Inside Anonymous: the "hacktivists" in their own words

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by anon0004, Jun 9, 2011.

  1. slobeck Member

    this says it all doesn't it?
    *sigh. WE DIDN'T ATTACK SONY you stupid fuck. WWP ≠ Anonymous et al. This arm is trying to take down Scientology, help Iranians achieve freedom and to support the democratizing work of WikiLeaks. We don't care about sony. But, hey if you gave PSN your credit card number, you've just proven that you don't know anything about the internet, hacking or SONY.

    google "sony+rootkit" Read and then come here and try and defend your precious SONY.
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  2. veravendetter Member

    The monk, bought, lunch.
  3. slobeck Member

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA OMFG <wipes tears> that is the funniest shit I've heard on here for a while. Gratz

    wait. Hey mods, so...I was told to come to you.
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  4. dude
    but im seriously on the ledge of my balcony looking down to the concrete sidewalk about 7 or 8 stories up.
    you just opened my eyes on how vile and stupid and evil everything i believe in is. taking the plunge is sounding hella good right about now.
    anything to keep from listening to your inane dribble.
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  5. i want the bunnie in your avatar
    deliver him to me nao!
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  6. slobeck Member

    it came from another WWP'er in a reply to one of my posts. I can't remember who. I kind of had the same reaction when I saw it. lol
  7. veravendetter Member

    Cobra on my left, leopard on my right.
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  8. i mean liek IRL
    complete with the feeties on the desk, floppy ears and cool i dont give a fuck attitude and all!!!!
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  9. Anonymous Member

    You realize that unless you give us your RL name (which I suggest you not do), you're anonymous, too, right?
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  10. Anonymous Member

    no silly, he's anonymousantianonymous
    which, when his understanding finally dawns, may annihilate itself in a puff of light
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  11. Anonymous Member

    So you crawl to WWP to heal the butthurt after getting raped at Sony?

    WWP isn't much into healing butthurt, but we'll rape your ass again and again if you're in the mood.


    P.S. By all accounts, it appears that LulzSec raped Sony and that you're a victim of weapons-grade stupidity in the Sony IT department.

    You wanna baaaaww some more? Bring it on. It's a slow morning.
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  12. veravendetter Member

    The reality of 'Anonymous', which exists only in my head, does not include this OP fuckwit. He was fucking up till I told him to make it more gritty. That's when he played the Sony card, and had a second wind.

    More funny please OP. This isn't the Edinburgh fringe. We need rib tickling experience.
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  13. Anonymous Member

    OP, how many fingers am I holding up?
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  14. WhiteNight Member

    Keep it up lads, I'm fapping to our win
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  15. cart.jpg
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  16. basil Member

    I can't speak for all of Anon but I'm certainly not american. We're from all over the world here you know...

    As for the american government being one of the best... well, let's just leave that to history shall we. Must really suck being american, knowing that the only way you got independence from Britain was because the French decided to help you out.
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  17. veravendetter Member

    I think he's gone for his tea. We've only just blown up the bouncy castle, WTF. We might as well bounce on it till Mod and Dod let the air out and put it in the Dome with the sledge.
  18. Anonymous Member

  19. veravendetter Member

    I don't think he's American.
  20. new chew toy perhaps?
  21. veravendetter Member

    Only if you like that inflatable-doll-fuck feeling.
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  22. heh
    ehh depends on my mood.
  23. slobeck Member

    Having grown weary of a certain other troll who shall remain nameless. This one looks interesting... that is until we run out of lube.
  24. Char. Limit Member

    Subscribed. This will be interesting, and I want to watch. And maybe help out a bit from time to time.
  25. Anonymous Member

    This is a Three year old kid:
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  26. Miranda Member

    athi, athier, athiest
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  27. Char. Limit Member

    I'm more athi than you are!
  28. Miranda Member

    You mean, you're athier?? I thought I was the athiest of all!
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  29. Miranda Member

    Now this is a good old fashioned fool! Welcome, feel free to hold forth and entertain us! Sadly, you are not dramatic enough to enshrine in the Drama thread. But you may improve with time.
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  30. I remember when trolls were good.
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  31. Anonymous Member

    Even the trolls don't care anymore.

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  32. Miranda Member

    Maybe it will be back after it's had dinner and cleaned its room.
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  33. Char. Limit Member

    You thought such, but you're wrong, for I am athier than thou!
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  34. Anonymous Member

    Fuck that , show it the way back to the dome, at least it could mentor under Herro (feathers and lube optional).
  35. i think you meAN 3000 lbs kid.
  36. Loki's spawn Member

    Fuck. I go to Canada for one weekend, and I miss out on all the fun:(
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  37. 00anon00 Member

    cool story bro
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  38. 00anon00 Member

    Cool story bro
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  39. 00anon00 Member

    Please tell him/her/gender confused to come back. I missed this morning.
  40. Miranda Member

    But what if he brings his army of 9000 antianon members and crushes us? Without Internet we are nothing!

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