Discussion in 'Iran' started by Commissar, Jun 15, 2009.

  1. a desert Member

    Thought I did this ages ago.

    The name is Landers, and I'm old enough to remember watching the fall of the Berlin Wall and Tienanmen Square on television, which was the beginning of my political and social awareness. I'm here simply because what's going on is making my skin crawl; I don't think many of us who live in freer countries realise how close we are to living in such a world. A victory for freedom in one nation is a victory for all free people, and the death of those like Neda, I feel, should be a death in our family, the world's family. I'm an old net nerd (who else remembers the days of 19.2 kb/s connections? Fuck you, AOL!) and I spent most of my childhood bouncing around international communities.

    I hope to see the sun rise on a free and empowered Iran, which I believe will be the catalyst for many other successful uprisings around the world.
  2. Hello Anonymous

    We are here representing the support of the Turks.

    Iran is our fellow neighbor, and we can not simply watch as they go through this unacceptable reign of terror and unrighteous control. It is making us sick to bone. Something has to be done, and anon is doing it's best, once again, all over the globe, to put an end to tyranny.

    Currently, our own traitorous government is headed in a very similar direction. This has been so since our country's great father, Atatürk, died (killed actually) in 1938. Since then, countless plots have ensued over Turkey, and tried to enslave it's people, by turning them into thoughtless masses, with the help of TV shows, and a steady decline of culture.

    We as Turkish /b/tards are doing our best to support the movement towards freedom. We have already started to reach people, and inform them how to do the best they can, which sometimes means giving a part of their internet bandwidth to support Tor, while sometimes is just means talking to friends and family on this issue and spreading the word.

    It is time for being one. To be part of the whole. Together, we are indestructible.

    Let us all show to the world that Anonymous does not forgive.
    Let us all show to the world that Anonymous does not forget.

    They weren't expecting us.

    They made a critical mistake.
  3. CradleOfCiv Member

    Hey yeah, I am here because Iran is like next door, you know.. And it pisses me off that these assholes are beating up and killing the nice people and not letting them talk etc.

    Other then that I am here for the lulz and to laugh at the tinfoil stuff..
  4. xtarastarx Member

    I am a 25 year old woman living in Central Fl. I am agnostic and a Democrat.

    I began following the Iran Election a few days before election day. The events afterward disgusted me. I hate to see people's rights violated and such violence. I have been following closely on Twitter and gather information to spread.
  5. Ray Murphy Member

    Jump in on a bunch of threads. That's what I did and no one has stopped me yet.:D
  6. Twister Member

    A little late, but..

    I was aware of the election and when AH was declared the official winner, I didn't believe it. Followed the story on the radio (NPR) and online as much as I could.

    Then, a dear friend in Riyadh sent me a link via IM. It was the Neda video. It was very soon after it had happened. I had not seen it anywhere or heard talk of it, so it hit me like a sledgehammer.

    I don't think I've cried that hard in a very long time. I have seen many people die as a trauma nurse. Still, that video shocked and disgusted me. After the tears dried, I got pissed off.

    I started poking around on FB for groups protesting, etc. Found out about the internet blackouts from one group and there was a link to NedaNet and one here. I have a server I wanted to use to setup a Squid proxy (until I found out plain text ones were no good bc of DPI).

    I started reading the Green Brief daily (bless you NiteOwl) and well.. here I am.

    I want human rights for Iranians. That is my reason.

    Thank you to all who make this place possible.
  7. NiteOwl Member

    I'm NiteOwl.

    I deeply care about the world and its people - as well as its animals, plants, rivers, mountains, seas, lakes, deserts and penguine.

    I'm here because I'm angry and I won't calm down till this regime has fallen.

    Thank you for keeping me here by being as involved as you all are!

  8. jcksmith21 Member


    I have same question in mind as Commissar's question. And even i don't understand why these all are happening ? Is it Human ? Why we are do all these kind of non humanity activities ? Why friends why ?

    Tell me because i am very care about the all these thing which are a live and also which are not.
  9. Jakomeyu Member

    i agree, when I heard 888chan and those guys were doing this, I decided to take part. I'm not part of nor agree with Project Chanology or anything else Anonymous does (please dont kill me for saying that)
  10. iraniam Member

    Thank You All

    On behalf of our broken hearted people of IRAN I thank you all from bottom of my heart for your compassion. May one day all our people be free.
    Zendeh baad Iran, Payandeh baad Irani.
  11. RisingIran Member


    I am a fellow Iranian boy who's longing for freedom like many other Iranians in and out of Iran.

    I am here to express my disdain against those ruling beasts in charge of my country, against all kinds of cruelty that's befalling my country day in day out.

    As for the political connections, I don't got any, but I'd love to be able to hurt the regime one way or another.I know it may sound rude, but sometimes I think of being a member of a red brigades-esque group,blowing up the offices and murdering top guns of the IR just to take revenge for my wronged brothers and sisters.It's not constant, I mean that type of thinking, but it just happens when the images of bloodshed and dirty work pops up in front of my eyes and the creepy sound of lies and propaganda fills my ears; I just can't help myself.

    And I speak Persian naturally, though my English isn't bad.

    I'll leave it at that.Gotta browse the forum and other topics and perhaps drop a post or two too.

    Death to the dictator, death to Khamenei, down with Islamic Republic!
  12. iraniam Member

    We will be waiting for you in New York.....

    We will be waiting for you on September 23rd, all of us, from all over the US. We are not just green, red and white, but a variety of colors. We are the rainbow of Iran. We are a colorful mix and represent all of Iran, young and old, women and men, from the entire polotical spectrum and all walks of life.

    Mr. President, you took our people's vote, you trampled on them, you ridiculed us and you disgraced the nation of IRAN. But the world saw a different Iran, an anguished and injured Iran but also a courageous and absolutely resolute Iran.

    Mr. President, we, Iranian American stand by the Iranian people in our torn country, those you put in jail, those you accuse of being spics, putting them on show trials. Those you allowed to be raped and tortured and ended up being murdered. We stand by every single one of them and we will not rest untill their murderers are brought to justice.

    Mr. President, we stand by the silenced voices of NEDA, TARANEH, SOHRAB and all the young people of Iran who want only one thing: to live in a free land.

    Mr. President, The halo you saw around your head while you gave that first speech at the United Nation is long gone. Now your nose is bigger, the little dictator in you with a big mouth has been unmasked and the world knows what you are all about: a shame.

    Mr. President, the Robin Hood in you vanished when you destroyed the last vestiges of humanity, when you unleashed your thuggish friends on the innocent.

    Mr. President, the day will come when you and your cohorts will be put on trial.

    Mr. President, you are not "one of the people" as you claimed. You are a scourge on the people.

    Mr. President, your eyes betray you. You are a wolf in sheep skin.

    Mr. President, this was not a velvet revolution, but a homegrown uprising, against you and your henchmen.

    Mr. President, we have news for you, there is always an end to all dictatorships.

    Mr. President, we will be waiting for you, by the thousands, coming with caravans from all over the United States of America to say one thing to you: NO to dictatorship. YES to democracy.

    Mr. President, here in New York City, we will not be faced with bullets, bayonets and chains, like our compatriots in Iran. We will have freedom to come and say what is on our minds even if the other side disagrees with us.

    Mr. President, we are UNITED under one banner, "democracy and human rights for IRAN"

    Mr. President, We are anxiously waiting for your arraival and we stand ready, all of us together to shout: "SHAME ON YOU. YOU ARE NOT OUR PRESIDENT"


    By: Fariba Amini. Published by
  13. andreakassi83 Member

    Hello I'm Andre...newbie in this forum

    I am working on ++++++ and found this forum via google search. I admire Iran's culture
  14. anupkanwar Member

    I am Anup Kanwar doing engineering in computer science ,19 years of age ,i am from India .I believe in humanity ,for me humanity is bigger than everything,don't believe in religion but respect every religion and for me this world is my home ,all countries are same.I am new here,please add me as friend,as it’s my beginning ,wants friend and support,
    Regards,Anup Kanwar
  15. I didn't post an intro, so I will. I'm an american, though not of persian descent. I support the Iranian protests and now revolution against the Islamic regime that has hijacked Iran. I have iranian friends, some in Iran, some not, but all and all, they pretty much are concerned with what's happening in their homeland, and as a result of that, and my general concern with what goes on in the world, I've taken interest in the cause of the Iranian people.
  16. kazim Member

    people of iran deserves all that every other people in the world does rather than being tortured like this
  17. I believe that its time to introduce myself here, even though I've been here for months.

    I am Giant Blue Anteater.

    I myself am not an Iranian. For some time, I have been somewhat familiar with what was going on in Iran, but not everything that was going on. When the issue was highlighted by famous YouTube scientist cdk007 to his subscribers (I being among them), commanding everybody to change their channel's icon to the color green to show solidarity for the young Iranians, I wanted to search for more information about this "Green Revolution", and I found this place.

    Here I am.
  18. For many reasons, I want to remain anonymous so I won't be doing much self-introductions. I have some connections to the community here, but not many.

    I watched "For Neda" yesterday and I am thought I would start to lurk and read the posts on this site. I know very little about Islam and/or Iranian culture. I feel compelled to read your stories and learn more. Neda's story breaks my heart and I hope that you all will take some kindness to my newb ways.

    I'm just an American that hopes for justice and freedom for you all. I also hope that there are more like me after watching this movie.
  19. Kruge Moderator


    Don't worry about your "newb ways" - if you're not sure about something or want to know more about a topic - ask! :)
  20. spaz926 Member


    Welcome to the place where everyone has right to freedom of speech.
    First off, thank you for your interest in this culture and this movement. I also am only an American that is wanting freedom for all people. When I first came on the site I was, as well, a newb. You will learn and hopefully be able to help us out here.
  21. I'm from the internet, and I support freedom in every shape or form.

    The people of Iran diserve it as much as anyone else and I'm willing to do everything I can to help.
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  22. Kruge Moderator

    Hi there, Mr.Boatner!

    Out of interest: What did this page help you with?
  23. sikander Member

    I always felt like fighting for the rights of a common man . Not that my writing some views on iran will change the world, but at the same time i cannot think of siting in front of tv and doing nothing . I want to make them feel , that they are not alone .
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  24. Kruge Moderator

    Uhuh, interesting. And what has your nutjobbery got to do with what#s going on in Iran exactly? :)
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  25. Kruge Moderator

    I'm "crying about non-Iranian posts"? Spewing "caustic verbage"? I just was asking a friendly question about what your whole NWO nonsense has got to do with what's going on in Iran, that's all. Pardon me for breathing, I'm sure... XD
  26. Hey everyone. I'm an Iranian and fight for justice in Iran (and elsewhere) whenever I can. I've been mostly reading for the past few years but slowly getting more involved in protests, actions, and writings.
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  27. JohnDoe Moderator

    Good to have you join us Political Traveler.
    Iran needs people to be involved at whatever level they can be. Especially with the elections coming up in March 2012 could be another very important year in taking Iran towards freedom.
  28. I am new here and wish to learn so please dont pull the "How do you not know?" card. what is the entire "iran" initiative on this site?
  29. Anonymous Member

    You have posted a question in the Iran Forum. There is more than substantial information posted in this forum to answer a question like yours.
  30. JohnDoe Moderator

    The entire 'Iran' initiative is raise awareness and keep anyone who is listening, informed as to what is going on in Iran, and the rest of the region - beyond the nukes.
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  31. i know i could get alot of ideas and in depth stuff here. i understand all the other initiatives but i dont really understand the "general" idea
  32. Anonymous Member

  33. JohnDoe Moderator

    Can you explain a bit more about what you don't understand?

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