Interesting quote from ex-sciento

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    Interesting quote from ex-sciento

    Interesting extract from:

    Dennis Erlich developed an extensive knowledge of the Scientology religion in his role as "chief cramming officer" (quality control supervisor) at Flag, the Scientology base in Clearwater, FL.

    Erlich engaged in a lengthy discussion on ARS (alt.religion.scientology) of the roles of demonic possession and exorcism in the Scientology belief system.

    "There is no concept of God in the scieno cult. You are not
    lead to God, but rather away, in the direction of the occult and
    dealing with familiar spirits. (as noted by Tubby [Hubbard] above) This
    activity is seriously discouraged in all Judeo/Christian

    A recent survey shows that the only "religion" held in lower
    esteem by the American public than the scienos are atheists. It
    also showed that the scienos had the highest percentage of "don't
    know" answers of any religion in the survey.

    It seems to me that if the public realized the scienocult was
    not only atheist, but also practiced occult exorcism, their
    bait-and-switch religion would be universally held in contempt,
    just as they well deserve to be."
    (emphasis added)


    FYI, not at all knocking atheism or any other religion, to each their own beliefs. But I do believe that the last paragraph sums up scientology in a much scarier and more truthful light than the public eye does. People should be aware of the finer details of the cult
  2. After a long absence from the fight Dennis is back, posting on ARS and squabbling with all and sundry (including me!). We're all glad to see him again really, I think.

  3. madsuibhne Member

    Wow... I thought he'd never return.

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