I'm working on a "playbook"

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by capitolhillanonymous, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. I'm working on a "playbook"

    Sorry about the crosspost. This is I think the second spot on enturb I've put it (I'm trying to cover the disparate anon groups and it's obviously not easy to chase down decentralized people for comment). Since this is more the "ideas" subforum, maybe it'll be a more appropriate home for it. I've heard from Denver, San Diego, San Francisco and LA so far (but if you're from any of those, don't let that stop you from replying!)

    What I'm doing is compiling a list of things that have been effective, things that haven't, etc., categorizing them, then re-distributing to anon groups, hopefully at least a week in advance of April 12 so that we have a really efficient way of spreading ideas about, finding which awesome things need volunteers, and getting those volunteers in advance.

    If you use a throw-away e-mail to send it, that's cool, but make sure to check a couple times in the next few days in case I have to ask you a question about it.

    Questions - answer as many or as few as you like. Make sure to tell me what city it is, if you can. E-mail me at

    What has proven effective for your group?

    What has proven to be ineffective?

    What legal restrictions were there on your protests and what is or would be a good plan to adapt to them?

    What was lots of fun?

    What did you see from photos and videos of other protests that you'd like your group to steal and use for yourself?

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