent me this photo last night.
  5. anoniemNL Member

    A cop (or other uniformed government employee) throwing a stone.

    You can't use this pic to say he is guilty of some crime against the people.
    All it proves is that he looks like he is taking a shit when a he throws something.
  6. I think the point is that he and any other officer can be easily identified, and his life can be made pretty miserable by the civilians.
  7. N.A.T.E-IRAN Member

    Dude he's not throwing stones, he's passing stones.

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