[Investigation of brian krebs] Identity of the Black hat Pirate, author of Miraï (Botnet)

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    What do you think ?

    French thread about that :ête-de-krebsonsecu-id-du-pirate-anna-senpaï-créateur-de-miraï.132549/#post-2601207

    Stonning conclusion of the investigation of brian krebs who think that the pirate, author of Miraï's Botnet, aka "Anna-senpai" is in fact a president of the Web security company "ProTraf" which do ddos attack to competitors client's for his own profit.

    (Excuse my english, i'm a french cock and i lack of practice)

    VOILA !

    here, the investigation of brian krebs on the blog :

    Nota Bene : Warning ! These conclusions lacking of sources i think, and are very prematures. Another investigation will probably be lead by higher institutions, no doubt about that. We'll know more after that. But for now, i think the reputation of the "guilty partie" is fuck up now, and it will rain shit above ProTraf. Do you think this brian krebs can be right ? Let's find out ! Have you any more info on this ?

    Well, i'm not an expert, but i'm praticaly sure that's bad. Clever, but bad. These methods remind me an illegal insider dealing. Dont you think ?

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