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  1. RightOn Member

    no just no Ian, you brainwashed arse
    “I think it’s because people don’t know many British Scientologists"
    that's because there aren't many clams left Ian.
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  2. The Wrong Guy Member

    Jacob Furedi‏ @jacobfuredi 44 minutes ago
    Ever wondered why someone becomes a Scientologist? I spoke to someone inside of the secretive religion.

    Scientologist reveals what life is REALLY like inside the secretive religion | Liverpool Echo
    Musician Ian Clarkson lifts the lid in an exclusive ECHO chat

    Jacob Furedi‏ @jacobfuredi 3 minutes ago
    Replying to @jacobfuredi
    I’ll never write a better sentence in my entire career and I’m ok with that.
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  3. The Wrong Guy Member

    Even puff pieces are taking the piss out of Scientology

    By Tony Ortega, November 25, 2017


    The Liverpool Echo has what appears to be a puff piece today on the leader of the Jive Aces, a swing band made up of Scientologists that the church seems to rely on more and more for what little good press it can get in England.

    With a breathless headline — “Scientologist reveals what life is REALLY like inside the secretive religion” — this thing appeared to be the kind of credulous stuff that the church is finding harder and harder to get.

    And the piece mostly is just treacle, with bandleader Ian Clarkson, 53, saying that his life had taken a turn for the worse until he took a Scientology personality test and then read L. Ron Hubbard’s 1950 book Dianetics.

    But then writer Jacob Furedi throws in this hilarious statement:

    “The book refers to Xenu, a genocidal intergalactic overlord who supposedly brought humans to Earth millions of years ago and then killed them with hydrogen bombs.”

    Which is completely wrong, of course. There’s nothing in Dianetics about Xenu, which is material a Scientologist encounters several years and several hundred thousand dollars into their Scientology experience on something called OT 3.

    And we have a feeling Clarkson is also going to hear it from his Scientology handlers for this quote: “As far as I know there aren’t even that many aliens.”

    Aye carumba. Scientology can’t even catch a break from the friendly local press.

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  4. The Wrong Guy Member

    A different version of the above article was published today.

    Jive Aces swing band frontman lifts lid on his life as a Scientologist | Metro News

    By Tom Herbert

    It’s a religion that’s shrouded in secrecy and one that claims an intergalactic overlord killed humans with hydrogen bombs.

    But a Scientologist has finally lifted the lid on what life is like within the secretive religion – and claims it has changed his life.

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