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Discussion in 'Projects' started by Duvoc, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. Duvoc Member

    hi I am Duvoc and I am a student theater major at UC Berkeley. I have been involved in Occupy Cal and involved with a small group of students that are using our assignments to promote social change. currently involved in a project that will audio interview or skype anonymous members about current protests for a script to raise awareness. Would you be willing to be interviewed/ Audio only... I can be contacted here or Please respond ASAP. Another way to get the word out!
  2. Anonymous Member

    Welcome OP.
  3. Duvoc Member

    hi I am Duvoc and I am a student theater major at UC Berkeley. I have been involved in Occupy Cal and involved with a small group of students that are using our assignments to promote social change. currently involved in a project that will audio interview or skype anonymous members about current protests for a script to raise awareness. Would you be willing to be interviewed/ Audio only... I can be contacted here or Please respond ASAP. Another way to get the word out!
  4. Duvoc Member

    New to all this
  5. Anonymous Member

    No problem.
    I am sure an Anon will take you up on your offer soon.
    But those of us that have been here while can be cautious for good reason.
  6. Duvoc Member

    I understand
  7. Anonymous Member

    Curious as to why there is a yahoo email address instead of an email address for Berkeley campus.
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  8. Duvoc Member

    just created it for this purpose and it has my name in it
  9. Duvoc Member

    Is there a better way to communicate that's secure for you? I can give you my email if you think its ok on this forum. I am new to all this.
  10. Duvoc Member
  11. Anonymous Member

    so your name is "berkeleyscript14" ?
  12. Anonymous Member

  13. Anonymous Member you want Occupy anon, Irananon, Chanology anon, haxx0r anon? There are many tentacles of anonymous and this is one of them.
    How can we direct your call?
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  14. Duvoc Member

    also could meet up on campus at OccupyCal event.
  15. Please understand, WWP Members have an option to post and reply to thread content anonymously.

    All the "anonymous" posts in this thread are not the same individual.

    /Moderator Derail.
  16. Duvoc Member

    Like I said I am very new to this ..I guess Occupy since that is where other members got interviews from those with masks on.. but interested in group as a whole . i have list of questions that our group came up with and since it is a ethnographic performance we audio record and collect interviews and perform them back. Its for a Performance Studies class taught by Brandi Catanesee. We think we have heard a lot of misconceptions about Anonymous and want to perform interviews to accurately show groups goals etc. Is it possible to do a audio skype?
  17. Anonymous Member

    How about typing your script dialog and we'll give answers?
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  18. Without voice changer treatments to the audio recordings of anonymous sources, I doubt that you will obtain much participation here.
  19. Duvoc Member

    Voice changer ok..... assignment requires audio... We did had some live audios at Occupy protests ..who know if they were really Anonymous
  20. I'm referring to WWP Anonymous and your visit to WWP to solicit WWP anonymous participation in your project.

    What happens in the street is entirely another matter, and that is between you and whomever you record out there.
  21. Anonymous Member

    see that's the thing about anonymous
    no membership list lol

    I second this suggestion, though you may get others to respond to your audio request
  22. Duvoc Member

    Assignment requires audio so it can be recreated with infliction etc. since it Performance based. Otherwise we are just putting our own spin on it.
  23. Duvoc Member

    Am I doing something wrong? Just trying to find another interview. If you have other suggestions I would appreciate it. Not trying to compromise this site.
  24. Anonymous Member

    Type your questions out here in this thread.
    An anon can then record themselves answering the questions and upload it to mediafire or something similar.
    Then send you the link.
    You can then record yourself asking the questions and edit it with the answers.
    ITT overly cautious Anons are cautious.
  25. Anonymous Member

    No,we can be like this everyone including journalists.
    If you went to another Anon site or irc you would have the same difficulty.
  26. Duvoc Member

    Yep that's why this is such a hard task. Open to any help..or ideas..
  27. Anonymous Member

    Its not just caution.
    OP is posting to a website soliciting anon commentary without any idea if respondents are involved in activities s/he may be interested in. Anonymous on-line =/= IRL activities. That's why I wanted to look at the questions/script.
  28. No, nothing wrong, except perhaps remaining oblivious to one of the central WWP initiatives - that of stopping the cult of scientology.

    The cult is extremely dangerous, especially to ex-members and critics. Cult operatives patrol sites like this, looking for ways to create mischief and misfortune for WWP Anonymous Members.

    All you are thinking about is your project. You are not thinking at all about the nature of the site you have visited, or why anonymity is regarded as extremely important here.

    You also seem to be in some kind of rush. Your ASAP gives that away. With some planning and some offerings of some real lead time, you would make yourself have a better first impression.

    A lack of planning on someone else's part is never any kind of emergency on my part.
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  29. Duvoc Member

    Ok Thanks for the help
    Ok I will do that after I eat... and hope some one will help me out. Thanks to everyone who has talked with me. Please consider helping out this project
  30. Duvoc Member

    No Rush Just a figure of speech and your interpretation. An example of why text interviews don't work well
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  31. Anonymous Member

    So, you go to Berkeley where the 1% of highest scoring High School grads are possibly accepted? One of the most prestigious Universities in the western U.S.? Read what you wrote and tell me what's wrong with it.
  32. I've been working with a student for the past 2.5 weeks here. The student is writing a large essay. Text interviews work just fine thank you very much.
  33. Duvoc Member

    OK, here are the questions. Any help is appreciated.

    1) How does Anonymous define membership? Is it completely based on self identification?
    2) How much do you know about the identities of other members?
    3) What are you most proud of that you've done with Anonymous?
    4) Have you ever felt in danger as a member of Anonymous? If so, when?
    5) Was there ever a time that you did not want to associate with an action attributed to Anonymous?
    6) Is there anything else you think we should know?

    Answer some of them, all of them or none of them. Like I said, any participation is appreciated. Audio recordings are preferred, but any answers will be helpful.
  34. Anonymous Member

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  35. Anonymous Member

    Being Anonymous means there's no members.
    Being Anonymous means there's no identities or members.
    Being Anonymous means there's no "being proud of what I've done".
    Rarely. Being Anonymous means there's no members.
    Yes, most of the time.
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  36. Anonymous Member

    What membership?
    What membership? I do stuff anonymously. I think others might do stuff anonymously too, but I'm not sure since they're, you know, anonymous.
    I haven't done anything with Anonymous.
    What membership? I do stuff anonymously, not dangerously.
    I do stuff anonymously. Logic would therefore preclude association with anything.
    I think you should spend some time getting a handle on what anonymity, anonymous, and Anonymous are all about. If you need to have this in audio, run it through Cepstral David. Sorry it is so brief, I had to go eat.

    Good luck with your project.
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  37. Anonymous Member

  38. Anonymous Member

    There is no such thing as membership. I don't understand the second question. What is meant self identification?
    I know nothing about the identities of others and there are no members.
    Costing the cult of scientology many millions of dollars.
    Of course danger is felt sometimes. None of your business.
    Many times.
    Yeah, I think you should learn some manners. I think that you're one very rude faggot.
    You're welcome.
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  39. Anonymous Member

    Anyone is perfectly capable of calling themselves Anonymous and has just as much claim to that name. That being said, there are certain aspects of Anonymous that tend to hold standard, and Anonymous is very, very prone to devouring its own when they anger it. So "Anons" who act completely unlike Anonymous tend to not last long.

    Depends on what you mean by members. My local anons? Pretty much everything. We've worked together for years. WWP? Quite a lot. AnonOps? Don't know, don't care. Antisec? Fuck those guys.

    Still being here. I told the Scientologists I'd outlast them and they didn't believe me. They were wrong.

    HAHAHAHA. Which example would you prefer? When they called me and threatened to fist my face in with a crowbar and yes that is a direct quote? How about the uncountable times they've tried to shove me and my other locals into traffic? Or the time they tried to hit one of our protesters with a car-- wait, no, my mistake, that happened TWICE. I won't even get into the times I've been able to outright confirm they were following me home...or following me FROM my home out on my errands. That was fun. Hope that guy liked the Office Depot I ditch him in.

    Everything and its inbred cousin gets attributed to Anonymous these days. The price of fame. Notably? OWS and Antisec. Antisec because it was way over the line, to the point of being unlulzy. OWS because I'm insulted as a protester by how very BADLY they're protesting. I keep seeing things that make me go "see you wouldn't have this problem if you did ______" but then I remember I don't care.

    Yeah, stop hitting the anons up for IRL contact or voice recordings or crap like that. It makes you look like you're trying to namefag our anons and it's starting to annoy me.
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  40. Anonymous Member

    also I apologize to wwp for accidentally breaking a perfectly good combo of "fuck you and your membership and self-identity" posts responses with my filthy, filthy, srsbzns.
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