Intercepting Orders: A Viable Plan?

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by tn5421, Mar 6, 2008.

  1. tn5421 Member

    Intercepting Orders: A Viable Plan?

    I saw this posted on 711chan yesterday, this is the gist.

    1: Get copy of "SP Declare" Orders
    2: Create a convincing fake
    3: Insert "David Miscaviage"
    4: Quadruple check for any errors that might give it away
    5: Fax to every CoS in the world

    Anticipated Results:
    CoS will think that we can intercept and alter their orders.
    David Miscaviage will have the fight of his life trying to restore order.
    Many lulz, and possible victory (resulting in epic lulz)

    Please discuss.
  2. saerat Member

    Re: Intercepting Orders: A Viable Plan?

    i like this... i say we sp declare him =D
  3. Anon123456 Member

    Re: Intercepting Orders: A Viable Plan?

    im liking this. make it convincing fellas.
  4. tn5421 Member

    Re: Intercepting Orders: A Viable Plan?

    I'm looking for the image links now.

    It seems that they use "goldenrod" colored paper.

  5. tn5421 Member

    Re: Intercepting Orders: A Viable Plan?

    This. Is. Epic.
  6. Anon123456 Member

    Re: Intercepting Orders: A Viable Plan?

    that looks legit to me, regulators mount up
  7. tn5421 Member

    Re: Intercepting Orders: A Viable Plan?

    yeah, link is to original topic.

    man the harpoons.
  8. Re: Intercepting Orders: A Viable Plan?

    they obviously wouldn't fax this, otherwise it wouldn't be on goldenrod. what's their method of distro?

    does anyone know where to get a source of goldenrod paper whatever that is?

    which typeface matches it best?

    is there a graphic artist/writer who can do this combo?

    and how do we sent that out without being tracked through our PO's?
  9. AnonyTsunami Member

    Re: Intercepting Orders: A Viable Plan?

    I think exscikids might have the answers to this, I'll go check.
  10. Marc Abian Member

    Re: Intercepting Orders: A Viable Plan?

    I love this idea.
    The difference between David Miscavige and another person, say, the head or spokesperson for the org is the difference between an obvious prank and a real (more real) wrench in their operations.
  11. tn5421 Member

    Re: Intercepting Orders: A Viable Plan?

    3. Insert "random loyal scifag here"
  12. chao Member

    Re: Intercepting Orders: A Viable Plan?

    Instead of sending one out, which will either be aimed at a random scifag and do little actual good, or aimed at a high up and will be seen as a prank, we should send out lots, maybe 4-5 a week (not all on the same day of course) with a mix of random and reasonably high up scifags. We don't need to get the fake SP Declares to be taken as true so much as put doubt on the real ones and thus cause chaos in the system. For obvious reasons people working on this will have to discuss the names in a more private place otherwise OSA will be able to send out information on which ones are the fakes.
  13. Re: Intercepting Orders: A Viable Plan?

    Confusing the system so much would certainly help any anons who are discovered by the OSA.
  14. AnonyTsunami Member

    Re: Intercepting Orders: A Viable Plan?

    I'm not sure that's a good idea. If they work, then that person's entire livelyhood (friends, family, job) will be destroyed over a prank. I think the idea is not to destroy the lives of the rank and file but to show them we can recreate an SP Declare, so they'll never know which one is fake.
  15. mortified Member

    Re: Intercepting Orders: A Viable Plan?

  16. I Member

    Re: Intercepting Orders: A Viable Plan?


    I would suggest doing a few and having them sent to as many places as we can think of.

    suggested subjects:
    david miscavige, of course
    L ron himself
    any other really high up people we know about, high enough that they won't be literally harmed, just maybe their image in the wider scilon population.
    xenu (would obviously be a fake, so maybe a later addition, to cross over various entheta things)
  17. teegeeak Member

    Re: Intercepting Orders: A Viable Plan?

    How are we going on this? I think this is a good idea and it would really upset the internal balance of the orgs if we could pull it off. I would propose doing it in this order:

    1. Make SP declares for David Miscavige, L Ron, Tom Cruise, etc. leaders who clearly would NEVER be SP declared.
    2. Send these out to as many orgs as possible. It doesn't matter if multiple arrive at one org, we want them to know that they're fake.
    3. After the seeds of mistrust have been sown we switch to intelligence misdirection. Basically, pick an org, find out a leader/high up for that org, and send an SP declare for them. Send it out to MULTIPLE orgs.

    Now, obviously a person in a leadership position isn't going to allow themselves to be declared an SP, but people are going to talk about it. The intention is to sow mistrust of both the leadership and the SP declares.

    4. We don't want them to be able to declare any new SPs. Now here's the trick: After we've started the chaos, but before they can react, we send out "official" statements that due to forged SP declares they're changing the format of an SP declare. Make up totally arbitrary formats, send several different styles of format change messages to different orgs.

    5. Start sending the same SP declares in the new "official" formats. Even if they figure it out, we can still send the original SP declare format, and they'll sufficiently distrust messages from the leadership about changes.
  18. Me Member

    Re: Intercepting Orders: A Viable Plan?

    I've always found it amusing that when you read Hubbard's definition of an SP; he's surely describing himself to a tee. Having said that, most Scilons seem to consider him as having been pretty much a living God; so if you're wanting to stir up a bit of dissent, it's probably better to focus on DM and any similarly tarred top management.

    My 2pence.
  19. FelixF'anon Member

    Re: Intercepting Orders: A Viable Plan?

    For maximum effect these should be postmarked from wherever actual Declares are sent from. Clearwater?

    Also we need to get a look at the rest of their official stationary, envelopes, letterhead and such.
  20. tn5421 Member

    Re: Intercepting Orders: A Viable Plan?

    Epic win is epic. :anon: :guyfawkes:
  21. Re: Intercepting Orders: A Viable Plan?

    Something to be mindful of, if these are sent via the postal service, the assholes could easily claim mail fraud. The postal service is kinda "special" so precautions would need to be taken to ensure it is legal.
  22. AnonyTsunami Member

  23. chao Member

    Re: Intercepting Orders: A Viable Plan?

    No because the idea is to send enough to create doubt about ALL SP declare orders. And let us not forget that every email leak is going to cause a wave of sec checks, every action we take will be causing trauma to those inside. The fake declares will be noticed by OSA and after several back and forths will be cleared up (they might be hard on their staff etc but they don't want to lose them when intake is so low). The only way to minimise this is to cause as much enturbulation internally to coincide with our actions externally, speeding up the process that will result in mass blowing.
  24. Re: Intercepting Orders: A Viable Plan?

    Make return address OSA HQ
  25. denvetta Member

    Re: Intercepting Orders: A Viable Plan?

    yesyesyesI LOVE THIS
  26. [Anon]Y[Mous] Member

    Re: Intercepting Orders: A Viable Plan?

    Cool! Definitely do this. All SP orders will be null and void! Epic! :anon: + :guyfawkes: = EPIC WINZ
  27. Centurian9 Member

    Re: Intercepting Orders: A Viable Plan?

    The idea of this being "mail fraud" is nothing to be concerned about. Financial transactions are not taking place here, just misinformation. I would however be a good idea to, where possible, wear gloves while putting thse together as the scifagz probably have ways of running prints. Another point, the earlier post about matching paper color (goldenrod), type, font, font size, all stationary and envelope engravings or print is correct, these need to be able to pass the inspection of these alien possessed douchebags and be found legit. To acheive this they SHOULD be sent from whatever cities and zip codes that they are normally sent from. Maybe an Anon or Enturb member/members who live in those locations...
  28. tn5421 Member

    this is epic. we should get to work on that.
  29. First post! *waves*

    The point has been made that while it will definitely cause confusion, scilons won't really believe that people like Cruise or Travolta are being declared SP... but what about non-scilons? Perhaps we could "leak" these documents to TMZ, Access Hollywood, or any other celeb-crazed "news" organizations. A tabloid scandal about a "Cruise/Scientology break-up" would be epic lulz if nothing else.
  30. Anon "Leader" Member

    This idea kicks so much ass it hurts a little. Is anyone stepping up to make this happen? Does anyone know where to get GoldenRod paper? Do we have a master guide for the formatting that exists on these letters?
  31. googoomuck Member

    Bad idea is bad. Didn't you guys notice that they set up a fake anthrax scare against themselves?

    It could be interpreted by a scifriendly judge as religious harassment, or, worse, threats through the mail- which would be v& time.
  32. anonymous3347 Member

    Kinkos sells Goldenrod colored paper.
    I like this idea, just for the sheer lunacy of it. This is a tremendous zig sideways. And no, I don't think it could be counted as mail fraud, but IANAL. How likely is it that the faux SP declare would be considered threat through the mail? The text given as an example of an SP declaration doesn't appear to have any threatening language.

    How are these things usually delivered? Has anyone talked to any of the OG who have been declared about this idea? They might have good advice.

    The envelope thing does worry me. If they sent themselves fake anthrax once, they will try to claim it again, or set up a letter bomb and blame it on us. There has to be a way around this, or else the brilliant suggestion must sink.
  33. Asiram Member

    First of all, busted linx are busted.

    Secondly, this idea is EPIC. It must implemented as soon as possible, and I want to do all I can to help in its implementation. However, we must be CAREFUL. This operation would be risky as all get out, because it is traceable if we screw up. It would have to be COMPLETELY untraceable. No prints, a false return address, anything and everything we can do to cover tracks.

    Thirdly, the planning stages must be active, and THOROUGH.

    Summary for tl;dr pplz: epic idea, but be careful.
  34. ThatNateGuy Member

    Agreeing with anonymous3347.

    We must consult the OG.
  35. anon14148 Member

    wouldn't they just move to email for SP declares then?
  36. anonymous3347 Member

    What if they can't change to email because that's not what the tech says to do? They have to follow LRon's instructions word for word as they were written down. What if the high holy words of L. Ron Hubbard dictate a certain font, an unchanging form, and eternally goldenrod paper? It must be so strange to be using a playbook that is so out of date.
  37. Member

  38. teegeeak Member

    I'm having problems matching the font for the first top half of the SP declare. Anyone good with this kind of thing and want to make a template for us?
  39. cheezymadman Member

    I want to do this simply to make up my own SP Declare. I don't want to get name-fagged, but having a piece of Goldenrod with my name on it would be epic.
  40. mko Member

    Got a bigger scan? It's hard to make out, though at larger sizes I'm pretty good with fonts. (Especially *common* ones.)

    EDIT: My best guess is it's Palatino/Book Antiqua for the fancy stuff, Times/Times New Roman for the rest.

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