Informed Treatment/Rehabwatcher/Beau Griffis Mega Thread

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by billybob, Jul 24, 2012.

  1. I suggest he goes into the eyebrow wig business.
  2. I suggest he goes into the eyebrow wig business.
  3. Anonymous Member

    Are they his body thetans?
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  4. I suggest the merkin business. There's always a market for those.
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  5. JohnnyRUClear Member

    ITT: Beau Griffis, master of posting disguise.

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  6. anonysamvines Member

    Beau Griffis = the goatse of the written word
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  7. Rehab Watchers /Beau Griffis's Owned And Ran Team Who's Initial Site And Fellow Advocates Was Trying To Help Before Realizing They Alligended Team,

    Is trying to make amends to the community as a whole, so he has been making an attempt to use him and a few other trusted friends to help uncover questionable rehabilitation and medical practices regarding the unfair treatment of individuals who run dirty rehab and drug den clinics. We believe, that we have exposed a clinic at this address. And the DEA, needs to get involved immediately. Beau Griffis is a great guy, who had a part in the multiple lawsuits that had lead to the collapse of Narconon Oklahoma by first aiding in getting their drug counselor rehabilitation sites removed and certifications taken. He has been working behind the scenes to help do what's right after he realized what he had gotten himself into. He has a soul, and he understands that while he has a lot of friends and enemies; he hopes to gain your trust. Our investigation, has led us to believe that the Dr. and office listed below had somehow got leaked before the facts could be constructed. Here is the information, and here is a doctor who is operating after stating "If The DEA Knew What I Did Here, I'd Be In Big Trouble." As a friend and teammate of Beau Griffis, we hope that the individual's who were once inflicted by his ignorance of having to appeal to a higher authority that lied to him,only to pass the information on to people he trusted will one day forgive him. Besides that, as fellow activist that are trying to fix the system, we have some additional concrete evidence of the doctor bellow. We hope you find this useful, as we hope you forgive Beau for passing on information to people he did love and care about, since he believed their lies. Our current investigations besides every NN center lead to a clinic that is operating at what we believe to be criminal behavior. We want to help you guys and not hurt, with our combined investigations, we can be only that more stronger. Here is the information of a Doctor who doesn't take insurance and operates at strange hours to avoid a DEA audit. As we do good, and provide information, Beau Griffis our friends and fellow advocate would like to be forgiven by taking action that is analogous to your beliefs.

    Krishen Nayak 3135 New Germany Road Suite 36 'mini - Mall', Ebensburg, PA 15931
    (724) 989-4045

  8. Anonymous Member

    You make no sense.
    "Our current investigations?" and What's with the name at the bottom and number?
  9. Anonymous Member

    WTF does this mean?
    So what's the problem? Got a piano tied to your legs? Report them FFS!
    "Inflicted by his ignorance" ??? Do you mean dead?

    Speaking only for myself, I'm not in the forgiveness business. Try a church somewhere.
    Where is this "additional concrete evidence" ?
    "Collapse of Narconon Oklahoma" ? Last time I checked, it was still in operation. I smells Bravo Sierra here.
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  10. It is in operation, but due to all legal recourse, we are grinding them away slowly until they sink. Most of the information has come from Beau Griffis, it's a process, and the largest rehabilitation center in the world that's tied to a church that is keeping them afloat until they believe the smoke clears will be disheartened when another bomb blows up in their face, once they believe they've researched sustainable control. On the other note, the drug den Dr has been using a police officer who has been impersonating the fact that he is not to scare clients away. Our team, has everything documents and will proceed, until this scum faces consequences. We are activists just like you, and Beau Griffis is heading our team in many successful directions. That's why we are filling you in, hoping that besides your issue with him, we are all on the same team. He does not go to Church, although he is Christian in his own view from what he's told me. He is a strategist, and if he can upset the 1% of the entire world as you claim to do, we don't expect you to forgive or forget, yet we expect you to do what's right despite your differences with one of our team members.
  11. OTeleventy Member

    Beau. You are mentally ill. Seek help. Real help.
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  12. JohnnyRUClear Member

    I'd miss him. He's kind of like a mascot now.
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  13. Anonymous Member

    Hey person who is definitely not Beau himself, lots of people have been involved in this but I haven't seen any indication Beau has done a thing.

    While I think Study Tech is bollocks I might actually suggest that you consult a dictionary now and again.
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  14. jensting Member

    Maybe they have with my favourtie tactical concealment translation to break their own writing habits with Google Translate?
  15. LOL
  16. The name at the bottom of the screen is simply a gateway to an organized physicians drug den. He even had an individual impersonate an officer to scare our CI off, little did he know he was on the phone will the real officers. It's funny how the DEA mentions when submitting a tip that this is usually how they try to defend their den, they have an officer call you up first who's not even an officer. Very interesting indeed. And it wasn't like they mentioned it, it was on their voicemail is was like almost as if there's a book out there on how to run a drug den.
  17. If true power comes from being anonymous the fact that you haven't seen Beau Griffis do a thing to cripple Narconon is quite a compliment.
  18. OTeleventy Member

    Yeah, great job for not doing a thing, Beau. (Jeezus, really? Great try though...)
  19. JohnnyRUClear Member

    I don't think that was Beau. Needs moar broken English. Also, it has so much logics in it.
  20. Anonymous Member

    Doesn't it kind of spoil that to come here and claim credit?
  21. Anonymous Member

    Only people I see crippling Narconon are the Supressa Palooza Team, Reaching for the tipping point gang, The ParentsAnd Family of the Deceased with TO for detailed journalistic backup.

    So far docs don't support any involvement whatsoever for Beau, except perhaps in a Brian Culkin supporting role, so no, Beau you are NOT single handedly taking down narconon, in fact posting here in an attempt to be included in the final public record is pathetic.
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  22. Cognitive Deviance - Where Belief Leaves You No Choice But To Conform
    By Beau Griffis
    The Pennsylvania State University

    Scientology is a religion that is secretive in nature, yet provides an example of an extreme religious belief. It is extreme, expensive, and serves all three functions of deviance almost verbatim. I will discuss how boundary maintenance, collective consciousness, and innovation and change are all possible from a religion deemed deviant by societal norms. The beliefs are deviant, due to their cultish innate nature and their radical ideology of trying to clear the planet from what is known as the reactive mind. In essence, the goal of scientology is to completely brainwash you to a point where you stop reacting to environmental flaws and can take cause and create an environment of your own choosing.
    Boundary maintenance is defined by this organization as anyone that believes and supports the Church of Scientology. Anyone outside Scientology is considered “fair-game” or “Woggs” a term used to describe a normal deemed ignorant by the group, since not yet converted. This is defined in their technology, which is analogous to biblical scripture written and manipulated by the cult leader. This individual use’s propaganda created and disseminated from a central location called the “Gold Base” in California to spread the propaganda to all Scientologist worldwide.
    It’s deviant, because the propaganda is used only to strengthen the power and economic survival of the leader’s organized hierarchy. All profits from all Scientology churches around the world flow back to the leader who defines the boundaries of the group and receives 10 percent of all revenue collected from other paying for church services.
    Collective consciousness is strengthened by anyone who opposes the group, and the fair- game principal defined above stimulates and strengthens the group’s collective consciousness whenever a person, place, or organization threatens the church survival as a whole. Scientologists live in fear of being declared “Suppressive Personalities” by the church and believe this to be true. If this happens, family member and even friends will have to “disconnect” from the individual, another Scientology term meant to ignore, not communicate, and use social distancing techniques to terminate their relationship in fear that they also will be excluded.
    The deviance lies in the fact it allows the church to break up families and brings fear into anyone unwilling to accept the boundary maintenance already outlined by the church’s own judicial branch who enforces the ideology of Scientology as a whole on a micro-level. In other words, the group takes precedent over a family member or even a friend, which is wrong when dictated by individual’s whom seek power within the authoritarian organization by being able to declare anyone an “SP”.
    Innovation can also be deviant, since once declared a “SP” a person must work a series of steps to make amends to the church before anyone in the church will associate with them again. This process can take years to amend and may include, financial payments, hard labor, and even lying in court to protect the church for the declared “SP” to make up damage they have supposedly caused the church. After this is done, they must then get signatures of the majority of the church members to become part of the organization again, allowing them to communicate with friends and family members again.
    This change is deviant, since it perpetuates the authoritarian nature and although believed to be true, every Scientologist lives in fear that they may be declared a “Suppressive Personality.” Innovation is manipulated from the top, and an appeal to Scientology’s higher authority takes precedent over anything and everything. This is believed by members and is deviant and controlling in nature denying their very own freewill and self-determinism by creating a stagnation of change and innovation to meet the requirements of the boundary maker himself.
  23. Anonymous Member

    You've almost got the paragraph thing together, Beau. One more carriage return and you will be getting a grade above C-.

    The use of the apostrophe needs a great deal of work, Beau.

    Also, a visit to the Chicago Manual Of Style may help you begin to comprehend the form of successful written and typed communication.

    After you've grasped some of the fundamentals, your writing may cease to appear to be the work of a retard.

    The Chicago Manual of Style Online

    You're welcome.
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  24. Anonymous Member

    i don't think those concepts are covered in study tech. Might i also recommend one of the many fine grammar manuals that amazon sells. the new ones have sections that cover forum writing, emails, and business memos too.

    But remember, with practice and proofreading, anyone can write to succeed.
  25. Anonymous Member

    It's "wog" with one 'g' and it isn't capitalized. Also, outsiders are "raw meat" and only become "fair game" if they do something the CoS doesn't like.
  26. anonysamvines Member

    oh Beau, I have to say a heartfelt thank you to you. This thread is making me chuckle so much these days!
    Not quite as much as watching Slappy squirming to avoid meeting Ray Jefferies, but your tears are indeed delicious!

    I agree with Johnny I would miss you if you weren't around!

    Doesn't change anything though ...
  27. This wasn't written to be polished, this was written for a different reason. I use APA and APSA when formating my work. APSA uses citations that are similar to Chicago, yet it depends what your discipline is. But thank you, and I am working on apostrophes and changing my writing style from rhetorical too formal for this degree.
  28. anonysamvines Member

    Dear Beau
    Good to see we are having a positive effect on you!

    To and too are not interchangeable.

    How many interns have you hooked up?
  29. Sorry, I haven't been hanging with them for awhile, and it was a quick paper for a class on deviance.
  30. I'm still here, and wish to be here, I want your support. I have been trying to gain your trust, while being harassed by Scientology for a long time now. It's been hard, but I figured you'd guys see my true personality over time. =)
  31. Anonymous Member

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  32. Interns aren't for NN they are students majoring in rehabilitation management. They are for a twelve step program that has had good success lately.
  33. Anonymous Member

    So you're still in the rehab referral business, are you Beau?
  34. anonysamvines Member

    You want our support and trust?
    Then where are the court docket details re your claim to have been sued twice this year by Co$?
    We could really get behind that ...

    Finally you and I agree on something Beau ... us guys do see your true personality! You keep showing it for sure!
  35. Anonymous Member

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  36. Anonymous Member

    via David Love (Remove)
    View attachment safe_image.php?d=AQAHE6oYE2n0zYRj&w=100&h=
    Drug Rehab Recorded Call October 9, 2013

    October 9, 2013: RE: NarCONon -- A recorded phone call to a drug rehab referral person whose phone number was posted on a Beau Griffis Facebook Page. I am no...

    From Failbook via David Love:
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  37. Anonymous Member

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  38. Anonymous Member

    Are still an OT, Beau?
  39. JohnnyRUClear Member

    ^^^^ trick question (there are no OTs)

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