Informed Treatment/Rehabwatcher/Beau Griffis Mega Thread

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by billybob, Jul 24, 2012.

  1. This was a rough draft and stated so, I just wrote, while letting my creative side let loose. There's a lot more work to be done, and I was only trying to share it with the group. I am a college graduate, and I have credible sources from many different higher institutions of learning telling me that my writing is strong. If my writing is so horrible, why then do I place in the 90th percentile for the GRE--a graduate level exam who holds more credibility than some anonymous person behind a keyboard. I am a good person, with a good heart, who's honest, and cares a great deal about people. You don't know me, yet you can judge me from a rough draft that I was nice enough to share with you.
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  2. i read the rough draft, some good key points there, i definitely understand what he meant by "rough draft". there's just some work to be done. great start though, i could see where you can take some parts and expand, but honest work! takes guts to share a rough draft! i know that for sure. i know i'm supposed to hate here, but doesn't hate have to be honest, not induced by others' opinion.
    ~ from my own point of view
  3. Full Doxx. plus text implementing Mr Beau Griffis handed to me as a kill switch if said person Andrew Kingsly is ever arrested for drug charges.

    Support a fellow protesters legal fund and leave an email in the block chain for dox

  4. Anonymous Member

    Another semi-literate washes up on the WWP shoreline. I tried to fix up the text posted but I really dunno WTF.
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  5. Perfecto Member

    Trifle ! I love it.
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  6. I think the person's name really is Kingsly. You don't fix spelling on a person name.
  7. Anyone checked out the block chain?
  8. The Internet Member

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  9. I find it funny that someone's trying to spam on my name for their own best interest. What a douche!
  10. OTeleventy Member

    Try again. String together a sentence in English this time. Douche.
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  11. Beau, it seems that you do not notice your own grammatical and structural writing deficits.

    Why not ask a former English professor of your to give you an honest opinion of your writing skills. Give him or her of one your articles posted here and see what the person says.

    I have no doubt he or she will suggest you take English 101 and re-study Elementary Grammar.

    If you want to be taken seriously as a writer, you have to know how to write. Much respect will come when that happens.
  12. Anonylemmi Member

    Glass house/stones. :D
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  13. tinfoilhatter Member

    Could it be impaired judgement and cognitive capability due to the imbibing of illegal drugs? Or is it "study tech"?
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  14. The Beau Griffis that you are refering to is not involved in any of the business that you are claiming. There seems to be a mistake here, and the Beau Griffis who has had nothing to do with your comments is seeking legal council to remove these libelous comments. I am here to make a politite request that you abide by the law and stop this obvious process of defamation and libel. It's much easier to contact the site administrators first, before threatening legal action and damages to Beau Griffis's reputation, which has already happen. Beau cannot get a job, because people have been posing as him and making statements that did not come from him. This is nothing than a smear campaign, and we ask you politely to take down this thread before we go the next step further and open this case. Beau Griffis is not involved in Scientology, Rehabilitation Programs, or they sale of them therefore. We'd appreciate your cooperation in taking this thread down completely, if not we will be forced to take action that's a waste of your time as well as yours. If we do take action, you will have to pay for all the legal services, and punitive damages regardingthe libel and slander that the administrators of this server have been acessory to to.

    Thank you
    Steven Killis Esq
    Steven Kellis Esq
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  15. Quentinanon Member

    Good question. "Is it stupidity, or is it study tech?"
  16. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Lolol google-fu > 'Philadelphia DUI lawyer Steven Kellis fights Philadelphia DUI cases. Call for a DUI attorney in Philadelphia County that fights for a dismissal.'

    Seriously though, I was waiting for a plea to help get 9,000,000$ (US dallahs) out of Nigeria...

    Oh hark! Its Julie Andrews singing 'The threads are alive with the sound of trolling' and I'm off to 'acessorize' my tu-tu to...

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  17. Anyone can post on this site and pose as any individual, obviously you are aware of that and in the U.S. the is considered libel. Beau Griffis never posted anything on this site, and his credibiliy has been hurt for nothing, simply because you are going after the wrong person. Beau Griffis, doesn't match any of the profitles that you are aqusing him of. If you want to keep the posts up, that's fine, eventually the law will come in and take them down. Your welcome to keep them up of course, but I doubt that you can afford to continue to like about an indivudal for your own personal entertainment. If you wish to do so, get ready to pay for it. So basially, you are admiting guilt.
    NE One Can Post Here
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  18. The truth is that I am one of Beau Griffis professors, and I know that everything on here is a lie. As a social experiement, we placed fake posts to see if you would believe them. It turns out that you seem to place credibility in whatever anyone may post. Beau Griffis, is an outstanding student, not only is he on the honor roll, he is going places. Your institution is based on lies and sources that are not credibile or even verified. Our institution has been around for almost 200 years, and we find your remarks criminal and are helping our friend and collague to put an end to your extreme lefestist group that is used to manipulate the uneducated public for your own agenda. Beau Griffis is not a Scientologist, he does not work in the Rehabilitation business, and you really have no idea who he is besides what the people on this board want you to think he is. Obvisloulsy he is a threat to your extremem welfare-leftist-group whom produces nothing. Beau Griffis is a scholar who is helping society as a whole, and to think you can get by with slandering his name for much longer will only end in your demise. Good luck to you all, but you lies are obvisous and non-credibible. Beau Griffis is a conservative, and that's why you are attacking him. I suggest you get a job and conribute to society, since you have nothing going for you besides your food stamps and your disability checks, which allow you to sit on the Internet and harass people that are more successful than you are.
    This Is Not The Trust
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  19. Goolge is about to to de-index your site, I hope that helps you out. You shouldn't harass positive people, whom are well known in their community, give back, feed the homeless, and do must more than harass people behind a keyboard like an internet bully.
    This Is A Terrorist Group
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  20. RavenEyes Member

    • You don't understand what libel is. Posing as another living individual is against the law, but it's not libel.
    • I've highlighted your spelling errors. Please proofread any further correspondence you wish to post, so as to not come across to the readership as a complete idiot, but rather a 12/13 idiot.
    • I have not highlight your punctuation or other grammatical errors. Blah. Too many.
    • I'd be careful about spouting threats. But, that's just me.
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  21. RavenEyes Member

    Oh, you're a professor. LOL. Yeah, okay.
    Same gig.
    • leftist-welfare group which = correct
    • slandering is verbal; libel is written
    • end in your demise = outright threat
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  22. RavenEyes Member

    [quote="This Is A Terrorist Group, post: 2450049"]Goolge is about to to de-index your site, I hope that helps you out. You shouldn't harass positive people, whom are well known in their community, give back, feed the homeless, and do must more than harass people behind a keyboard like an internet bully.[/quote]

    • Nice nick - that won't draw any attention to you at all. I'd make it shorter and just call yourself the "T" word, "Professor"
    • It's uber cool that you all are well-known (see that hyphen I used there) in your community, give back, feed the homeless, and do much (see how I used the correct word) than harass people
    • Three posts you aimed at one post = internet bully = you
    • That Ogs. Referencing Nigeria and Julie Andrews. Yep. He's a dangerous one, all right.
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  23. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Good lord, if this is any indication of your level of education then I pity your poor students. And... wtf is '... extremem welfare-leftist-group...' ? For a troll I place your literacy/grammar level somewhere between fail and gerbil.
    'blah-blah 'social experiment' blah-blah' Oh do carry on honey-bunch, you're almost amusing as drying paint.
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  24. So posting a thread with the name Beau Griffis mega thread and providing feedback on his behalf is against the law, so whoever posted it is admitting that they have just broken the law. Anyone posting on this thread would then be an accessory to the crime. Is that not correct?
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  25. Dox or STFU and GTFO. Also LOLing at your dumb ass name. Butthurt much? U Mad, bro? LOLOL @ U

    You are just a butthurt boring faggot of a troll. Fuck out of here along with your boring claims.


    Posting under a person's name on some message board is hardly illegal. Could be a civil tort but good luck because the burden of proof is on the prosecution. Posing as somebody and making claims in both public and private could be considered defamation, but hardly a felony or misdemeanor.

    Again, how the law works is that the burden of proof is on the prosecution, anybody posting in that thread would not be an accessory as there is a presumed assumption the poster is not who they say they are. Since nobody here can validate the poster's true identity, how can anybody, here or anywhere on the internet for that matter, know that the poster isn't who they say they are? If what you say is true, then pretty much every forum on the internet, both against Scientology or having absolutely nothing to do with Scientology would have to shut down due to fears of persecution.

    It would be difficult, if not impossible, to persecute in criminal court. Civil court? It's plausible, but also unlikely to succeed.

    Care to disprove it? Dox plox.
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  26. RavenEyes Member

    That is not correct. Nice try.
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  27. Anonymous Member

    Fixed those for you, unless you are just being "cute." ;)
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  28. RavenEyes Member

    You're a tiny bit wrong, but I like you better than The Professor, so I'll let it slide.
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  29. Ehllo My mane is Beau Griffis, Super-Genieus.
    Sombeody posing as me is posting in this thread.
    Please leave this thread as it is, I like it very much and heartily agree with everything it says about me, former Narconon salesman and Ibogaine endorser.
    That other Beau Griffis is clearly an imposter, ignore him or block him if you can, he is ruining my reputation.

    To the anonymous poster who makes toothless leagal threats in my mane, please go away and leave my glorioius thread because I want this to be here for posterity.
    Oh, and Thank yoiu to all members of Why We Protest for all that you do!

    -the one and only, Beau Griffis

    (me in Clearwater FL, the Mecca of Scientology and Narconon!)
  30. Thanks. Your correction is what I meant.

    Got the two mixed up :(

    I like you too. So, just to satisfy my curiosity: Where am I wrong?
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  31. GibbousWaxing Member

    No, no. There are obviously many, many Beau Griffises. Too many to count. They keep popping up like Whac-a-Moles, peeping, "I'm Beau Griffis!" "No, I am Beau Griffis!" So you can't possibly be the only one.

    And the one we are chewing to ribbons on this thread is the one who fully deserves it. All the innocent Beau Griffises are obviously totally innocent, and they have nothing to worry about, because we aren't talking about them. If they keep running into people who insist on mistaking them for the illiterate NarCONon/Ibogaine shill Beau, well, that's not really our problem, is it?

    (I was just thinking it was too quiet around here. Thanks for reviving the game, Beau.)
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  32. JohnnyRUClear Member

    So you are definitely not Beau Griffis. You're just a lawyer who can't spell "counsel", "accessory", or your own name, here on Beau's behalf. And here I thought you might actually be Beau in disguise! Me so silly.
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  33. White Tara Global Moderator

    :) Yayay resident grammar nazi returneth! Where you been biatch?
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  34. ^^

    Nice to see you back, J. Where have you been hiding? :D
  35. Under his socks?
  36. Anonymous Member

    The 'writer' (and I use the term advisedly) also failed to spell "polite" plus a grammar failure here - which has already happen - here - This is nothing than a smear campaign - and here - or they sale of them therefore.

    And here's the statement of genius - if not we will be forced to take action that's a waste of your time as well as yours.

    ITT = never ending lulz...
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  37. Many modern lawyers offer a tiered service -- standard law and internet lawyering. Internet lawyering is offered at a discount but it means that the lawyer will only communicate via angry e-mails or forum posts and will make no effort to check their messages for spelling, grammar or legal viability. It's perfect for those cases where a scary, vaguely legal-sounding threat is all that their client really wants.
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