Information about levels above OT-VIII

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  1. anonspilz Member

    Information about levels above OT-VIII

    "New Vital Tech" will not be released for various reasons, and the web site that follows provides many reasons for this. This information has deleterious effect on those farther along the bridge if one can find a way to penetrate their loyalty and ignorance.

    It is important to become well versed in the tech we have available and the language used within in order to engage in the dialog necessary to win the battle of hearts and minds of OTVIII. This anon believes this should be a goal. These types of pyramids are best destroyed by aiming at the eye on top.

    this post has become far too serious business
  2. Clamosaurus Member

    Re: Information about levels above OT-VIII

    The above websites are by a 'Free Zoner' and expelled Cof$ scientologist Pierre Ethier, that still peddles hubbards poison and follows KSW[/url:25fas0w0] for profit.

    Taking scientologists off one 'bridge' and putting them on another, still enables hubbards shackles of subservience to the 'tech' and the goal of senior policy per Keeping Scientology Working.

    Scientologists are well indoctrinated about '
    squirrels[/url:25fas0w0]' and what befalls those who use 'squirrelled' tech.

    Too bad scientologists don't realize that David
    Miscavige has long been squirreling the tech[/url:25fas0w0] to keep the fraud running.

    Poison for the mind is still poison for the mind, no matter who offers it.
  3. anonspilz Member

    Free Zoners != COS

    I don't believe it is in the best interest of anon to include the Free Zoners in the enemy list.

    Most of anon isn't coming from a place of wanting to save people from tech because it is 'poison for the mind'. It is the ORG which is poison. It is their practices and methods which are poison. It is the COS that must be dismantled. Tech without the ORG is harmless newagey stuff ala A. H. Almaas - only with the ego. Besides - the lulz are included in the dismantling of the COS package.
  4. "At OT IX one should expect a whole new level of Interaction with others, especially at the OT ability level. Things like telepathy and "reading minds" are closely associated with this level. Contrarily to the lower end of the Bridge, on each of those Upper Levels, the individual is expected to produce "tangible" and measurable results, nor mere subjective gain. After all we are dealing with factual OT abilities here, not merely "feeling better"."

    I find this hilarious and in line with COS.

    "When you get to OT IX... THAT's when you get real results! This time I promise!"

    "What about when I made it to OT V? I thought I was supposed to get tangible gains there!"

    "No, OT IX is where the cool stuff stats happening!"

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