Indictment Charges Megaupload Site With Piracy

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Datalove, Jan 19, 2012.

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    Excelente article

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    Kopimism is a religion.
    We have our rights!
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    Same rights as Scientologists have, you think?
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    I'm really overjoyed that the US government is cracking down on important world issues like people sharing files.

    Meanwhile, in Iraq:
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    That's the US gov for ya...
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    Let's see: the entity that is charging Megaupload with stealing $500,000,000 coincidentally stole $1,000,000,000,000 from the American taxpayer. So, Mega, accused of stealing $500M, while the US Government stole 2000 times as much from their own citizens.
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    thanks for the info
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    That's the thing about allowing moral crusades violate property rights. Let the gov do it once, even if for the must utmost good reason, eventually the gov gets the idea it can do so for any reason it wants, whenever it wants, due process be damned.
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    Yes, but, thinking of it as 'the government' is the root of the problem. It isn't government as such but people acting in the name of a concept known as government. IOW, some people have a magical pass from the laws that rule the rest of us. That is really rather stupid. We are scared of violence, so we grant a big bad agency a monopoly on violence, and they get to police themselves (pun intended) to boot.

    Hence it is illegitimate, and hence my new interest in nullification. It's the Gandhi tech of politics. It has history behind it, it's simply saying "No, that isn't allowed" right back at the group who tries to insist they are the boss. They aren't. They are our agents, and hence can't assert a control over the one's they contract with, namely we the people.
    The promises of the constitution were lost long ago.
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    Who's the boss, girl ? :D

    Great job DoJ !

    But we still don't have the video of the assault.
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    isn't that why we have Gitmo?
    For those pesky stateless, illegal combatants, whom our justice system is incapable of handling.

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