'Innocence of Muslims' outrage?

Discussion in 'Freedom of Expression' started by Anonymous, Sep 14, 2012.

  1. Archer Member

    You don't sound that happy to me.

    meanwhile I wonder why almost no one is reporting on this :

    Video shows Libyans trying to save U.S. ambassador

    September 17, 2012 4:17 PM
    Cell phone video shot in the chaotic hours after the U.S. consulate in Libya was attacked shows some Libyans trying to save Ambassador Chris Stevens' life. Charlie D'Agata reports.
  2. Anonymous Member

    Disgruntled Apostates!
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  3. I'm quite happy. I'm also quite intolerant of bullshit. The two are not mutually exclusive.
  4. Anonymous Member

    It always amazes me that religion can build fantastic cathedrals, beautiful small churches, have wonderful instruments such as the pipe organ yet lead to wars and death in its name.

    Man has created great things in the name of religion, but it will also probably lead to his demise. What stupid animals we are!
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  5. The Wrong Guy Member

    All too often it's easy to look at any number of disputes including countries at war and see the parallel of young children yelling at each other, "My god can beat up your god!"
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  6. Anonymous Member

    Ya gotta keep 'em separated.
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  7. Anonymous Member

    Or this:
    They mad!
  8. Anonymous Member

    Thanks for this.
  9. Anonymous Member

  10. RolandRB Member

  11. The Wrong Guy Member

    104 Websites Hacked By Rude Thunder Against The Insult Of Prophet Muhammad

    hackread / September 23, 2012

    Unstoppable Muslim hackers are taking down anything that is coming to their way, after hacking uncountable numbers of websites; another hacker has hacked over 100 websites against the insult of Prophet Muhammad.

    Hacker who calls himself ”Rude Thunder” has successfully defaced all the 104 websites, leaving his deface page and a message for the Zionists and the Government of USA.

    Until now thousands of American based websites are either hacked or taken down by the hackers of Islamic world against the anti-Islamic movie.

    The list of attacked websites goes unlimited but few of the noteworthy websites includes the official website of US Department of Agriculture, official website of French based Charlie Hebdo Magazine, Bank of America and New York Exchange and the website of Brownsburg Schools.

    According to hacker’s message:

    Our Prophet is our Love. If someone try to insult our love, We won’t leave them alone!
    Zionist always kill and torture our muslim brothers. And now they are insulting our honorable prophet.

    Where is limit of patient ?

    Zionist are threat for humanity.We Muslim must destroy this virus from the world.Although they have already lost their right to live in the world

    @ Admin and site visitors, don’t worry, all of data is safe. Please say “NO” to Zionist and prevent them.

    Behalf of our brothers

    – Rude_Thunder–

    Gratz to All Muslim Hackers.

    Rude Thunder also left a message on PasteBin along with the complete list of the hacked websites, according to the message:

    Yet USA not say sorry . And their friedns support them. But we won’t leave nobody.

    ” AZAN ” is prohibited in UK and westurn countries. But i am just playing this on their web spaces.

    Again hit. More then 100 sites has been defaced to share our message.

    Most of the hacked websites belong to UK, while the complete list of hacked websites can be seen on:

    Mirrors of hacked websites:

    At the time this article was written, all the websites were still displaying the deface page uploaded by the hacker.


    There are many news reports about this at
  12. Anonymous Member

    <3 that unbiased source^
  13. Anonymous Member

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  14. Anonymous Member

    Hmm... well, anyone can become a Muslim.
    Zionism is not a faith but a racist political ideology, based on the idea of Jews as an ethnic group, not a congregation of believers. It's racist because it is exclusionary.
  15. The Wrong Guy Member

  16. Boycotting the Oscars over a film so bad it won't even get a mention at the Razzies. Makes sense to me.
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  17. Anonymous Member

    Yeah, but you won't get beheaded because you drew a funny cartoon about Jews.
  18. Anonymous Member

    They didn't kill in the name of Atheism. Moron.
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  19. Anonymous Member

    trying to save ?
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  20. Anonymous Member

    Or in the name of the Almighty Mammon, like the USA.
    Or in the name of Yahweh, like the "Israelis".

    Somehow it's only murder when someone you don't like does it, eh?
  21. Idiot. Thank you for the straw man. The difference is one of motive. Mao, Pot, Stalin, and the Kim dynasty of North Korea all murdered in the name of communism. They didn't kill in the name of atheism, and in fact, they strove to replace worship of some invisible sky creature with worship of the communist state. The Crusades, the Troubles of Ireland, the Russian pogroms, what we see pretty constantly in the Middle East, 9/11, the Madrid train bombings on March 11, 2004, the London bombings of July 7, 2005, Aum Shinrikyo, People's Temple (Jonestown), even the Holocaust? All done in the name of some god. How long do you have? I can name more atrocities committed in the name of some nonexistent deity.
  22. Also, they simply didn't have the numbers. The vast majority of slave owners were European Christians, because that's who had the vast majority of people and money. How many Jewish kings of European countries existed at the time? I'll give you a hint: The number rhymes with "Nero." Ignoring that, the Nation of Islam is a dangerous cult, and their words should be viewed with every bit as much cynicism as we treat Scientology, their latest BFFs. A militant black supremacist cult who may have been responsible for the assassination of one of their leaders gets in bed with a cult formed by a white supremacist who infected the entire organization with those beliefs, but who worships money more. Makes sense to me.
  23. Anonymous Member

    Show me one that exists ;)
  24. muldrake Member

    Good. Is there some way we can convince these dumbfucks that oxygen insulted Islam, so they can boycott that, too?
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  25. Anonymous Member

    With the Iranian contingent gone from the Oscars, there'll be a lot of empty seats.
  26. Archer Member

    Oh rly? Then why did Stalin encourage torture of priests and burning of churches?
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  27. cafanon Member

    Yeah.... I see this argument a lot. "Being killed by an athiest isn't the same as being killed in the name of Atheism." Sure, if an athiest government sends a dude to a gulag for speaking out....that isn't being killed in the name of atheism. But if the same state targets religious populations with attacks, destruction of artifacts and sites, killings, and re-education campaigns.... all to promote a "culture of the future" that includes atheism....its safe to say they killed in the name of that ideology.

    No religion or ideology can take a moral high ground. Not even Buddhism can claim to be so peaceful anymore with all of the violence in Myanmar.
  28. Anonymous Member

    Buddhist King Ashoka had warring armies, but he did not kill "in the name of" 'Buddhism' (as if there were just one Buddhism), nor of Buddha.

    What's being avoided carefully by some ITT are the real causes of the Islamic ire. If the film in question has anything to do with it, it was just a spark that ignited the pile.

    inb4 al-qaeda is everywhere like elvis
  29. mongrel Member

    An Egyptian who tore up a bible and threatened to piss on it will be tried for "contempt of 'heavenly' religion". This too is bullshit. Not as much bullshit as murder, but bullshit nonetheless.

    Egypt refers man who tore Bible to trial
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  30. mongrel Member

    It's simple. They were a threat to his power. Stalin and all the other dictators mentioned had no qualms about torturing anyone who was perceived to be a threat. The religion, or lack thereof, made no difference. They would murder conservative country preachers just as quickly as liberal atheist artists. Opposition to the dictator's rule was the important part.
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  31. Archer Member

    Then one could argue that murders attributed to ''religion'' were commited due to threats to the power of those who held it, and not to the religion itself, no?
  32. muldrake Member

    People who riot and murder people and burn buildings because they feel their "religion" was "insulted" are barbarians and little better than animals.

    However, people who deliberately and with malice aforethought create a "movie" with the specific intent of inciting these scumbags are even more culpable. It is one thing to be a nearly mindless animal. It is entirely another to incite terrorism deliberately and get innocent people killed.
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  33. Anonymous Member

    Disagree. Mocking a religious idea is disrespectful and hurts people's feelings, but in civilized countries it's not a crime, and it's nowhere near being as bad as physical violence and murder, there's just no comparison.
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  34. The Wrong Guy Member

    EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Woman defaces 'anti-jihad' ad in Times Square station -

    Cops busted a lone protester -- angry with subway ads equating enemies of Israel as “savages” -- as she spray-painted over one of the controversial signs today.

    A Post camera crew captured the bizarre conflict between suspect Mona Eltahawy, 45, and a woman defending the ads.
  35. Anonymous Member

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  36. Anonymous Member

    Openly atheist US politician opines on the topic

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  37. Anonymous Member

  38. mongrel Member

    Exactly! Religion is about power and control.

    The bible was very explicit in stating that the tree of knowledge was forbidden. And, since knowledge is power (of a sort), it is perfectly logical that religions would forbid it. Other religious texts are just as clear about not questioning the profit or his emissaries.

    Some dictators use religion. Some don't.
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  39. Rockyj Member

    WTF is your problem? Please note: Some Native American tribes also had slaves (capture from other tribes) but they were not treated in the same context as western so called civilization treated their slaves. As a Native American I am very aware of internalized oppression & the impact of inter-generational trauma has had on my people; a direct result from our western COLONIZERS! Sadly, WE'RE still experiencing this impact but have managed to survived despite the USA doing everything possible to try to exterminate us!
  40. Archer Member

    See, I think that blaming all the bad things on religion is pretty much like blaming violence on grand theft auto.

    There are assholes of all creeds, atheists, religious and all things in between. Where there are men, there is menery. I just think that some people just need to go on some sort of moral ''crusade'' (I used that word on purpose) against anything that is not them. Besides, what is it with focusing on the bible? Christianity is not hte only religion, and interpretations of it vary greatly, from the very peaceful to the overtly aggressive.

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