Imperial Probe Droids

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by Anonymous, Aug 26, 2009.

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    Jeez, I knew Parrot was a fucked-in-the-head company, but I had no idea!

    Looking into AR Parrot Drone GPS autonomous flight, either with their "Flight Recorder" add-on or a DIY hacked version.

    First, which I still have to verify because it's really stupid, with their software you can only set one waypoint. When it reaches that waypoint, you can (if within 50M wifi range) set another waypoint or tell it to return to launch point, or it'll hover until the battery drains then land.

    So there's no way to tell it to go out, say, 620 meters, do a slow rotate, then return. (Third-party ARDrone Flight Pro software allows multi-waypoints, so it'd be really stupid if Parrot's software didn't.)

    Second. On autonomous flight, the maximum speed is 1.2 meters/second or 4 feet/second. (Fuck, why don't I just pick up the drone and run with it?) Granted, they don't want it smacking into trees and buildings at speed on auto-pilot, but why such a slow crawl? If I want it to sprint most of the trip, then slow down for video, give me a legal Not Our Fault warning, then let me do it.

    Additionally... Because it's poking along, even if I could set a waypoint with a return, that 620M route would take 17 minutes return trip—probably beyond the limits of even upgraded batteries.

    Looks like some dissection hacking time is needed. Remind me to never deal with companies that aren't really open source ever again!
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  8. We need to invent a shrinking machine so that we can get a human to ride the drone behind enemy lines, maybe even parachute him/her in.

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    /checks stopwatch. Seven years, really?
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    The DJI Phantom 4 obstacle avoidance is nice.

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    I was reviewing the FAA hobby drone registration requirements to find out what the enabling act for that was.

    I don't think there is one.

    I think that they're being sneaky by misleading model aircraft owners into thinking that they fall under the rules for Unmanned Aircraft, which they don't. As far as I can tell, the FAA is still blocked from making regulations over model aircraft as long as they're within the five requirements in the 2012 legislation.

    The FAA directs people asking about hobby drones to this page, which is for commercial drones, not model aircraft:

    Here's their SMALL UNMANNED AIRCRAFT RULE (PART 107). Scroll down to the bottom where it clearly says that it doesn't apply to hobby drones aka model aircraft:

    Perhaps there's something in Part 101 that mentions it, but I'm suspicious that they don't clearly spell it out.
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