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Discussion in 'Iran' started by HelpingIran, Jun 16, 2009.

  1. HelpingIran Member

    In the interests of spreading our message far and wide, lets get a list of people who speak foreign languages and what languages they speak. Requests can go here too; keep in mind there is already a Farsi Subforum.

    I speak English and a little German.
  2. ann_disaster Member

    Also English and some German, here.
  3. Post up some articles. I'll translate to Spanish, German, Portuguese.
  4. AlEcyler Member

    I can translate to/from spanish quite well. and am happy to donate my time and effort.
  5. helpisneeded Member

    English and Dutch here.
  6. I speak English and a good amount of Spanish - is there anything I can do to help?
  7. I am fluent in spanish, french, italian, portuguese and catalan... i would be more then glad to help out in any way possible.... let me know what i can do...
  8. I speak english and a little Japanese, but not enough to be functional. I will, however, float around Japanese message boards and spread the word.
  9. Ali

    Arabic is my mother tongue, and I also speak good English.
  10. x2m

    I'm from germany and i'm fluent in english. If theres something to translate from english to german, i would not hesitate to do so. just name it.
  11. Polish & English
  12. Fluent in German, English and Gaelic. I'll give my time to the cause, just post what we need to do.
  13. AnythingICan Member

    5 yrs German class

    I'm not fluent but if I can help I will. Speak English and German.
  14. Deranged Member

    I speak English and Spanish fluently.
  15. Some English, Dutch and some German here
  16. kxn22xn Member

    Danish and english
  17. Italian, French, Norwegian.
  18. Native German speaker reporting in
  19. schantepleure Member

    English and French, here. Fluent in bloth.
  20. ettoreo Member

    mother language: italian
    fluent in: english
  21. I speak Danish, Swedish, Norweigian, English fluently and useable German.
  22. farsi

    I speak English, Farsi and basic German.
  23. french

    I speak french, and I can understand and translate english to french .
  24. paperdragon Member

    I'm in Turkey. I speak a little Turkce, my wife is Turkish and fluent in Turkce.
  25. I can speak both English and French correctly

    Mother Language: French
  26. Native Romanian

    Fluent English (native level)

    Can read French and Italian
  27. his0 Member

    French is my mothertongue.. let me know if i can help
  28. Rebecca-IRAN Member

    Fluent German and English here as well. always glad to help.
  29. lonestar Member

    English, German and Turkish ( the last two fluently )
  30. English, French, a little bit of Japanese (but nothing close to fluent).
  31. jaywelch61 Member

    I speak English (native tongue) and Mandarin Chinese.
  32. Lita Member

    Fluent in English. Speak some Russian. Not enough to translate, but could help out a bit.
  33. german and english

    german and english here
  34. rasso Member

    i speak Turkish and a little bit English...Why are we here ? Any Turkish here ? only Turkish people add me
  35. I speak English and Spanish fluently, French in a good level.
  36. light Member

    English, French, Swedish and Esperanto here. Can help with Korean too.

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