International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran...

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by Jacky Blue Note, Feb 8, 2012.

  1. iraniam Member

    Jailed activist receives rights prize
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  3. iraniam Member

    Human rights activist to serve severe sentence
  4. iraniam Member

    After 19 months death row inmate finally indicted
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  5. iraniam Member

    Jailed lawyer nominated for human rights award
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  6. iraniam Member

    Nobel Peace laureates demand release of activist
  7. iraniam Member

    CIVICUS: Iran must revoke harsh sentences against human rights defenders

  8. iraniam Member

    Concerns Rise Over Deteriorating Health of Narges Mohammadi, Unlawfully Imprisoned Human Rights Defender

  9. iraniam Member

    Ebadi wants to enlist UN support for jailed activist
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  10. iraniam Member

    Jailed lawyer, Nasrin Sotoudeh to attend court
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  12. iraniam Member

    Egregious Human Rights Violations In Iran
  13. iraniam Member

    Iranian human rights lawyer jailed for 13 years
  14. iraniam Member

    HRW condemns Iran’s violation of minorities’ rights
  15. iraniam Member

    Jailed activist writes letter of protest
  16. iraniam Member

    Narges Mohammadi’s Letter to the Tehran Prosecutor: “Iranian Authorities Are Responsible for My Slow Death”
  17. iraniam Member

    Narges Mohammadi, who is in critical condition has been transferred to a hospital
  18. iraniam Member

    Iranian authorities must release Mohammad Sadiq Kaboudvand immediately and unconditionally
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  19. iraniam Member

    Narges Mohammadi Hospitalized in Prison.
  20. iraniam Member

    28 Kurdish prisoners facing death sentence
  21. iraniam Member

    Obama's Iranian-born Advisor talks to IMAN, PAAIA and NIAC
  22. iraniam Member

    More Abuse by the Iranian Regime: Human Rights Violations Summary Report

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  24. iraniam Member
  25. iraniam Member

    Jailed activist, Narges Mohammadi released on bail
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  26. Internetzin Member

    I am struggling to understand how it has all come to this. Dissent? It seems is punishable by the further removal of basic human/ womens rights.

    Does capitulation to the silencing of dissent see the returning of basic human/women's rights? ( As poor as they were originally) Or is there something more fundamental afoot here. Is the voice of the people raised because they could see what was coming? I guess my question is a chicken or egg one.

    Imperfect as any society is, I admired Irans culture and it's Educated people and it's modern approach to the education of women. I saw Irans role in this as setting forth a great example of how to balance religious belief and ancient values with the modern necessity of education for men and women.

    I felt that the region in general could look to Iran and see how it could be done. I think now I got it wrong. When did it start to go wrong? Was I ever right? Was I naive to think that the theocrats were somewhat pragmatic and saw how beneficial it was for Iran to Educate, revere, and protect it's women folk? Very confused don't know what to think? All I know is this is truly the slow death of an impressive society.
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  29. iraniam Member

    Nasrin Sotoudeh: Two Years Behind Bars, No Furlough
  30. anonysamvines Member

    the sheer bravery of all these people, fighting so hard and peacefully for their country and future against such extreme suppression and brutality, both overwhelms and inspires me.
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  31. iraniam Member

    After 19 Years in Prison, Political Prisoner Sews Lips and Starts Hunger Strike
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  32. Anonymous Member

    My prayers for Nasrin, Mehraveh and Nima, include that in spite of this injustice, and the time together stolen so cruelly, that their wills are made stronger for the experience of standing firmly by what is right and good in this world.Cold comfort, I know, for young children. I hope that the empathy displayed by the guard in wiping the tears away remains in their hearts and gives them some solace.
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  33. iraniam Member

    United for Iran Highlights Ongoing Abuses at the 21st Session of the UN Human Rights Council

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  34. iraniam Member

    Majid Tavakoli is the Winner of the Student Peace Prize
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  35. iraniam Member

    Sotoudeh Nominated for Sakharov Prize, Denied In-person Visitation for Writing Defense on Tissue
  36. anonysamvines Member

    it's good to know that these things help sustain people during such shitty times.
  37. iraniam Member

    Iran's leading human rights lawyer begins serving out 9-year jail term
  38. Xenu Is Lord Member

    Where is the CCHR when you need them?
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  39. iraniam Member

    Iran must release human rights defender Mohammad Ali Dadkhah
  40. iraniam Member

    UN Human Rights Office Calls Out Iranian Crackdown on Critical Voices

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