Independent Scientology critic punks security

Discussion in 'Fair Game Reports and Personal Experiences' started by SOJOA, Jul 8, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Shouldn't you be working so you can pay back your freeloader debt?
  2. Anon PTS Member

    Thanks for clarifying, Smurf. On reflection, I shouldn't have bothered to include the parenthetical question as it has no bearing on the issue.
  3. Demented LRH Member

    I would warn everybody not to do what he did, although for entirely different reason: Next time if somebody goes in, a brawl with security guards might break, which could lead to criminal conviction because the Church guards will be testifying against that person. There will be several guards testifying against one person, which is, usually, enough ground for conviction.

    Most likely, this would be a misdemeanor case, but if a guard claims he received serious injury during a brawl, this could be a felony case.

    Once again, you might like what that person did, but do not try repeat it -- the guards will be ready this time, you could get into a big trouble.
  4. Anonymous Member

    Put. The. Tinfoil. Away.
    Who the fuck said anything about brawling ffs, get a fucking grip and please quit spewing crap. You're creating shit scenarios for shit reasons, why?
  5. Anonymous Member

    Trying to look important. He's got a case of AO's.
  6. Jinkii Member

    Well this explains why 1990's Arrest a Critic tech was used on AMA2 that day, hope you are proud of yourself, just ruined a grandmothers life to put some bullshit info in a bathroom that no-one would have read.

  7. DeathHamster Member

    Didn't he go in the evening after AMA2's arrest?
  8. Anon PTS Member

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  9. Anonymous Member

    Yes. AMA was arrested on July 6th (Wed), the incident covered in this thread was on July 7th (Thu).

    In short, in this thread Jinkii = fail.
  10. Anonymous Member

    Even if you were correct about which happened first, it wouldn't mean one caused the other.
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  11. SOJOA Member

    He was arrested the day before.
  12. SOJOA Member

    Yes. This guy cant do maths.
  13. Anonymous Member

    I love how it must have messed with their heads. :D
  14. Triumph Member

    Security there Is fed the line..over and over- the protesters are Criminals,Terrorists,The Enemy etc

    theres is this constant threat from the outside..they whole heartedly buy into the bomb threats ,and anthrax claims cyber-terrorist around every corner etc to them they very are real...they buy into what they are told

    this brain scrambling the cult give them with briefings as part of their job etc....messes with their heads

    its the US against them,fear the enemy bullshit they are bombarded with

    fear is used to control people...Look at the writings of Hubbard to see exactly how fear and paranoia of perceived enemies are used as a means to control people
    PTS/SP,Merchants of Chaos etc

    outwardly the security goons..don't show the fear ....but with their actions calling the cops daily, and what they actually say to the police..what they say in official press releases etc
    the reactions can be completely paranoid at times

    it wasn't necessarily the protester breaching their inner sanctuary..that messed with their heads
    it was the garbage they are fed on a weekly basis... its Oh MY god the sky is falling!! Tech

    Religious Cults use tactics like the fear of Satan and the outside world
    and Use's Fear of enemies. Fear of Leaving the Cult and the threat of losing friends and family. Fear of disapproval or loss
    Cults use fear and intimidation to keep members in line

    The mindfuck is courtesy of Hubbard
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  15. Anonymous Member

  16. Anonymous Member

    I approve of this.

    Enturbulation of clams in their murder mansion hidey-hole is a fukin win.

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