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  1. Samuel Hughes Member

    IFA Viewpoint

    Don't know for sure where to post this, but I've joined a private FreeZone chat group to learn more about where they stand and how they see Anonymous, while answering questions as best as I can from my own experience in Anonymous.

    I have permission to repost this, and i think it's very educational to know where many Free Zoners are coming from.

    Highlights of what I've learned so far that is important here:

    1) They consider themselves Scientologists, and do not consider what the CoS does to be consistent with the original purpose, intention, and practice of Scientology. A dogmatic point perhaps, but an important one.

    2) They are somewhat offended by ridicule of beliefs (including the confidentiality of higher level mateirals) and Hubbard himself, but approve of Anonymous's efforts overall

    3) Many are in hiding from fair game policies, but many of them have joined Anonymous in protests throughout the world already.

    4) Their target is Miscavige above all else. They believe that if he and his regime falls, Scientology as a religion will be open, free, and accountable for people to use the tech without coercion and abuse.

    ************ emphasis below is mine ************
    Hi Sam,

    Welcome to the IFAChat group.

    I appreciate the time you are taking to find out more and create good
    will between Anon and the IFA. Thank you for finding out what is needed
    and wanted.

    Many of our members support Anon with attendance at Demos etc and posts
    to forums. We have also helped Anon back lines with information to
    assist with the cause.

    From our point of view, the RTC/CST and david miscaviage have altered
    not only the technology and philosophy of Scientology but also the
    intent and the purpose originally created by Hubbard when the Church was
    first set up.

    The church does not represent scientology anymore. It now represents
    Miscavigeology. Yet still uses the word scientology to entice people in
    and part with their money for a service they no longer delivered.

    The basic philosophy and technology that Hubbard researched and
    developed is sound and is quite valid in its own right. It is that
    philosophy and technology to which we, in the IFA and indeed many parts
    of the Freezone, subscribe to out of intellectual understanding and
    subjective experience.

    I would only ask, of Anon, that they stay focused on the prime objective
    which is to remove Miscaviage and his principles that have perverted the
    original technology within the church and betrayed the purpose of the
    church which was created by Ron Hubbard.

    I would appreciate that the target be not L. Ron Hubbard or the
    philosophy or the technology of Scientology. I would state that the
    correct target is David Miscaviage, the Board of Directors of the Church
    of Spiritual Technology and the Religious Technology Center as they are
    fraudulently stating they practice and deliver scientology when clearly
    they do not.

    The philosophy of Scientology does NOT include:

    Excessive payments for services.
    Promising one service and delivering something altered or changed.
    Acting in a paranoiac and obsessive manner.
    Physical and mental abuse.
    The degrading of people by reducing their beingness and havingness and
    even control over their lives.
    Applying an outdated disconnect policy with a view to control and stop.
    Removing technology promised to be delivered and now not delivered.
    Destroying the philosophy and technology.
    Destroying the Church.

    Quite the opposite in fact.

    The purpose of scientology is to "change conditions". That means for
    us, to improve man. Assist them to become better people. Improve their
    responsibility level, their beingness, their havingness and their
    control over their own lives.

    In short, the antithesis of all the things David Miscaviage is doing and
    pushing for.

    The IFA is purely an association of peoples who wish to practice the
    philosophy and technology of L Ron Hubbard. You will appreciate then
    that any denigration of Hubbard or the philosophy is not something that
    we like or desire. Hubbard was human, he made some mistakes along the
    way. I don't know anyone who can validly say they have never made
    mistakes. However, his accomplishments in research and development and
    the creation of a philosophy which many thousands of people have claimed
    benefit from, far outweigh any mistakes anyone likes to hone in on. And
    if they do, then they either have an altered importance with regard to
    Hubbard's mistakes and accomplishments or their expectations for Hubbard
    were unreal and far in excess of what is expected of any man.

    So all efforts to enlighten people as to the above is always most
    welcome Sam.

    Any questions or queries, please feel free to ask. We have a real bunch
    of eager beavers here who just love answering questions and showing of
    their knowledge, so make good use of them!
  2. Samuel Hughes Member

    Re: IFA Viewpoint

    Okay, apart from starting a thread that's been discussed instead of going back to one (sorry), I felt it was necessary to revisit based on my discussions with the Free Zone people, who are as accurate a guage as any for how we look to the outside world. That having been said ...

    Am I the one who doesn't get it?

    There are Scientologist Anons. There are Free Zone Anons. There are Catholic Anons, Atheist Anons, whatever.

    We ARE in the same fight, and attacking the tech is your choice, and even if many of us think it's necessary or pertinent, it is NOT precision shooting when you want to Stay On Target. Yes it is an issue in some ways that must be addressed, but if we make no effort to think better than black-and-white about (like a Scilon) ... well, you can't have your caek and eat it to.

    Don't think so? How about we just outlaw the e-meter and auditing? Do you honestly think that would change the things we are REALLY fighting about, namely FREE SPEECH, FREE THINKING, DISCONNECTION, HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSES, HARASSMENT AND LITIGATION?

    You keep dressing up like Xenu if you want. Have your Lulz and Rick Roll like the rest of us. You can protest what you want, and be against what you want. But if that's the heart of what you are doing, you need to be aware that it's that much harder for the rest of us to Stay On Target in front of the press and public. We are borderline hypocrites.

    And no one is asking Anons to be any one's personal army. But the Free Zoners are in the same boat with the OG, ESK, and anyone else who was afraid to speak up. We are not fighting specifically for their religious freedom (or whatever you wish to call it), but it is a positive byproduct just the same. Aren't we fighting for the Scientologist's right to practice their own beliefs SANS oppression? Even if we think it's all a fraud, some people honestly find value in it and we think it's for their own good to abandon it ... sound familiar?

    And you don't think the Free Zone supports us? Think again. No public, "official" statements? Wait and see.

    You think this discussion is ended because it's been discussed to your satisfaction? You think you've defined "religion" for the rest of us, and think it's okay to attack a belief system and insist we're not because it's politically incorrect to admit???? Troll, my a$$.

  3. Whanonstler Member

    Re: IFA Viewpoint

    Please. It wasn't much better under Blubbtard. He was a greedy pill popping liar and conman who cynically exploited the weak the vulnerable and the needy. Really my goal in this is to bring the cult of scientology down and I would be prepared to do it again in the future, because quite frankly I could see a freezone successor doing the same damn thing- it is part of the doctrine and culture.

    One thing at a time for me, though. One thing at a time.
  4. Edges Member

    Re: IFA Viewpoint

    If the Freezoners want to participate, thats fine with me.

    If they don't, that's fine too. It's not like we'd be losing a whole lot of people.

    I fully resent their attempts to stop people at shining light on Hubbard etc. This suggests to me that the Freezoners are only mildly different from the CoS. Every time I hear it, I think a little less of the Freezone.

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