Informed Treatment/Rehabwatcher/Beau Griffis Mega Thread

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by billybob, Jul 24, 2012.

  1. OTeleventy Member

    I am going to post this against my own interests, because this thread is so full of train wreck that it has become one of my favorites, but, here goes:

    BEAU. YOU IGNORANT DOUCHE. You want to know what to do? Stop posting here. Stop pretending that all of the sox are your "supporters." We know they're you. Even YOUR friends can't ALL be as bad at spelling, grammar, and, well, "paragraph making" in the same fail manner as you.

    In other words, you have "tells." So, get a new sock, participate in the forum like a normal person (go ahead, if you need to look up "normal," we'll wait), and do some good.

    I know people like you. Your words are shite. Your deeds speak volumes. Weigh how much of either you've got, and the picture is clear. Only you can change that.

    TL; DR. STFU and do something.

    /... stupid... fucking ...idiot
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  2. This is an official warning my IP is exposed to prove my location you do not have the consent to use my name for your likeness in a false-light. I have already suffered great emotional and economic damages, and I psychologically; you've changed me. Those sites aren't going to Scientology centers and you know it. If anyone has accomplished the most here it's me, and I'm not done. This site shows Beau Griffis, and the administration has passed the point of neglect and entered actual malice. I was trying to explain, you are very very very confused, tell me what your issue is and if it has anything to do with your advocacy towards refuting Scientology; I will be glad to help. However, you can not use a public figure, who has published books, written patents, written about by major media sources to move forward and invade his privacy. This is not true, this is false light and I do have the right to privacy and can prove truth that this has caused great psychological damage, credibility issues, and economic set backs. I came here to talk to create a win-win, since I am in synch with you ideologically. However, you keep pushing more false light, I want to fix this, yet there's no forgiveness. This is not Anonymous, this is Scientology with a few Anon's knowing nothing about the situation sitting on the sidelines going ya ya that's right get him. Not cool, I came to offer help, apologize for something I didn't know I was getting into, found out way too much information, and was coerced into a position where I quite after realizing what was going on. You are not Anon, I leaked some of the names who run the thing, yet you clung to me. Why? I know why, because you know I have more information, your scientologist, and you want to push my buttons, untili I give it up. EOF

  3. More emotional damage. I know how your scientologist operate. Thanks for proving my point.
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  4. OTeleventy Member

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  5. Anonymous Member


    stupid people.gif
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  6. Anonymous Member

    Extort? We're just trying to keep people who really need help from being conned into going to Narconon.
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  7. Anonymous Member

    We don't need your permission Beau. Everything we have here is readily accessible on the internet. You spend a great deal of time telling us how you are helping. We see no evidence to support that. We have pages of evidence to prove you were/are in bed with Scientology. Thanksgiving handing out CoS materials to the homeless for example. We know what you have done to support CoS and Narconon.

    If you were indeed trying to help you and you know us as you say you do, you know that we help you. Now, either quit blowing smoke and do something tangible or shut up and quit bumping this thread. Convince us that you are on our team. Send your dox to David Love. We can arrange that.
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  8. Anonymous Member

  9. Anonymous Member

    Well he wore out any relief one might have had that he wasn't dead pretty damn quickly, eh?

    Take all the socks you want here, Beau meboyo. You're still gonna be visible for your possibly unique mangling of the written word. Oh, and hubris.
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  10. The Internet Member


    Beau, you're a rising star. One day you'll make it to the big leagues and your name will be right up there with other famous Internet kooks like Babbles and Mabus.
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  11. Anonymous Member

    This isnt' Beau. I swear I'm not Beau. Really really really you got too beleive me. He is a great guy. He is awesome. He's a pubic figure and he rescues kitten’s and puppy’s. Your scientologists don’t now a good guy when you see one. Irregardlessly I swear I’m not the one writing this. I’m not Beau. I’m just one of his mini mini mini friends who wants to be just like him because he is an awesome magnanamous celebrity. Did I mention he is so gangsta and /b/. I quite scientologist since they wont pay me so now I’m on your side right guise? So why can’t you see I am awesome? Everyone loves me. I mean Beau not me. Your just mad because I have more money then you and I went to college. I am the only person on LRH’s green earth to ever go to college. The only one ever. Also and additionally no one else has ever made any money but me. Why dont’ you love me? Cant’ you anon’s see I was only in scientologist for the money? As long as they payed me I did’nt mind that they lye and bankrupt and kill people but since they fired me and refudiate to pay me now I am fighting and standing up for what I believe in: my money.
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  13. jensting Member

    OK, OK!

    2/10 for getting the broken grammar down pat.
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  14. AnonMishka Member

    Just finished reading this entire thread. Wow just wow. Beau is a moron! I just have no more words regarding this idiot. I feel like I need to go scrub my brain!
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  15. Anonymous Member

    You are to be commended for making your way through this entire thread.

    But "moron" is an understatement which is quite polite of you.

    TT is amongst the most holy and revered texts at WWP.

    The thread could serve as an operations manual on how to dismantle and decommission someone that has gone full-retard while misusing dangerous power-tools on the Internet.

    If you were able to reject the "...didn't know it was loaded..." defense, you are worthy of further commendation.
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  16. AnonMishka Member

    Thanks. I'm just astonished that people like this leech exist and continues to come here with his too many to count socks and try to convince anyone of anything!
    He should request a refund for his fancy education. He can cite this thread, his Facebook Page and 30 websites as proof that he has gained no knowledge or education of any kind. He'd probably have a better chance at getting that money than money from Narconon.
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  17. Beau does not work or affiliate with NN; nor does he recommend it. You must be the biggest idiot in the world, for being unable to tell who's real and who isn't. Most of these posts weren't posted by him.

    Way to support your country, we are free, the American Dream is true, and you have critical thinking ability whatsoever. Beau doesn't give a shit about your thread; besides the fact your little Internet meme is making him a public figure. Beau Griffis Mega Thread, seems like you care quite a bit? If you care, you want something, if you didn't you'd blow him off. The guy doesn't work for the institution you mentioned and that's a fact. Keep it up, go hack a site and put Beau Griffis Sucks on it; too just attack an individual for emotional and financial harm is wrong. But don't worry, you are the 99% and he is the 1% fuel your ignorance a bit further and you'll be the .05%. You are doing him a great favor, you don't know. You think you're safe, you're not. The arms of the law reach far, especially when you show no respect or regard for it. If you need to fight for a cause, go get a job, create something, and help others. Emotionally, and financially ruining this particular individual is a Scientology tactic and it's a win-win when you let them express themselves on your site. You do not have permission or consent to speak about Beau Griffis, nor is the burden of proof hard to prove any longer. You're not a creditable news source, so I pity your defense. What you are doing is illegal. And Anonymous, oh wow, I am honored. Keep posting the hate, it goes to show what your groups about; without doing your homework first. You guys really know nothing, and OSA is loving this. They're like yes, we'll use Anonymous, so he won't come after us, and the more the public knows about him and it comes from your site, the more he'll collect. I can't communicate with you, your a kid who follows herd mentality that's why your the 99%.
  18. Lulz,

    I sit in your IRC chat room, with invites from numerous friends. You don't know Beau, is that an official statement that you truly believe. Or has your enemy coerced you into a stratagem that is working. Beau wanted to help, and if he is a rising star, why don't you use him and guide him. Or, I guess he's too stupid for you guys?
  19. Anonymous Member

    He is doing just fine becoming Babbles Schwartz all on his very own.
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  20. Ohhh Nooo........ Mo Beau - Da Rehab Ho..........
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  21. Anonymous Member

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  22. Anonymous Member

    Why do these pro Beau posts all insist that we're doing something illegal, Beau isn't a NN shill, ask us no questions or add anything to them that might require a reply and then go on to say they can't communicate with us?

    The attacks are a nice touch. Made me rethink everything. I'm going to leave the comfort of my parent's basement and get a job.

    ffs do these idiots have any idea about us at all? lololol
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  23. billybob Member

    Yay! This is something to celebrate! :cool:

    OK, if you say so.;)

    Team America, Fuck Yeah! And thank you for the compliment, yes, for the record, we're quite proud of our critical thinking!

    Yes, we do care. We care a lot!
    We care a lot about disasters, fires, floods, and killer bees. About the NASA shuttle falling in the sea.
    We care a lot about starvation and the food that live aid bought. We care a lot about the gamblers and the pressures and the geeks. We care a lot about the smack and crap and wack that hits the streets.
    We care a lot about the welfare of all you boys and girls. We care a lot about you people cuz we're out to save the world. We care a lot about the Army, Navy, Airforce, and Marines. We care a lot about the NY SF and LAPD. We care a lot about you people. We care a lot about your guns. We care a lot about the wars we're fighting. Gee that looks like fun! We care a lot about the garbage pail kids, they never lie. We care a lot about transformers because there's more than meets the eye. We care a lot about the little things, the bigger things we top. We care a lot about you people, yeah you bet we care a lot.

    That's a fact, Jack.
    Again, this is good to hear. Sincerely.

    Sorry, we are not the hackers you are looking for.
    As stated all over this website, including in the Forum Rules, Why We Protest does not condone or promote any illegal activities.

    Well the class war is not our thing. Go tell it to the Occupy crowd - if you can find any left.

    Well, we do now! You're welcome, Beau!

    As stated all over this website, including in the Forum Rules, Why We Protest does not condone or promote any illegal activities.

    There is nothing unlawful going on here. First Amendment and all that...

    Well, actually, we have jobs, and we do create things. For instance, we created the Beau Griffis/Informed Treatment Mega Thread. We did it to help others - to help keep others from buying into the BS that Beau was selling.

    Beau Griffis, and all of his friends, family, and supporters are allowed to come to this site to dispute any claims made here, and offer any evidence or arguments to refute the claims made.

    All information about Beau Griffis seen in this thread has been gathered from publicly visible sources, therefor no permission is needed.

    Again, No.

    We do our homework! We even proofread and spell check, can you say as much?

    All the information about Beau Griffis on this site can easily be found by anyone with access to Google and Facebook and 10 minutes to spare.

    Now, let's get serious for a second, and consider this OSA charge.
    Yes, I suppose it is possible that one or more of the posts here are from an OSA or NN agent just trying to make Beau upset. If so, I am sure that OSA is delighted that you (I mean, Not-Beau) keep coming here and displaying your frustration. It would be soooo much better for you to just ignore this thread completely!
    Don't give them the satisfaction of responding to the childish taunts they drop.

    I can't communicate with you because your emotional responses lack any rationality.

    If you thought about it, maybe this thread is something meant to help you. In fact, when someone here re-posted your Facebook message to Doug Schotters, and your call out to David Love, it was meant to throw a positive light on your recent activities.

    However, it seems that you mis-interpreted the intent, came on here and raged at us over something hurtful that one poster made, further alienating the potential allies you may have here.

    Beau, I and others would like to help you.
    But the first step is for you to quit hurting yourself by coming onto this forum and posting your delicious tears!
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  24. Can you proof read this for me, you guys are good at picking out all the negatives and none of the positives.
    Agenda-Setting Theory and the
    Influence of Media Gatekeepers
    Beau R. Griffis

    Agenda-Setting Theory and the
    Influence of Media Gatekeepers

    Maxwell McCombs and Donald Shaw have conducted numerous studies on Agenda-Setting Theory. Their theory discovers some groundbreaking issues such as the relationship between the media and the public and how these agendas dictate each other. Throughout these studies they have uncovered that the media has the ability to transfer what’s important in the highlights of news agenda to public agenda. McCombs and Shaw (1972) suggest that the mass media has the ability to transfer the salience of issues on their news agenda to the public agenda. The difference between the media agenda and public agenda is the pattern of news coverage across major print and broadcast media as measured by the prominence and length of story compared to the public agenda, which believes importance lies in the most important public issues as measured by public opinion surveys. In a process called framing the medias agenda attempts to transfer the salience or what’s most important to their agenda to prominence among the pictures in our heads. In other words the media makes an attempt to set their own agenda by making an attempt to broadcast what we feel is important, while at the same time making an attempt to promote their own agenda. Through the use of gatekeepers, media is able to mold and shape public agenda to the point where the media may not only tell us what to think about but also tell us what to do about it.
    The media agenda relies on gatekeepers to set their agenda and to make sure that their agenda helps to shape the public agenda. Patrick Vogl and Michael Barret (2010) summarized that search engines have established themselves as critical gatekeepers of information. However, despite an increasingly monopolistic Internet search market, they and the implicit filtering process in their ranking remain largely beyond public scrutiny and control. CamLy Bui (2010) studied examined two news portals, Google News and Yahoo News, using a theoretical framework that incorporates the theory of network gatekeeping and the notion of search engine bias. The study analyzed 34,277 news items from 1,200 pages retrieved in 60 days in 2006 and 2008. These findings advance the understanding of the traditional gatekeeping notion in the Internet context. They also challenge the network gatekeeping theory regarding the role of the gated relative to the gatekeeper, and caution against any sweeping generalization about news portals as a single entity. The central argument that this study suggests in that web portals can allocate the attention of their users by acting as the gatekeepers to online information: The inclusion and ranking process makes certain pieces of information and sources more easily reached than others, and as the result, users are exposed to a limited package. Furthermore, in the specific context of news portals, the content of this limited package of news content is inherently biased towards U.S.-based mainstream media and U.S.-related news events.
    News is one agenda that the media uses to influence public agenda, but corporate reputation and profits is another important factor of Agenda-Setting Theory. Kiousis, Popescu, and Mitrook (2007) from the University of Florida Department of Public Relations compared public relations content, news media coverage, public opinion, and corporate financial performance for 28 U.S. companies. What they found was that through careful public relation tactics the Wall Street Journal were significantly correlated with company revenues, profits, and assets, respectively. In Kiousis et al.’s (2007) mentions of corporate vision and leadership (managerial traits) where the key items mentioned in news publications that showed a correlation to company profits. Public relations professionals can plan strategize and create messages targeting specific media outlets to emphasize those traits that are likely to result in a better image. Previous literature has suggested that public relations activities are crucial to managing corporate reputation, which in turn translates to increased company profits. Public relation experts are just another word for media gatekeeper. They prep information, and allow and disallow certain information from ever reaching the public. Another word for these experts is spin-doctors, which tend to spin the information in the media to favor their own agenda, whether they are corporate profits or a positive increase of a company’s image. According to Candace White and Joosuk Park (2010) studies have examined how public relations is portrayed in the media have found consistent negative stereotypical themes. Themes found across previous studies include conceptualizations of public relations as damage control, publicity, an attempt to hide or disguise the truth, and attempt to advance a company’s agenda, and public relations as non-substantive activities (White 2010).
    With media having the upper hand by allowing public relation professionals and gatekeepers to filter out the information that the public agenda may feel is important it feels like the public may have the disadvantage. However, with the advancement of technology especially the use of blogging, we may have a means of fighting back. Sharon Meraz (2008) conducted several reports how blogging continues to attract writers and readers independent and unaffiliated with professional newsrooms. The popularity of the blogs in part fueled by its interactive format: The blog tool is popularly believed to be a vehicle of democracy because it fosters decentralized citizen control as opposed to hierarchical, elite control. Meraz (2008) states that the initial pubic derision heaped by traditional media entities on these independent bloggers unaffiliated with traditional professional newsrooms continues to wane, as these bloggers gain respect among Web readers. Top independent political bloggers have played an influential role in holding public officials accountable, while the blog form has matured to resemble traditional journalism in form and practice. The growth in the independent political blogger’s credibility has taken place against the backdrop of traditional media’s loss of a media monopoly on news creation and dissemination. Blogging is the only true form of checks and balance against large media conglomerates that I’ve seen today.
    According to Cynthia Chris (2006) media consolidation has long attracted the attention of media industry observers, including scholars, journalists, policy makers, economists, special interest groups, and activists. Recent evidence suggests that media consumers are also concerned about the ongoing growth of the few largest media corporations, and federal regulators’ amenability toward their growth: the (FCC) received an unprecedented number of comments over half a million from the public prior to announcing a set of sweeping rule changes in June 2003 lifting the market cap from 35% to 45% Chris (2006). This means that media conglomerates are now allowed to own 45% of all media corporations. These media conglomerates are known as the big 4, and together they own the majority of all United States based media outlets. What this means is that there may be room for bias, and gatekeepers under the command of these big 4 media conglomerates are more than likely to make decisions’ that benefit their agenda and are bias to the publics agenda. While it’s the public that keeps these 4 media giants running, we should think twice about the news we are getting.
    We must realize that what we see on television and read in the newspaper is more than likely not the full story. According to McCombs and Shaw (1972) Media “gatekeepers” do not merely keep watch over information, shuffling it here and there. Instead, they engage in active construction of the message, emphasizing certain aspects of an issue and not others. Just listening to what McCombs and Shaw has to say regarding the information that we are supposed to trust as fact, seems somewhat scary. How are we supposed to make informed decisions about important information, if we’re not getting the full story? Personally, I believe that we need to regulate media much like we regulate banks and other public institutions’. I understand that we have the FCC, but the FCC is has little to do with the truthfulness of the information that we are receiving. Since, so much of our information and decision-making abilities’ come from the media, we must implement a system that brings us the facts uncut and as real as possible. We live in a democracy, but everyday it’s starting to feel that the democracy we live in today is disguised as a dictatorship run by media conglomerates and gatekeepers, which in turn shape public agenda. Through the use of tactics, media is able to mold and shape public agenda to the point where the media may not only tell us what to think about but also tell us what to do about it. It makes you think, are we really free, or are we being controlled by something that we are completely unaware of. I hope not, because I’d like to think that we live in a free country, where freedom in determined by the individual and not some gatekeeper or large media conglomerate that’s redefining our concept of freedom: every time we search the internet, turn on the television, or listen to the radio.

    Bui. C. (2010). How Online Gatekeepers Guard Out View – News Portals’s Inclusion and Ranking of Media and Events. Global Media Journal 9(16) , pp.(1-4) Retrieved November 12, 2010 from EBSCOHost Library Database. (Business Source Premier)
    Chris. C., (2006) Can you repeat that? Patterns of Media Ownership and the “Repurposing” Trend pp.(63-79) Retrieved November 12, 2010 from EBSCOHost Library Database.
    Kiousis, S., Popescu, C., & Mitrook (2007) Understanding Influence on Corporate Reputation An Examination of Public Relations Efforts, Media Coverage, Public Opinion, and Financial Performance From an Agenda-Building and Agenda- Setting Perspective. pp.(148-162) Retrieved November 13, 2010 from EBSCOHost Library Database.
    Meraz. S (2008) Is There an Elite Hold? Traditional Media to Social Media Agenda Setting Influence in Blog Networks. pp(682-684) Retrieved November 13, 2010 from EBSCOHost Library Database.
    Vogl. P., & Barrett, M. (2010). Regulating the information Gatekeepers. Communications of the ACM 45(7) , p. 67. Retrieved November 12, 2010 from EBSCOHost Library Database. (Business Source Premier)
    White. C., & Park, J. (2010) Public perceptions of public relations p. 319 Retrieved November 12, 2010 from EBSCOHost Library Database.
  25. Anonymous Member

    Lulz! Beau now regards WWP Anonymous as a Service Bureau!

    NYPPR = Not your personal proof reader, faggot!
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  26. Mr. Magoo Member

    I didn't read the entire tl;dr, but I must say I do see a bunch of stuff that needs to be cleaned up, mostly punctuation and a few misspellings (pubic????). I hope you didn't already turn this in to your prof. LOL.

    I guess that spoof post (#1451) was spot on, since it has "pubic" as a typo for "public."

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  27. AnonMishka Member

    Beau, please just go away! Anonymous does not work for you. Kthxbai.
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  28. anon walker Moderator

    "We must realize that what we see on television and read in the newspaper is more than likely not the full story."

    LOL rocket science!
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  29. billybob Member

    I sense sarcasm in that sentence. But quite sincerely, yes, I could help you improve that paper.
    And I would be willing to help you if you were sincere in the asking.
    I doubt you need to turn this paper in at this time, as it is late June and your semester was complete weeks ago.
    Didn't you graduate?
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  30. Anonymous was a meme created from 4 chan an image board. Slowly posts were shown as anonymous and the meme took off to show how the true power of not being able to be seen is quite powerful. Similar to the war on terror, and the terror cells and intelligence our country tries to collect to fight this war. However, if your legit and legal and know that you do have the freedom of speech especially freedom of speech and our protected, you should have nothing to hide. If you have something to hide, it's like pleading the 5th; implying the fact that your guilty. You guys picked me, a person not affiliated with the Church to attack and shed false-light on, neglected the fact that Beau Griffis contacted you and asked you not to use his name without his consent. You don't care, therefore, you are committing an illegal act. Is this a utilitarian perspective for the greatest good? Or is this just a bunch of Scientologist threatening to censor Beau with their libel suit without considering the anti-SWAPP laws that California has to protect our freedom of speech. The wheels of justice may turn slow, and you may get aggravated. However, it's all we got and no one is immune. Choosing me as your target is silly, when I have nothing to do with Scientology nor do I wish to associate myself with them in anyway. This is getting to a point where your threats and your reputation as Hacktivist who commit illegal activity has targeted someone who is doing well and is helping people; not Scientologist's. It needs to end, and everyday the attacks are getting more and more aggressive. I am not who you think I am, and Beau Griffis who can be reached at Telephone removed is not hiding; nor does he give you his consent to shed his reputation in a false light, neglect his right to privacy, or emotionally ruin him when he is a very good guy. Your facts are wrong, and until you get them right, you should probably take this down. Call him, and I'm sure he will tell you along with the FBI who's been contacted and has been on this case for months now that you do not have his consent. Beau Griffis is a student, he is studying, and if you knew anything about mass media law or The First Amendment, you'd know that by committing all this false ideological news is really just showing that he is doing something right obey's the laws and doesn't need to be anonymous. He loves his family and friends, and cares nothing about your conspiracy theories. If you had any personal integrity are something to say without hiding behind a keyboard you would. However, you don't care and the only one who will end up being liable is the one who runs this site. Please stop harassing him, causing him emotional harm, and spreading his name without any facts. He has been hacked, due to files people believe that he possess. Those files are not online. They are on a different HD completely, and they are not accessible through the cyber world. I wish you all luck, and hope you get your facts straight. If you want to keep attacking me, again, you do not have my consent. I wish you well, yet you are extremely misguided by what's going on here. Someone owns this server, and someone is condoning this. Anonymous, just like Scientologist are people, there are good and bad ones, just like Christians, Muslims, or anyone else. To say one person is bad, when that person isn't even affiliated with that organization is kind of silly. It's like a dog chasing it's tale. Good luck, and god bless.
  31. The Internet Member

    You sound like Beau or a friend of his. If so, don't you see that you are the only party resurrecting this dead thread and drawing attention to Beau?
  32. Anonymous Member

    The real Beau Griffis??? This is so unreal!!!
  33. He posted a phone number which may/or not be beau's.
    The mods should delete it,feels like a tarp.
  34. Anonymous Member

    I reported the telephone number.
  35. It's the phone number for Informed.
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  36. Anonymous Member

    Well spotted, good sir, or madam. I should have checked. Thanks for the reminder to run the numbers.
  37. No problem.
  38. The Internet Member

    Jeez who knew there were all these rehabs near Flag!

    Holtz, David CADC II - Addiction Treatment Services Incorporated (760) 404-3841 708 S Prospect Ave, Clearwater, FL Get Directions 0.61 mi.

    2. The Treatment Center of the Palm Beaches, LLC Merchant verified (727) 386-8071 611 S Fort Harrison Ave, Ste 276, Clearwater, FL Get Directions 0.43 mi.

    3. Fairwinds Treament Center (727) 449-0300 1569 S Fort Harrison Ave, Clearwater, FL Get Directions 1.71 mi.

    4. Informed Treatment Solutions (310) 955-6421 2618 W Grand Reserve Cir, Clearwater, FL Get Directions 4.62 mi.

    5. Alternative Treatment Intl (727) 259-7080 2120 Range Rd, Clearwater, FL Get Directions 3.23 mi.

    6. Alderman, Cheryl Director - Narconon (727) 796-1011 22079 Us-19 N, Clearwater, FL Get Directions 4.38 mi.

    7. Alcohol Treatment Center 24 Hour Helpline (727) 373-0130 Clearwater, FL 1.37 mi.

    8. Drug A Able Accredited Drug (727) 373-7207 Clearwater, FL 1.37 mi.

    9. Narconon Florida Incorporated (727) 796-1011 22073 Us Highway 19 N, Clearwater, FL Get Directions 4.38 mi.

    10. Focus One Incorporated (727) 572-5202 11681 49th St N, Ste 8, Clearwater, FL Get Directions
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  39. AnonMishka Member

    It seems to me, Beau, that you are a seeker of attention. Like the addict you are, you have become addicted to attention, primarily the attention this thread has given you, whether good or bad. This thread was buried, no one has been posting here. This has happened several times. It dies, gets buried, then suddenly you pop back up to ressurect it once again with your pathetic defense maneuvers and schizophrenic I'm Beau/I'm not Beau routines. If you really didn't like us or what we've said about you, then why do you keep breathing life into it?
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  40. Anonymous Member

    Good stuff!

    I took it as far as a pay-wall, but got the predictable and obvious location:


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