Internet - Can we use it better?

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by Me, Feb 21, 2008.

  1. Me Member

    Internet - Can we use it better?

    Every aspect of Project Chanology's rooted in interwebthingamijigs. So now that the IRL stuff's taking effect, what new things can we do that are specifically internet based?

    I've got a couple of ideas, but really interested to hear from anyone else?
  2. joeybsmash Member

    Re: Internet - Can we use it better?

    Mass e-mailing to the Govs POLITELY requesting investigation into the Scilon's Tax exempt status. (or whatever as per country.)
  3. Anonymite Member

    Re: Internet - Can we use it better?

    I say we call upon our /b/tard assets to start doing what they do best: trolling.

    We can prevent the most return fire in terms of OSA harrassment by causing turmoil within Scientology. This can be achieved by the aforementioned 'downstatting' of OSA guys with our postings of online comments to harrass scientologists. It works like this: we troll forums, in much greater numbers than the OSA can handle. OSA gets downstatted, goes through 'disciplinary action', probably get shipped off to another part of scientology. new ones take their place. rinse, repeat.

    However, i'm going to be honest, anyone here from Anonymous who wasn't ever a channer, g00n, EDiot, etc., probably cannot handle the lack of humanity it takes to be a proper troll. However, for those of us who are... well, we're an asset that needs to be used. We were the inventors of internet trolling, and since we aren't allowed to DDoS, we need something to occupy our creative little minds. I say we make Staturday a greater part of our efforts in chanology as a whole, give us original anon something fun to do. I doubt the OSA online thugs could POSSIBLY stand up to a unilateral /i/nvasion across all the different pro-scientology forums, blogs, youtube accounts, etc. Guys, this is what Anon USED to do. That used to be our style of warfare. I think a return to it would be not only highly amusing, but tactically beneficial to the movement as a whole.
  4. saerat Member

    Re: Internet - Can we use it better?


    Let them know the true face of trolling.
  5. WMAnon Member

    Re: Internet - Can we use it better?

    This newfag approves.

    Keep it legal, for your sake and ours, but freedom of speech means you can share your opinions with anyone on the internet. Protip: "David Miscavige is a cave-dwelling backbirth who hasn't seen a vagina since he crawled out of his mother's withered nethers, in my opinion" does not constitute slander! to the best of my knowledge...
  6. JeanGrey Member

    Re: Internet - Can we use it better?

    Alright, I'm not a chaner...not even an SA'er, so take what I have to say here however you wish...

    But the sort of activity you speak of being "officially" sanctioned by Annon is going to outright destroy what little creditability we have with the mass public. It's sparse as it's not in our best interest to give Co$ gasoline to fuel their 'annon is just a lose confederacy of internet terrorists & script kiddies.' If you all want to troll up a storm...go for it but it's probably not a good idea for this to be a sanctioned activity. This is rapidly approaching the point where we're no longer playing a child's game but a rather elaborate game of Risk.
  7. Me Member

    Re: Internet - Can we use it better?

    Don't want to turn the whole thread over to this, but I don't see why "Smart Trolling" can't be used. Just like the famous bombs that can hit a ventilation port on a building, it should be carefully targeted, and potentially devastating.

    Potential targets:



    Joe Public

    Co$ Finances


    Would be worth reading some Psychological Warfare literature to generate a proper list.

    ^^^Copypasta^^^ from here: This thread[/url:xbn9pqmu] and this thread[/url:xbn9pqmu]
  8. Thetanonymous Member

    Re: Internet - Can we use it better?

    The thing is, you don't even need to really troll per se. All you need to do is stay calm, and essentially keep up a nice game of "Oh, are you trying to bait me into fighting you? I read that you'd do that at I've seen videos of MUCH better bullbaiters than you at You must not understand the tech, huh? Maybe because David Miscavige is off squirreling it so every time you think you get a handle on it, it's changed and you need to pay again, huh?"

    And so forth.

    We can drive the OSATrolls up a fucking WALL with stuff like that, and any non-anon / non scieno folks reading it will see us calmly refuting points while the scieno compares us to an army of terrorist hitlers.

    Who looks better there?
  9. Valley Anon Member

    Re: Internet - Can we use it better?

    "It is not. I resent that. Slander is spoken. In print, it's libel."

    JJJ aside, you want to be careful about something here: in order to truly utilize an "opinion" defense, you need to make statements that cannot be proven one way or the other. This is exceptionally tricky.
  10. Anonymite Member

    Re: Internet - Can we use it better?

    It should also be noted that with the old school channers and such invade, we apply rules 1 and 2 to everything. Do not talk about /b/, do NOT talk about /b/. Usually, we claim that we're from Ebaums world. Now, would the OSA be stupid enough to fall for that...
  11. JeanGrey Member

    Re: Internet - Can we use it better?

    I've seen very little of this in my time. Trolling usually ends up resulting in pedantic behavior. But if you can pull it off without coming across as a "nerd in a basement" that's cool, it's just a another form of psyche war...however it has the potential to fail miserably and make matters worse.
  12. WMAnon Member

    Re: Internet - Can we use it better?

    Other things we can do besides sanctioning trolling:

    -Googlebombing and for Scientology (give some company).

    -More and cleaner anti-CoS websites. What we've got is good so far, but if we can get some shiny, super professional and simple to navigate sites that link directly to actual court documentation, I think we'll have an easier time getting the relevant information out to people. Maybe country specific ones, too?

    -spamming social networking sites. MySpace, Facebook, OKCupid, Craigslist, LiveJournal, WOW, Second Life, Habbo Hotel... if it's online, we can put information there. Advertise for Ides of March, post links, start up pleasant conversations that somehow wind up being about CoS, whatever. Keep it legal, keep it safe, keep it anonymous.

    -Meme quizzes. "Are you Anonymous? Take my stupid free quiz and find out! Pics!" "Do YOU know the truth about Scientology?" "Could you become the victim of a brainwashing cult?" Set up dozens, spam them to get good ratings and send them to your friends to do the same. There's nothing LJ likes better than a quiz.

    -Chain letter. Hate me for it, but it's the best way to reach the middle-aged computer-illiterate "my tower is a troll sticker receptacle" crowd.

    -torrent bundles. I know no one here ever downloads anything from the internet that might be even slightly illegal, and they certainly don't seed for other folks, but if you were to find someone who does that sort of thing, you could see about sneaking some anti-ganda in with their complete collection of spiderman comics or whatever it is you kids are into nowadays.

    -Some folks were talking about a free flash game, has that gone anywhere? It may not be the best tactic, but it's in the "online" department.
  13. Anonymous9999 Member

    Re: Internet - Can we use it better?

    I just wrote a big long article about this on General Discussion.

    It's linked in my sig as: "Our Information Campaign".
  14. anomnomnomous Member

    Re: Internet - Can we use it better?

    I'll just say this: it's easier to get forgiveness than permission.
  15. Me Member

    Re: Internet - Can we use it better?

    New internet project underway: if interested in doing some online activism now (this project will only last about 24hours), then go to this page:

  16. Re: Internet - Can we use it better? ... sts#Famous Scientologists

    Search for fan forums of listed celebrities, join and disseminate info pretending to be a concerned fan. Remember, celebrity groupies start to go berserk when confronted with straight-out criticism of their fav star. Instead, opt for "X is involved with Scientology, I hope it doesn't do any harm to him/her, I've been hearing some disturbing things about those guys. <provide links to info."
  17. Peter Wiggen Member

    Re: Internet - Can we use it better?

    "smart trolling" already has a name, its called debating.

    I think its time we start a few plants of our own.

    Any heartless anon that really want to go out and be an asshat.... err asset, go find some random board and post as an overbearing Co$ member. Be agressive, and make sure people dont like you. Additionally, find a well spoken member to follow you and argue against you.

    Just think, imagine if Anon used this strategy to tap into all those boards that have been raided by /b/ and friends over the years. The depressed emo kids, the teens against porn, the countless cristian message boards....

    start working on converting anyone and everyone to our cause.
  18. Re: Internet - Can we use it better?

    That is a good idea.

    I reckon I have too many personas already though. Currently 5. I may end up like Tom Cruise.
  19. K3vin Member

    Re: Internet - Can we use it better?

    :eek: +10 internets for the idea.
  20. Juan Mala Member

    Re: Internet - Can we use it better?

    Is Xenu copyrighted by the CoS? If not, then how about making a series of short "Xenu-brand" jingles and commercials to spread through Youtube and e-mail? The idea would be to just get that name out in lots of people's minds. Then, when they head to Google to look for more info...
  21. Re: Internet - Can we use it better?

    There are older groups of trolls on the Internet than the /b/tards. I can think of several on USENET alone, beginning with the remnants of the Empire of Meow[/url:r64fp3os]--Hail Fluffy![/url:r64fp3os]--who are even mentioned in Wikipedia[/url:r64fp3os]. The remaining factions, some of whom have no love for the Co$, are spread over several newsgroups, including alt.alien.vampire.flonk.flonk.flonk, alt.usenet.kooks,, alt.hackers.malicious, alt.2600,, and alt.flame. Then there is the Under the Bridge Clan AKA UTB[/url:r64fp3os]. Finally there are the regulars of and I have connections to all these groups and might be able to convince some individuals from all the groups except the pro-wrestling trolls (everything bad people say about the /b/tards is probably true of them, too) to add to the turmoil in alt.religion.scientology and other newsgroups where the Co$ can be targeted, especially on Staturday. It might be worth it just to give the OSA agents monitoring the Internet more USENET groups to monitor, thus increasing their workload. :twisted:

    As an aside before I leave the topic of USENET, I see that the old troll hangout[/url:r64fp3os] has already been incorporated into the USENET part of the operation along with ARS. Good work. :guyfawkes: Speaking of ARS, monthly traffic there is at an eight-year high[/url:r64fp3os]. Even better work, Anonymous! :anon:

    As for other notorious groups of web trolls, well, someone else can try to recruit the regulars of Brawl Hall and Flame for Cash. I'm not going to. :|
  22. Re: Internet - Can we use it better?

    In addition to sites like Quizzla that are primarily for the generation of memes, other sites have meme-generation as a come-on for their other purposes. One I can think of is OKCupid[/url:3hg967ls], which is a dating site that employs user-generated quizzes to attract and match people. Register there and start writing quizzes. Besides, you might get a date. :wink:
  23. Re: Internet - Can we use it better?

    OK here's an idea for you...the CO$ posted a ton of videos on youtube in an attempt to show the WINS that people got from the CO$ BUT they closed all of them to comments so all that stood was the propaganda vids that were designed to show happy, successful people talking about how much the CO$ has done for them


    Well a very smart ANON ripped the vids and reposted them leaving comments wide open....

    I saw the vid posted above and was surprised to see that it was open for comments but at the same time I was thinking damm this dude is a mess and he is supposed to be a WINAR?

    so, what happens when people can go and see all the vids this clever ANON reposted and left open for comments? HONEST COMMENTS..(not trolling) you can keep these vids up there and in the forefront but taking a look at them (seems ANON has ripped all of the WIN vids and reposted) keep them up top because these are EPIC commercials FOR ANON and people can comment honestly on them. One mission could be to take a look at the vids that are open comments and bump them up...that will put major DOWNSTATS on the "group" or person who originally posted them with closed comments trying to SELL the CO$ without open and honest commentary.

    Just a thought....but a major way to DOWNSTAT the original intent of the vids.
  24. Re: Internet - Can we use it better?

    tl;dr version - Quizziz r gud.

    This could work REALLY well and I've got a few ideas. Sneaky and underhand ideas, but we're at war with a dirty opponent. First off, the title should be vague to the point that it doesn't scream "Anon!", yet catchy enough to grab people's attention. Like a bear trap in long grass that tears into someone's leg before they can even think "Holy shit! Bear-trap!". Titles like "R u anon? LOL!!1" or "Are you a Scientologist?" are too obvious and could scare off your average intartoobs user. I suck at coming up with titles, so suggestions are welcome.

    Whoever takes the quiz only has the illusion of choice; answers are split into batches covering three main results. Batch 1 covers a decent-sized spectrum of opinion and has the most answers, which all count towards an "Anonymous" result. Don't think of it as rigging the quiz, rather showing how Anonymous is made up of countless individuals with differing views, backgrounds etc working towards a common goal, and conveying that idea to whoever takes the quiz. Questions in Batch 2 are tailored towards rank and file Scientologists; they'd need to be worded just right so they appeal to your average Scilon more than your average Joe Q Public. Batch 3 has one single answer to each question that only an OSA attack dog, David Miscavige, the ghost of LRH, or someone who doesn't take quizzes too seriously, would choose.

    The lucky quiz-taker gets one of the following shiny shiny results.

    "Anonymous" :anon: - Most people will get this result along with a cool picture, a brief explanation of Who We Are and some URLs for more information. Description would read something like "You are Anonymous. You are a human being aged 12 to 100+ who supports free will, opposes censorship, thinks for themselves", blah blah blah.

    "Scientologist" :? - This is where we catch doubting Scilons. Tell 'em we oppose the Church not their personal beliefs (maybe mention FreeZone), how they can get support if they wish to leave the church, and give 'em some links to other useful information. Important thing is to show them some love since they're the victims here.

    "David Miscavige" :rage: - Should be self-explanatory. Since only a handful of people should get this one (in theory), it can be designed for maximum lulz. :p

    No apologies for length. Tom and David love it! ;)
  25. anonawog Member

    Re: Internet - Can we use it better?


    A new tool: Google Sites

    anonymous synchronicity

    ... "Google Sites, a new offering from Google Apps, makes creating a team site as easy as editing a document. Use Google Sites to centralize all types of information -- from videos to presentations -- and share your site with just a few people, your entire organization, or the world.

    Anyone can do it
    Building a site is as simple as editing a document, and you don't need anyone's help to get started." ...
  26. WMAnon Member

    Re: Internet - Can we use it better?

    I'm working on an Ok Cupid quiz right now, and I desperately need the best links we have for the following issues:

    Child abuse/neglect (there was a court document from the Clearwater hearings that covered this nicely, does someone have the link?)
    Forced abortions
    Disconnection (if there aren't any legal documents, I'll just link to exscientologykids)
    Frivolous lawsuits
    Harassment of critics

    Legal documents are the best, but I know not everything has gone to court yet, so I'll sift through whatever you've got.
  27. twatrabbit Member

    Re: Internet - Can we use it better?

    Anonymousoldfart is an OG troll, colour me impressed. While the web has brought many developments to the field of trolling, there is a spartan purity in usenet trolling.

    *edit extraneous comma.
  28. Shabelsky Member

    Re: Internet - Can we use it better?

    Trolling worked with this guy, so why not with David Miscavige? I'm all go for it.
  29. Hostile Member

    Re: Internet - Can we use it better?

    well, our new good reputation is our best asset and our greatest weakness.

    if we want the media to keep us in high regard, we don't troll like idiots (we do it smart, eg exploit logical flaws, contradictions, ask questions, don't make statements)

    but if we want to troll like fools, we can just do so to our heart's content and, again, be labled the internet hate machine (I'm not saying that we ever stopped being the IHM, but people are starting to forget)

    either way, we'll troll COS, smart, stupid, funny, serious, sadistic, grammarnazish, or just plain random, scientology's going to have to install more electronic security, more phone tracing systems, and of course, buy a dog
  30. taurelilomea Member

    Re: Internet - Can we use it better?

    Our old style of trolling worked damn well because it was just the right, calculated amount of anonymity, malice, obscenity, and utter disdain for all mankind. What we need now is a more refined Anon to troll in a more subtle way - actual discussions.
    Find a Scilon who can actually write full sentences and duel them in a public forum. Ask about issues that aren't too alarmist, like the contradictions between the triangle thingies and disconnection, or how mebbe they should be more transparent, or how maaaaybe DM is just a bit of a squirrel.
    Occasionally smatter your conversation with links to stuff like Dear Amanda and the like. Ask why Religious Freedom Watch doesn't have any real court or press citations.
    Eventually, they'll either stop talking to you, break down and be all like "u r SP!!!", or maaaaybe, just maybe try looking at some of the stuff.
    Any of these is a win.
    If you're talking to OSA, they'll be extreme and drive their own stats down by attracting the heavy duty trolls. (hai guyz!!!)
    If it's just some random Scientologist, being mild-mannered may actually get you somewhere. I've personally convinced at least two people that Anonymous isn't filled with assholes, and that was as easy as a few youtube comments that weren't all caps.
    And yes, this is still trolling - the reactions you can get are often even better than ones gained from Scilons using the traditional methods.
    Have fun. :-D
  31. Re: Internet - Can we use it better?

    Why, thank you, from an "Original Gangsta." Yes, there can be a spartan purity using just text, but there is one weapon in a USENET troll's arsenal that web trolls almost never have--crossposting. Note that the ARS regulars have a low opinion of that tactic.
  32. twatrabbit Member

    Re: Internet - Can we use it better?

    Copypasta only goes so far...
  33. Re: Internet - Can we use it better?

    Myspace which is currently being set up: (Slowly but surely)

    Oh and if you are a myspace user, add
    That and for all myspace junkies out there, a few good "friend whore" programs to randomly add people would be nice to know. (Just message Anonymous.)
  34. Hostile Member

    Re: Internet - Can we use it better?

    speaking of scis that speak full sentences

    Lou from scimyths is the only one I can think of, and he still avoids questions he doesn't like

    so think we should set up a place for scientology to attack our arguments? (even suggest it to them)
    so we can beat them back? 1 on 1?

    It's time to d-d-dd-ddddDuel!
    (had to be done)
  35. widecat Member

    Re: Internet - Can we use it better?

    Not just fanboards, but movie reviewing sites - this is a great way to dent the box office potential of upcoming releases by Scieno actors. The goal would be to set up a counter-buzz that makes these movies uncool before the big opening weekend. Done right and in advance this could be a much more effective way to kill them off than protesting outside theaters, and it has the bonus side effect of educating average citizens (many of them young enough to be especially vulnerable) against the cult.
  36. pokanon Member

    Re: Internet - Can we use it better?

    we could DoS them. raep their sites until they run out of... nvm they have unlimited moneys.. :(
  37. Hectapus Member

    Re: Internet - Can we use it better?

    Wise. Reach out to the communities loosely affiliated with the cause. Raise the targeted interest groups awareness of the Co$'s crimes against humanity, whether through trolling, disseminating information, or systematically picking apart logical fallacies within an OSA's statement. This will also help the public image of Anonymous as well, as the impacted can observe for themselves the legal methods being partaken.
  38. Anonymous Member

    Re: Internet - Can we use it better?

    THREAD NECROMANCY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    -The Shadow

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