India Gang Rape Case: 4 Men Sentenced To Death

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by System, Sep 13, 2013.

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  2. ohai, Arianna

    Getting lotsa readards for your failthreads?
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    you're the retard for misspelling retard lmfao fail troll has failed
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    Remember kids: Crack is whack, m'kay? Look at what it did to the poster of this fail troll.
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    Readards must be people who read?
  6. actually, I believe that if the troll got you to discuss his posting rather than the OP, the troll was successful

    y'all a bunch of stupid niggers for falling into it :)
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    Ooo game and match
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  12. Not to minimize what happened to that poor Indian woman; but, how about a thread about hanging the war criminals who go around raping entire nations, hm? I seem to remember that after the last big war they threw, there were such a bunch hanged for exactly those crimes: waging wars of aggression and the rape of nations.

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    Register an account and make it.
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    There have been reference to caste in this crime, she was probably "Dalit" (Untouchable) caste. That's another reason the rapists thought they would get away with it.
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  17. [IMG]
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    rdKAnFJZ.png What happens when women start raping each other?
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    It happens and they should face the same penalty.
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