Independent Scientology Advanced Organization of the Great Plains announces Online Academy

Discussion in 'Independent Scientology' started by CommunicatorIC, Jun 22, 2018.

  1. The Independent Scientology Advanced Organization of the Great Plains announces Standard Tech Supervised Online Academy.

    [As always, I am not an Independent Scientologist and I am not associated with Independent Scientology. I just try to independently tweet and cross-post about Scientology, whether corporate or independent .]

    Courses include:

    Basic Study Manual (Free)
    Personal Efficiency Court ($100)
    The Basic TRs Course ($100)
    The Hubbard Qualified Scientologist Course ($300)
    The PTS/SP Course ($800)
    The Student Hat ($300)
    The Professional TRs Course ($400)
    The E-Meter Course ($400)
    The Method 1 Co-Audit Course ($300)
    The Academy Level 0 Course ($600)
    The Academy Level 1 Course ($600)
    The Academy Level 2 Course ($600)
    The Academy Level 3 Course ($600)
    The Academy Level 4 Course ($600)
    The New Era Dianetics Course ($600)
    The Solo One Course ($1500)
    The Saint Hill Special Briefing Course - The Class VI Course ($5000)
    The Class VIII Course ($2000)
    The Class IX Auditors Course ($2500)
    The Class X Auditors Course ($3500)
    The Class XI Auditors Course ($3500)
    The Class XII Auditors Course ($2500)
    Uvod u Sajentologiju (Introduction to Scientology. Free course in Bosnian.)


  2. Incredulicide Member

    $28,000 and that's without mentioning the money needed to be spent being audited up to the minimum levels needed to continue the training.
  3. thesneakster Member

    Speaking as a former Sea Org Course Administrator for the St. Hill Special Briefing Course (SHSBC) at ASHO Foundation, here. On the Academy Levels, the students audited one another on the Grades and New Era Dianetics (NED). On the SHSBC, the students audited each other up through Clear. This student auditing was always included in the price of the courses.

    Since AOGP is delivering training over the internet via Skype, i can only assume that they will be teaching Skype-based Internet auditing and the students will doing their auditing practicals that way. Naturally, I am highly skeptical about how well that is going to work out.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist
    ex-Sea Org Member and Declared SP
  4. If it has anything to do with L. Ron Hubbard's delusional nonsense, it has long ago proven not to work out.
  5. John P. Member

    My suspicion is, of course, not terribly well. I would be willing to bet that these guys will have close to zero customers. The number of former Scientologists who want to go "up the bridge" diminishes every year. I've talked to quite a few people who still audit each other, but that's basically "feel-good" stuff and not part of a systematic course.

    The two independent Scientology organizations I looked at a couple months ago aren't doing well. Most tellingly, the Dror Center in Israel, who broke away from the CoS en masse in 2014 hadn't had a blog post for over two years, until redoing their web site. They haven't published stats of people on course since shortly after they started. They had a loyal customer base, a lot of distance between the CoS headquarters, and they worked in a language where it would be hard for someone to show up and infiltrate them. And yet they couldn't make a go of it.

    Second example: Pat Krenik and her husband ran the "Free Zone Elma," in a town in rural Washington state. Like the Dror Center, they hadn't had any blog posts in a couple of years. Their only recent claim to fame is that the loon (and violent criminal) who recently claimed to be the reincarnated L. Ron Hubbard is/was associated with them.

    So even if people were pouring out of the cult (which I don't think is happening because the only people left are either lifers who will never wake up or parents who are under-the-radar to try and avoid disconnection of their kids) and anyone leaving from disillusionment is going to be in such bad shape that they aren't going to say, "organization bad, tech good" like people did 6-8 years ago. They're going to move away from anything to do with Scientology including the "good parts." So there are precious few new recruits to propel this effort. They'll be trying to pry people away from whatever independent Scientology they're already doing, which is an uphill battle.
  6. AO-GP Member


    That is incorrect. We do not advocate or condone Skype auditing. Nor we do we deliver supervision over Skype. Please do your research before commenting.

  7. AO-GP Member

    Over 30 students and counting, gaining 3-4 per week without marketing started. Mostly new to Sceintology.

  8. AO-GP Member

    We offer three levels of subscription. If you're a good student you can do courses with supervison for a few percent of what the COS charges. If not, it will be a bit more but not much.

    Co-audits are super cheap to get auditing.

  9. AO-GP Member

    We post success stories on Facebook et al.nearly bi-weekly and have for years. Marketing hasn't even begun yet, we have over thirty students on the STA roster. We aren't going anywhere.

    You're mistaken on your wishful thinking of the subject itself or a correct application of it going away. We and others are here to stay.

  10. Lickit10Times Member

    Wow, just becoming bad as well... Taking hundreds and even THOUSANDS of dollars for course! Everyone are better off to do the free courses in the scin VM website...
  11. Without tax free status they incapable of becoming as bad. I don't think any form of Scientology is economically viable if they have to pay taxes and have the degree of oversight "religious" groups avoid.
  12. Gettaoutofhere!!!

    ALL independent teams that give $cientology out of a church are BAD!
    You have them in russia, germany, israel, swizarland and more!
    they do bad to people!
  13. The Dror Center are part of the notorious "Rons Org". They believe in OT 48. I think I also received a video that Danny Lemberger has attested OT 16. So these guys are certainly not doing "Scientology". I wonder when their followers will find this out... they will probably all run away :)
  14. Wow Dani, you have attested OT 16! Very well done! Nice success story! (131 words), and the rest of the words are empowering statements against the church - so lame... I would imagine OT 16 will give you wings or something, maybe captain Bill Robertson has not mastered this skill himself yet, so he cannot release the "Wings Rundown".

    Have fun:

    An interview with Dani Lemberger
    Dror Center, Haifa Israel
    By Erica Hauri

    Erica Hauri:
    Hi Dani.
    I would like ahhh that you talk to us about your wins and experience here in Rons org Grenchen

    Dani Lemberger:
    Wow! Ahhh
    There is so much I can tell you about it. I arrived here after many years of services in the church of scientology. I completed solo nots at flag in the year 2005 and I have many wins on doing the ot levels at flag but it was clear to me that there is not too much that we can do, that I can do in my own spiritual advancement and my own development as a thetan as a spiritual being and I have found here what I have been looking for, the ability for me to proceed and to continue my journey and to find out more my self and about life and the application of LRH technology to my life and to people around me

    Erica Hauri
    You have attested OT 16. What does it mean to you?

    Dani Lemberger:
    When I did excalibur exactly 2 years ago in May 2015, I got onto excalibur and I continue my steps here all the way to OT 16, and it was more revelation about myself,about my origin as a thetan, ahmmm I've had wonderful wins along the way...I mean... I can tell you more about it... ahhhh

    Erica Hauri
    We would like!

    Dani Lemberger:
    Ahhhh... Ok... Hahaha… I am trying to focus on something more specific... (Stares at the ceiling). Well, finding out about myself, finding out about my origins, and where we came from and what we doing here and what is my basic purposes as a being, what am I doing here. Ahmmmm my abilities have gone up. My understanding of life has gone up remarkably well. So, I am very happy with what I am doing

    Erica Hauri
    Great. Is there a difference between your experience you had at flag and here at Rons org (both laughing)

    Dani Lemberger:
    Yes of course because when you tell a person that he is going up the Bridge to total freedom then he has got to be doing it as a free being, and a person has to be treated as a free person and he is going to be doing it on his own self determinism, and a person expects to be treated, to be granted beingness, to be treated as a free being and not as someone who is subject to authority. And the Church of Scientology has become totally corrupted and has been taking over, we know that, by a person or a group that are actually acting contrary to the promise of spiritual freedom. And ahhhhh so we found ourselves, myself my wife, our friends, in a position of not being able to be part of the church of scientology when obviously the church is operating against Ron Hubbard and against the promise of going on this route, the bridge, to freedom and ahhhh here we have friends here we find people that have a common purpose and ahhhhhh people who allow you to be who you are and to behave as you wish to behave and to act according to your own self determinism and we are giving here LRH data ahh I think compiled or organized by captain Bill Robertson in a very clear way, in a way that is very consistent with the teachings and with the basic materials, discoveries of Ron Hubbard so we can proceed and continue on our way in a way that I believe Ron Hubbard intended. There could be variation in the techniques in specifics but that is of minor importance. There could be different ways of doing it. I would not argue with that. But the way we do it here is fun is ahhmmm done with the purpose of having the person himself achieve higher level of awareness and that is what i have gained and that is what I see other people doing here. I want a first of all add of course that I am grateful, I have been always grateful all this years to Ron Hubbard, for what he has given me, it is a very personal thing. Ahhh It is like Hubbard researched and found out about life and he gave it to me, to make it possible for me to go on the route and reverse the dwindling spiral that I have been the effect of for so many millions and billions of years that I am aware of, of going downhill. And this lifetime with LRH tech recovering myself as a spirit, as an immortal being, ahhhh and now I am continuing further with the help of the people here and with what Bill Robertson has done, so this is a fantastic trip. So I am grateful to the people here. Thank you very much. (Laughs)

    Erica Hauri:
    Thank you.
  15. The Independent Scientology Advanced Organization of the Great Plains has issued a Commendation to Andy Nolch and Mary Blackford.

    Nolch is awarded a free Student Hat course with full standard supervision from the Advanced Organization of the Great Plains HCO Division, through their Standard Tech Online Supervised Academy.

    Blackford is commended for working with Nolch on his DSEC course.


    The video for which Nolch was commended.

  16. I can't see anything pleasant in both: Andy Nolch with his 16 minutes of fame and Andy Nolch caught vandalizing a memorial to Eurydice Dixon.
    And then I came across this book: The new Student Hat course by L. Ron Hubbard. Has anyone read it, anyway?
  17. TrevAnon Member

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