Informed Treatment/Rehabwatcher/Beau Griffis Mega Thread

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by billybob, Jul 24, 2012.

  1. This sounds like a well thought out plan, but I know what my information is worth and so do they. I don't care, I am seeking legal council not some internet tabloid. The libel on this board is evident, and it shall crumble in the process. I know certain people follow this board and don't want me to release information to it, yet I don't really care. I am playing this game in the most ethical and correct fashion. There should not be anyone trying to climb on my roof to extract information to me right after a legal hearing.

    Thank you
    Beau Griffis
  2. I don't want to become involved with any type of Internet popularity contest. I have permission and the means to move forward with police reports and legal advice. I am fine, and I am confident that this board will disappear in the process.
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  3. Anonymous Member

    If you believe that you can sell out, think again. All you can do is get bought out.
    You've left a lot of drivel on this board but I fail to see where you have ever left any information.

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  4. Anonymous Member

    Don't bet on it.
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  5. I'm not betting on anything but the truth. This organization is rouge and uneducated on any political manner. Me as well as many prominent Political Scientist arrived at the conclusion that Anonymous has misplaced aggression and has no idea what they're doing. I suggest you and any other crusader study and pick up numerous books maybe even get a degree in Political Science before making accusations. I've published a book, filed patent's, and graduated a rigorous Political Science program overseen by groups like the CIA, CFR, and many others. What have you done? Probably nothing! So get back to your night time news and follow your burglar alarms, since your an idiot and don't know how the real games played.
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  6. So you admit to libel?
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  7. Keep disliking my posts. It makes me feel as if I'm on the right track and fuels me to do away with your criminal organization. The more dislikes that I get the more I know I'm getting closer to your lies. It's not working; like you guys have any credible information in the real world anyways-- laugh laugh funny.
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  8. I saw it and I dont care I like your bye statement stay away. Actually, read a book get educated, you have no idea how politics actually work.
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  9. Masca Member

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  10. Anonymous Member

    You could take your sensitive information and stuff it up your ass.
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  11. Anonymous Member

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  12. Anonymous Member

    Scary Shit!

    scary shit.jpg
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  13. Anonymous Member


    You clearly don't get the Internet (as evidenced here, on one of your curious dox posting attempts):

    Surely you must understand that the Internet will never forget your fuck-ups. Surely you must understand that other people will Print-Screen your fuck-ups, the Internet will cache your fuck-ups, and the wayback machine will archive those fuck-ups, for future generations to gawp at.

    And you did fuck-up Beau.

    In fact, you remind me of Bernie Shifman:

    That was in 2001, and the Internet still hasn't forgotten about him. Guess what - it never will, but 13 years later, who really cares about his fuck-up, subsequent arrogance and threats of barratry.

    If your fuck-up is affecting your career, I would recommend changing your name.

    How about 'Beau Awesum'.
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  14. Here's who's no longer Anonymous. They are now filed in a police report and up for legal questioning.

    MOD EDIT: DOX removed.

    Please text me contact me, we would like to hear from you.
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  15. Anonymous Member

    Reported for possible doxing...
  16. Anonymous Member

    Again and again, you FAIL Beau. You are such a fail, it's almost a win, but only almost.

    You are most certainly a faggot and that's your win!

    Call Kelly. She'll be thrilled with your faggotry!

    kelly preston faggot.jpg

    Consider rejoining the cult, Beau. The cult loves faggotry!

    WWP? Not so much.
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  17. It's not hurting my career it has enhanced it actually. To be stalked by Anonymous is clearly a sign that I am doing right. Go occupy Wall Street, sit in their desks, I'm sure you'll inherit all their problems and do a job that's a lot worse. Your credibility to the academic elite isn't strong, we suggest you guys read a book or maybe a couple. You think people in power and decision making positions aren't having to face challenges inherited to them. It's you the consumer and welfare recipients who is wasting the time of hard working professionals having to carry your baggage, while doing nothing but feeding your Internet addiction--producing nothing of importance. Do you even know why this thread was created, it was created because an action that I followed through with was successful.Therefore, your libel and slander is only making me part of some Internet tabloid to entertain others, while continuing to praise me for my success. What you think of me is completely irrelevant, since it's nothing more than misplaced aggression with no actual solution or even problem. You simply want to harass people for fun that are doing better than you. It's pretty sick actually, and I hope that you are able to get help for it somewhere down the line. Education is the best help really, and with no purpose or even idea why you choose to come on here and harass people, while hiding behind a curtain of Anonymity is pretty cowardly. I'm just saying?
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  18. No I believe it's a gossip forum actually. I wanted to help, since I did share some of your same beliefs. However, I am just doing thing via my attorney and others who will actually help create real change. You tell me that I've continued to fail, maybe not you, but others on here. Fail at what? I didn't do anything to fail at, yet get harassed by the same members you say you hate. I'm not going to come on here anymore, it's not getting me anywhere. It's a waste of time.
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  19. The Internet Member

    The only person keeping this old thread alive is you, Beau.
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  20. Your right, I was looking for support that's all. I guess this isn't the spot. Thanks for the advice.
  21. Rod Keller Member

    Not financial support, just general support for something you may or may not do in the future, which I might like, or maybe I won't like. Sillyness.
  22. Anonymous Member

    The credibility of Anonymous is rather high with Gabriella Coleman. Gabriella has earned her PhD.

    Gabriella has authored several papers and several important books on Anonymous.

    Coleman's publications include:
    • Coding Freedom: The Ethics and Aesthetics of Hacking. Princeton University Press, November 2012. [1]
    • Hacking In-Person: The Ritual Character of Conferences and the Distillation of a Life-World. Anthropological Quarterly, Winter (2010)[8]
    • Hacker Practice: Moral Genres and the Cultural Articulation of Liberalism. Anthropological Theory, Vol. 8, No. 3, 255-277 (2008) (with Alex Golub)[9]
    • The Politics of Rationality: Psychiatric Survivor's Challenge to Psychiatry in Tactical Biopolitics. Kavita Phillip and Beatriz de Costa (editors). Cambridge: MIT Press (2008)[10]
    She is currently working on a new book on Anonymous: Hacker, Hoaxer, Whistleblower, Spy: From 4chan Lolcats to Anonymous Everywhere for Verso.

    She has given numerous talks on hackers, digital activism,open source production and intellectual property law.

    There are many other distinguished, highly educated Authors and Academics that have published works on Anonymous:

    Parmy Olson:

    In 2012, Little, Brown and Company published her book We Are Anonymous: Inside the Hacker World of LulzSec, Anonymous, and the Global Cyber Insurgency. Prior to writing it, Olson had spent a year researching Anonymous.[3] The book details the early rise of Anonymous on the 4chan imageboard and chronicles the cyberattacks of Project Chanology (an anti-Church of Scientology protest) and Operation Payback (retaliation for actions against The Pirate Bay and WikiLeaks, respectively). In the book's later chapters, Olson follows the exploits and eventual arrests of Anonymous spinoff group LulzSec, formed by hacktivists Sabu, Topiary, and others.[4]

    Another very fine journalist - Andy Greenberg:

    There are others, but this trio is all I have time for today.

    I've read all of the books mentioned above. Have you?
    Cowardly? Try this on for size:

    As Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens put forth in deciding McIntyre v. Ohio Elections Comm’n 514 U.S. 334, 357 (1995),"Anonymity is a shield from the tyranny of the majority.

    It thus exemplifies the purpose behind the Bill of Rights, and of the First Amendment in particular: to protect unpopular individuals from retaliation — and their ideas from suppression — at the hand of an intolerant society.

    The right to remain anonymous may be abused when it shields fraudulent conduct. But political speech by its nature will sometimes have unpalatable consequences, and, in general, our society accords greater weight to the value of free speech than to the dangers of its misuse."

    The only poster that has exhibited any trace of cowardice ITT is you, Beau.

    Perhaps you could inform the WWP Membership of how you became involved with Narconon and consequently, an 'active' member of the cult of scientology.
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  23. Anonymous Member

    Oh yeah, and tell us all how you are advancing the cause of ibogaine legality here in the states. Thanks for all the negative attention, dick. With batshit 'friends' like you we don't need enemies.
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  24. Anonymous Member

    Here's New Year's Treat for you Beau:

    Remember this?

    Beau Griffis at NN.jpg

    This just in from Russia -

    compare to beau griffis photo.jpg

    That narconon crew appears to have forgotten how thumbs work, but who really gives a fuck, right?
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  25. Rod Keller Member

    Do you know which one? Russia has about 5 I think.
  26. Rod Keller Member

    Also, why are Russians holding the flag of Moldova?
  27. Anonymous Member

  28. Anonymous Member

  29. I don't work for Scientology, and I'm sure that if you call them you will see me as well as you right next to their most wanted list of dead agents and fair game organizations. I am not saying there's no power in being anonymous in fact that's ultimate power, since there's no exposure and no target. It's similar to terrorist techniques whom commit violent acts and use the media to get their demands communicated to the public. These tactics speak the fact that the ones whom are anonymous are a weaker force and must remain anonymous to get their ideology and causes communicated to the masses. It's boards like these that spread terrorist propaganda and governments that suppress these ideas with counter insurgency tactics. What I meant is during Occupy Wall Street Etc, the far left used you guys to promote their cause and mobilize the masses. It was a very well thought out and organized event, but in the end, when individuals screaming we are the 99% occupied the system they hated so much they had no plan on what their actual objective was. I'm just saying what is the cause? What is your end game? Even Michael Moore supported you guys, yet didn't donate to your cause as the media showed pictures of his multi-million dollar vacation home. I'm just trying to understand what's your plan is to make the world better? If someone could explain this to me, while explaining why blackmail and extortion of normal individuals justifies this--I'd be very grateful. All I see is a bunch of libel and slander because the mob is upset with the system. I feel your frustrations, but what do you expect to accomplish?
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  30. Anonymous Member

  31. OTeleventy Member

    Is it any good? Seriously. I found punctuation errors three words in, and, frankly lost my shit. Should I keep reading?
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  32. You're the one who was a shill for the Mob of Scientology. I expect to accomplish the curtailing and stopping of many abuses in Scientology and Narconon thanks to the exposure on this wonderful site and others like it. This 'mob' is upset with your system, ass-hole, we reserve ad-hominem attacks for douchebags like you who cry becuse their scamming has been exposed.

    It's not libel and slander when it's true and comes to exposing frauds like yourself who have profited from selling Narconon programs with a bogus 75% success rate that have caused great harm and several deaths yet you continued to sell it or any other form of rehab to get your share.

    Your lies have been exposed over and over ad nauseum, go back through the posts, I have no sympathy for Scientology putting you on their enemies lists. Have you ever thought about the harm you've caused so many families over the years at 25 to 3o thousand a head in many cases. Selling batshit insane, medically dangerous L. Ron Hubbard debunked 'science' for your own profit is disgraceful. Discrediting Scientology after the fact does not exonerate you.

    If you'd like to make amends, give your bogus, fraudulent commissions back to the families you ripped off and come forward with all you know about the operation of this Narconon scam of incpmpetence that you participated in for so long. It seems to me that you're withholding damaging information to use as leverage for yourself instead of using it to end the abues of the many victims that you've been complicit in defrauding.

    Imho, you should be prosecuted for fraud and go to jail for every 'sale' of Hubbard's lies, dangerous vitamin concoctions and sauna over-processsing you made for Scientology/Narconon.

    You could request immunity and approach the police with ALL of your inside information and actually help to end the abusive, destructive scam of Narconon that has resulted in so much misery instead of making accusations against the 'libelous Mob' as you put it @ WWP who actually are making a difference.

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  33. Anonymous Member

    Given what we know about Beau's total fail with literacy, and in that it was marked a draft, I could make out enough of the text to see that Beau is attempting an exposé of criminal activity at NN Arrowhead.

    No names are named but designated role and hat positions are identified along with crimes of fraud.

    IMO, Beau might benefit from a Course in Journalism, or perhaps obtain the services of an editor. Beau's writing, as usual, is awful.
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  34. Your talking about my failure of writing something that's a work in progress. Maybe you should write it if you feel so insulted by my grammar. I wrote it without looking back, I just wrote that's how writers begin to write before they go back and polish off their product; this allows for the creative process to flow uninterrupted. I have a lot more chapters, but I don't feel compelled to share them with a group who just wants to poke fun at what is simply a rough draft. I'm really sick of all the negativity; I'm done here.
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  35. OTeleventy Member

    Most writers wouldn't share until it's ready to share, dumbass. Have some pride.

    Oh, and, first word: it's you are, aka you're, not "your" in the way you've used it, Mr. college fucking grad.
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  36. That's exactly what I'm doing.

  37. I did nothing wrong, and the only reason you picked me as a target was because you are too weak not to fight a conventional battle. You resort to terrorist tactics and hiding behind IP addresses, while discrediting my grammar and credibility in order to invoke an emotional response. Something you call social engineering, which deters me from sharing my manuscript for you. When it gets published, you can buy a copy and then discredit me. I don't answer to: Scientology, Ignorant People Hiding Behind A Keyboard, Anonymous, Narconon, or any other group that uses rhetorical charged hate tactics to get information out of me. I am guilty of nothing but getting the attention of the masses and telling the truth. It may not be the truth you like, but I won't lie for you or any other group. I am concerned with my own personal integrity, and the opinions that I get from this board are anonymous and influenced by so many different groups with different agendas whom obviously believe I'm important enough to have my own thread. What a great compliment--thank you!
  38. Also, for the record the comments made here at WWP aren't targeted towards anyone or any individual, since this is an anonymous board. It's the responses from the individuals whom are either trying to discredit me from making any comments are only trying to create a distraction from the facts. I tell the truth always, since I believe that the truth is the best defense. This place isn't civilized though, it's really impossible to have any real conversation. This is especially true when there's so many different people hiding behind a keyboard all with conflicting ideologies and agenda. I'm basically the guy in between whom everyone wants to point the finger at, since I choose not to subscribe to any of your agendas besides my own.

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