International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran...

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by Jacky Blue Note, Feb 8, 2012.

  1. anonysamvines Member

    i keep a good thought (i don't do religion or pray) that these brave people can keep strong until it gets bad enough that more of the ordinary Iranians finally stand up and say ENOUGH of this stupidity and TAKE their country back.
    The government, eastern or western, should always be afraid of the people not the people afraid of the gov't..

    i also keep a good thought that we in the west wake up to what is happening in our own countries before we get into such horrific conditions.
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  2. iraniam Member

    Human rights groups urge UN to cease anti-drug trafficking funding until Iranian authorities renounce use of death penalty for drug-related offences

  3. iraniam Member

    Jailed Iranian lawyer, Abdolfattah Soltani, wins 2012 IBA Human Rights Award
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  4. iraniam Member

    Jailed lawyer on hunger strike
  5. iraniam Member

    Rights group condemns treatment of jailed lawyer
  6. anonysamvines Member

    such crimes to be convicted of indeed
  7. iraniam Member

    Lawyer on hunger strike sent to prison infirmary
  8. Anonymous Member

    'Brave' doesn't do this woman justice.
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  9. iraniam Member

    UN Special Rapporteur: Iran’s Reputation Worsens Every Day Journalists Spend in Jail
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  10. iraniam Member

    Nasrin Sotoudeh, Incarcerated Human Rights Lawyer on Hunger Strike, Transferred to Solitary Confinement

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  11. iraniam Member

    Iran's longest-held political prisoner receives prestigious Human Rights award
  12. iraniam Member

    Jailed Iranian Rights Lawyer On 'Unlimited' Hunger Strike

  13. iraniam Member

    European Parliament urges Iranian authorities to stop human rights violations
  14. iraniam Member

    Statement by Mr Ahmed Shaheed, UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights situation in Iran

  15. iraniam Member

    Time for Brazil to Change Its UN Vote on Iran
  16. iraniam Member

    Jailed lawyer in critical health
  17. iraniam Member

    Iran Human Rights – Two Empty Seats Tell The Story
  18. iraniam Member

    Activists tell colleagues to stand up for rights
  19. iraniam Member

    United for Iran welcomes the UN General Assembly’s condemnation of human rights abuses
  20. iraniam Member

    Three Iranians receive human rights grant
  21. iraniam Member

    Jailed Iranian Lawyer, Nasrin Sotoudeh Temporarily Released

  22. iraniam Member

    Human Rights abuses spiral in Iran: U.N.

  23. Anonymous Member

    Bill and Melinda Gates foundation most recent program is birth control as a support of women's employment/ financial well being. Y
    The restrictions of women's rights is addressed head on but by allowing access to birth control. It's a problem in many Islamic states. I hope they work with Iran. It's empowering women a politically. One can hope.
  24. Birth control is paramount. The other factor is a culture that criminalizes rapists and not the victims.

    Shout out to Jacky Blue- you're said to be here still, in albeit a differing avatar/incarnation.

    Cheers and thanks!
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  25. iraniam Member

    Pew Study Finds Broad International Disapproval of Iran’s Human Rights Record
  26. 00anon00 Member

    Wht is your educated guess- Will things get better or worse? Is it going to stay the same until the old bastard pops off?
  27. iraniam Member

    Nothing will change.
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  28. iraniam Member

    Iran Human Rights Welcomes Release of Nasrin Sotoudeh and Urges For Release of All Prisoners of Conscious in Iran
  29. Anonymous Member

    Glad she is out. Why did that happen now?
  30. iraniam Member

    The new president let go of some political prisoners before his trip to New York for general UN assembly.
  31. iraniam Member

  32. iraniam Member

  33. dovankhanh Member

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