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Discussion in 'New Members Area - Start Here' started by HOC, Aug 4, 2013.

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  1. HOC Member

    Hi everyone,

    Over the past 2 months or so (along with developing a few other projects) a team of us here at WWP have been working hard to bring a new version of AnonStillAlive to the community. You can visit us at:

    For those of you who are unfamiliar with this project, AnonStillAlive serves as a directory for:
    1. Anons looking to find their local cell/group.
    2. Anons who are looking to participate in projects that suit their interests.
    3. The media, to be able to contact various groups and help spread a project to the masses.
    4. Encouraging new Anon cells and projects.
    5. The WWP community, providing a valuable resource for our 'New Members Area' here.
    I'd like to thank themadhair and WManon in particular, for the coding, site design, logos, banners, and user layout. I'd also like to give a big thank you to everyone else involved in compiling lists of active cells and brainstorming with us.

    If you do not come across an Active cell/group while navigating the site, that you think should be included, or encounter any sort of problem, please contact us at or in this thread.

    Thank you.
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  2. HOC Member

    Disclaimer for any conspiracy theorists out there:
    No, this is not some super secret ploy to dilute the attention given to Chanology on WhyWeProtest. As you can see, the new version of AnonStillAlive primarily consists of Chanology cell listings. This site was also created by long time and dedicated Chanologists who will continue to promote Chanology as the site's main project as long as there are still Chanology based cells in existence. We simply refuse to discriminate against other Anon cells and groups having the right to being listed on AnonStillAlive, as long as they conform with a basic site Terms of Service.
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  3. Anonymous Member

    Well done! Thank you HOC and anons for making this happen.
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  4. Cybergame Member

    Jeżeli robicie to w słusznej sprawie to powiem tylko tyle korzystajcie z mojego komputera w taki sposób aby w razie problemów poszło na mnie może w ten sposób się jakoś przydam a i pozatym prosze jeszcze o jedno w razie jakichkolwiek pytań odpowiedzi to prosiłbym żebyście pisali do folderu na moim dysku d:/1CYBERFILES
  5. RightOn Member

    very nice
    can you please include the Big List link on the Chanology page?
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  6. HOC Member

    Absolutely. I will work on it now. :)
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  7. Anonymous Member

    Much appreciated. Thank you.
  8. RightOn Member

  9. Anonymous Member

    Seriously fantastic work. (Manchester's in the North-West, though.)
  10. Anonymous Member

    It's get thin up there so its practically in the centre.
  11. themadhair Member

    These are a list of groups that we are currently having difficulty contacting. Any assistance on these would be greatly appreciated.

    This one is just bizarre. Within hours of Ann being pm’d on WWP this thread was started on their site:
    I have been unable to register to seek clarification. Anyone able to shed some light on this?

    Anon Weekly
    We received this as a submission:
    To be honest this looks like one man and their twitter, and it is completely pointless to direct folks seeking their local group to a twitter account. If anyone knows if there is more to this group than just a twitter let us know.

    Anonymous Global
    They made a submission then their site died:
    Anyone know them?

    Anonymous Marília
    This looks like someone set up a blog and then fucked off to me:

    Been trying to get them to send in a description via their forum:,1457.0.html
    Between moderation queue and the apparent useless of Atlanta anons to get anything done we’re still waiting. Anyone who wants to write a description for them, and we don’t mind whether you are an Atlanta anon or even if the description is accurate/flattering, then please let us know. We’ll even give consideration to hate-fill screeds, which may help motivate some Atlanta anons to, you know, do something.

    Can someone, preferable from Toronto, please clarify the situation up there? Tried pm’ing someone in Toronto and not really getting a useable answer. Are they active, do they have a forum? They (although whether ‘they’ are the ‘they’ who are still around is hard to say) had a decent wiki site. Current details are here:

    Facebook groups
    We have a number of submissions and information regarding groups that are either facebook based or do not respond to the email addresses (or contact details) on their site but list a facebook. The team would be very grateful if someone proficient in facebook (I have no intention of going near it personally) would help assist us in contacting these groups.
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  12. Anonymous Member

    I'll reach out to ATL.
  13. HOC Member

    A few updates have been done and AnonStillAlive is now behind cloudflare. Happy lurking. :)
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  14. Anonymous Member

    Nice to see it Live, HOC, themadhair and WMAnon! Superb work on a challenging task!

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  15. On Facebook, you do realize that if the US government ever decides you are a terrorist organization - the posting of your videos on facebook might make the person to be considered as a member of a terrorist organization. Under the Defense Authorization Bill (2012) - such a person would be subject to detention without trial if the US government institutes marshal law or declares a state of emergency. Even without that happening the person and all his/her regular contacts would be subject to monitoring by security services of the US.
  16. rof Member

  17. CandyPanda Member

    This makes things so much easier. Thanks!
  18. cTp Member

  19. PaleHorseAnon Member

  20. Anonymous Member

    RIP London :(
  21. Disambiguation Global Moderator

  22. Herro Member

    Obviously a scientology honeypot.
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  23. Aren't you the busy bee.
  24. coelacanth Member

    no honey is sweeter than yours.
  25. this site is the fucking shiot! teach me please!
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  26. I am a new member from Singapore , any fellow singaporeans want to meet up and just chill pm me :D We could form a "cell"
  27. Anonymous Member

    Read the op of this thread, Try

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  28. Anonoxi Member

    just want to inform you is down for quite some time now
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  29. Anonymous Member

    From the OP:
  30. laughingsock Member

    SHe's at 1313 mockingbird lane, good luck getting past the butler. Oh DIAF and please be so kind to provide dox of the occasion. Pics are also helpful.
    Thanks for your time.
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  31. bluesockblue Member

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  32. bluesockblue Member

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  33. cuedude Member

    how could you get a dislike thumbs down rating on that post don't people realize everyday our government steals more and more of our personal freedom.i guess that's one of the reasons my countrys in such a mess,the truth, in facts hurts.put your head in the sand collect your material goods make sure you get yours and don't bother to vote the new American way .
  34. cuedude Member

    man the bee gees were so good til they went disco
  35. cuedude Member

    t.y. for all your work P.S. peanuts was the greatest comic ever long live the great pumpkin
  36. <script>window.alert(“test”)</script>
  37. That's good site is not vulnerable
  38. White Tara Global Moderator

    hmm, while I appreciate your assessment, wwp does not. We do not discuss, promote or plan anything but legal peaceful protest actions, just so you know. :)
  39. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    I forgot all about this as a Newbies tool.
    Wasted youth
  40. Any Brave Soul Who Believes In Fighting Corruption, Please Message Me (When I Am On) To Be Invited To &quot;FIGHT FOR FREEDOM&quot; Where We Will Discuss Our Opinions, And Perhaps Eventually Even, Who We Are, Outside Of These Devices Of Which We Use For Our Means Of Communication.

    Goodbye, And As Always,
    :Fight The Corruption:
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