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Discussion in 'Other Countries' started by Anonymous, Nov 12, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Welcome to the International Forum on WhyWeProtest.

    WhyWeProtest provides this International forum for users who wish to post threads in languages that are not currently served by other existing sub-forums on this site. WWP is pleased to have become a destination and resource for an increasingly diverse base of users from around the globe. We want to encourage this trend, but we currently lack the resources to host and moderate independent sub-forums for every nationality and language group. This forum will allow these users to post and participate in the languages of their choice until we are able to create additional specific language forums. As threads in particular languages proliferate, the staff may create a new forum for them and appoint moderators from among those who post there.

    Please remember a few practical and common sense guidelines:

    • WWP does not allow the advocacy or planning of illegal activities including DDOS.
    • Child pornography is illegal everywhere and will not be tolerated anywhere on this site.
    • In general, limit legal Not Safe For Work (graphically sexual or violent) posts to the Thunderdome.
    • Please compose thread titles with a prefix specifying your language, followed by the thread topic. (Example: UKRANIAN - Freedom of speech in Ukraine). Identifying your language in thread titles will help fellow speakers to find you more easily and will enable moderators and administrators to nominate languages for their own separate forum.
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  2. Anonymous Member


    forum is a great idea
  3. freehackgirl Member

    Yes, it is grate! I come from Croatia and I know some of English but I can only in my own language say direct what I realy mean. If you need somebody to help about Croatian, just write to my email adress and I'l be happy if I may help!!!
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  4. freehackgirl Member

    I forgot to say about myself that I am good in Croatian grammar so I can help with translation from English.
  5. freehackgirl Member

    Croatian: Ove subote, 25.02. protestirati ćemo ANTI - ACTA u Zagrebu, pred ministarstvom vanjskih poalova - Trg Nikole Subic Zrinjski u 14 h.
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  6. Anonymous Member

    Yes, that would be great if the Hebrew Forum!
    Although I think most Israelis who enter here are sure well knowEnglish ... But all this .... It would be great!
  7. Anonymous Member

    PORTUGUESE freedom of speach in Portugal
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  8. Anonymous Member

    PORTUGUESE freedom of speach in Portugal
  9. Anonymous Member

    Nous sommes Légion ! / نحن فيلق! /Wir sind Legion! /Somos Legión! Jesteśmy legion! /เรามีlegion /Vi är legio! /Мы – легион! /?????????? ?? /jsme požehnaně. /We zijn legio! /είμαστε Λεγεώνα! / אנחנו הלגיון! /ci sono legione! /WE ARE LEGION! is this correct?
  10. Anonymous Member

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  11. Anonymous Member

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