If you could change something about WWP...

Discussion in 'Support Questions' started by da5id, May 30, 2010.

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  1. RightOn Member

    Re: If you could change something about WWP...

    ok I will bite.
    TL/DR alert

    I was leary to post my thoughts since I did so in the other moderation thread and kind of got yelled at. :( (yeah I know baw)

    I have been around since Enturb days.
    And man things have certainly changed.

    I feel at times I am an avid contributor to the projects on WWP and have started a few threads myself. Wether members or mods feel that I am a good contributor with comments or other content, I guess is up to the individual.

    One thing for sure, is that everyone can not be expected to be on their "a" game all the time when posting. It's just not possible. Everyone has bad days, a bad temper on something that rubbed them the wrong way, a drink or two, just plain cranky or what have you which can lead to a post that is questionable.

    The atmosphere has changed a bit on WWP, and I kind of get the feeling like I am walking on egg shells sometimes when I post. It has taught me to think before I post, which is a great thing, but I don't want to feel AFRAID to post. I work on "the list" every day that I can, and infractions and or a ban would just kill me. I can't speak for others, but I feel infractions and bans have become a bit heavy handed and too all over the place. (some members get infracted, and or banned and some don't)
    And I have to ask if others think that we have possibly lost some good active contributors because of this? Not only through bans, but are people afraid to post now?

    I think a member's history has to be looked at by all mods before agreeing to ban someone? Where they a good contributor in the past and were they consistant? Or were all their posts over a long period of time just one liner /shit posts? Do they always come across as vindcitive or trolling in their posts? or where they just having a bad or off day?

    Do other members think that some members who were good contributors to the communtiy and who have been around for a long time should be asked back?
    Or is that not a possibility?

    IMO, I think infractions should only be used for serious offenses. And perma bans should only be used in extreme cases, like persistant mega trolling, persistant personal attacking and of course spam.

    Anonymous is a free thinking spirited bunch, and to be too strict in this department is not only a lulz killer, but it may make people afraid to post, or leave?

    I think if a post is deemed guilty of tin foil, derailment, gentle trolling or a personal attack, a warning in red from a mod posted on that post would not only warn the person they are out of line, but other members will be able to see that those kinds of posts are not beneficial to the forum and get a good idea what they should not post. Again there will always be a difference in opinion in what a person considers tin foil, derailment or trolling. I think it is an impossibilty for everyone to agree on what is what.

    I think public warnings posted on comments instead of infractions will help to make people post better thought-out comments, it will also teach the community what is exceptable.

    I think if a person persists with the same kind of posts and gets two warnings in one week, then an infraction would be the next step? I know "stay on target" and moderated posts are already used as a gentle warning, and I think it works quite well.
    As far as what type of infractions to give? If public warnings are used instead of infractions, then the point system of the infractions would not be needed and it would just be a plain o'l infraction?
    If a member receives multiple infractions within one month, then maybe a SHORT ban would suffice?
    I don't know, I have a wicked head cold, and maybe I should save this discussion for when I can think more clearly.

    Moving on...
    I personally think the Thunderdome has run it's course. But again, if people like it, and want to keep it, of course to each their own. Perhaps another poll is needed with clear choices for this? Dump it, change it or save it?

    I agree with others on the Search function. I have had a difficult time trying to find things at times. I am not a computer savvy person (which you have probably heard many times), so I can not offer solutions as to how to fix it. :(

    As far as anonymous avatars. I think they are needed for obvious reasons. As far as changing the avatar picture? I was against having the avatar change in the beginning, but I am used to it now, although it may be very confusing to a noob. I don't know if this is mentioned in the guidelines when people sign up, but if it is going to stay this way, maybe an explanation would be helpful?
    I like when an avatar changes with what is currently happening. Although the nun is a creepy picture, the reason for having it was a nice show of solidarity for Italy. :)

    Caution hug box....
    I love the forum.
    I have met a lot of cool people and I laugh at the sheer brilliance of the comedy on this board.
    The shoops, and the hysterical posts help to break up this seriousiness of the fight we are all in together. For the mods to try to keep that all under control and cohesive is quite the difficult task that I do not envy. I don't think the forum needs a ton of fixing. Maybe some technical stuff I have no clue about, perhaps spiffed up a bit, and a better way to keep posts in line without causing too many problems. I hate to say the old cliche.... we are only human... but it's true.

    I also want to mention how I really love the way the community comes together and supports each other. Wether it's something serious like fair game and a court case, or just saying good job on a 2 man raid. Yeah I know...hug box. But that's who I am.

    We have come a long way since the start of Enturb. And I do believe we will see the end of the abuses in COS together in the near future.

    So before someone tells me to go DIAF, I will shut up.
    Thanks for listening :)
  2. mirror neuron Member

    Re: If you could change something about WWP...

    I agree about the inhibiting effect on any forum of too many or inconsistent bans/infractions--especially when they're directed at people who are contributing. I'd just point out one thing. As a new person (I made an account here 12/09 after lurking a while), I'm not always on my A game either, and I too feel like I'm walking on eggshells, but for different reasons. Some queries or tentative comments seem to trip land mines now and then--people overreact with insults and name-calling. Not saying it shouldn't be allowed, and probably I'm touching buttons unaware--just saying it's kind of a conversation-stopper at times. I know, take it and move on, and I am. Just saying, eggshells are all over the place. Things get more complicated, I guess, as more and more people get involved.
  3. Anonymous Member

    Re: If you could change something about WWP...

    Was there a reason the anonymous account stopped being different members ones recycled?
  4. Anonymous Member

    Re: If you could change something about WWP...

    "User CP" -> "Edit Options" -> "Default Thread Subscription Mode" = "No email notification"

    "User CP" -> "Edit Options" -> "Thread Display Options" -> "Number of Posts to Show Per Page:" = "Show 40 Posts Per Page"
  5. Anonymous Member

    Re: If you could change something about WWP...

    Can "Make Post Anonymously" be added to the "WhyWeProtest [NEW]" forum skin?
  6. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Re: If you could change something about WWP...

    Infractions aren't a big deal. If you get one, modify your behavior a bit and you'll be fine. They really are essentially a warning; there's no reason to create a new level of "temporary semi-infraction" when infractions expire on their own anyway.

    I've posted almost 4000 posts here and have only gotten 5 infractions. I don't see a problem. On a different forum, I went over 5 months with zero warnings or infractions (I don't know how many posts, but I was a heavy participant), and then something changed on the management side and in a 2 week period I got 6 of them, from 4 different mods. That induced me to stop posting there. Short of something crazy like that, I'll be here.
  7. Anonymous Member

    Re: If you could change something about WWP...

    With the influx of Wikileaks warriors who have yet to find their own home, would it be possibly (as in easily possible) for them to have their own group that others can opt out of. I did a quick count and about 1/3 of the threads listed in "new posts" are currently related to wiki leaks.

    In the past when we have had no place to go we often went to other sites, and I don't want to deprive those organizing Julian support a place to gather on the internet, but some users here may rather stay focused on chanology.

    What I suggest, if it is easily possible, is to make the wiki leaks section available to everyone who stops by WWP so new people will be able to find the information easily, but have an option to opt out getting Wiki leaks related posts listed when checking for new Scientology related information.

    As it is right now, it is tolerable but I can see this new operation conflicting with the non-anonymous users, and ex's who may have different ideas about what WWP is/was originally intended for. Perhaps if this becomes a major hub for other operations, a division could be made more similar to the WWP Iran side of WWP. But I don't think that is necessary right now.

    This of course is only a request if it does not annoy the mod or administrator who's job it would be to make it happen
    . I am operating under the assumption that this can be done similarly to the the thunderdome, but don't know if more issues would arise in the actual application of this type of change.

    Thank you for your valuable mod-time.

    On another note, could it be possible to check new posts in a thread using the new post (yellow) button with out actually signing in ? or does that break the laws of nature ?
  8. Miranda Member

    Re: If you could change something about WWP...

    I don't think this is a great idea. Over time, there will be fewer such posts. At the moment users and mods need to see the posts as many of them are advocating illegal actions, and we need to respond to that.
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  9. grebe Member

    Re: If you could change something about WWP...

    Negative feedback hurts feelings. And on the internet it's hard to know how negative the negative is, so nice people sometimes take mild criticism too much to heart.

    One solution is to actively try to desensitize people to the pain. That means infracting more and sometimes in a retarded manner. Stupid infractions should be met with infractions by fellow mods. Out of that a consensus might form, with say 3 mods pro and 4 anti some questionable post.

    I don't care so much so feel free to infract me just for fun or whatever.

    And I love RightOn who really does work hard for great justice.
  10. Anonymous Member

    Re: If you could change something about WWP...

    I agree, it was more of an idea for later, I understand and have "helped" new posters understand that since posting. It is an exec. decision but please keep it in mind.

    And thank you for your response and for the fine work that you do.
  11. Miranda Member

    Re: If you could change something about WWP...

    I could see something like that maybe working later on, if someone was assigned to guide or moderate it intensively. I guess it depends on how much work it would entail for admins, etc.
  12. Anonyfruit Member

    Re: If you could change something about WWP...

    We need more fruits, cake, n boobs. nuff sedd.
  13. Re: If you could change something about WWP...

  14. prononymous Member

    Re: If you could change something about WWP...

    If I could change something about wwp, I would remove the google analytics tracking. Why would you give a third party (Google) insight into who uses this website what pages they visit and how often, nothing anonymous about that.

    ps: Same thing goes for the google ads btw.

    For the time being i can recommend anyone that wishes to become and remain anonymous to install Firefox with Adblock Plus and NoScript addons.
  15. Anonyfruit Member

    Re: If you could change something about WWP...

    On a serious note, This ^^^
  16. Anonymous Member

    Re: If you could change something about WWP...

    Those are fair concerns but don't forget that the tracking software does a lot to help the admins evaluate things like how effective different things are at bringing people to the site, what the viewing habits are of people at the site, when does traffic peak, ect. Much of the continual maintenance of the site and the streamlining of the site functions is aided by that information.
  17. Anonyfruit Member

    Re: If you could change something about WWP...

    Let me point at one thing tho... Anonymous! :p
  18. Anonymous Member

    Re: If you could change something about WWP...

    Let me point at one thing:


    Lurk the fuck moar. Many of these arguments have been gone over time and time again.
  19. prononymous Member

    Re: If you could change something about WWP...

    I agree that google analytics is a valuable tool for webmasters and I can recommend it to anyone that runs a website, but if you want people to be able to use this website and forum anonymously it's absolutely the worst thing to do. Google uses the information for their own financial gain and sells the information to paying customers.

    There is plenty of (free) software available that you can install on your server / hosting space that will give you the same amount of information and statistics without having to share it with some multimillion dollar (big brother) company.

    And with that being said you can now safely delete my account and my post because i'm going to leave the website now, never to return here again, because you are either too ignorant, too dumb (no offence) or worse deliberately allowing them to collect and follow our activities.

    I imagine wikileaks also monitor the usage of their site, but they will not be using google :p

    anyways I'm not saying this to offend or discredit you guys and gals and I wish you all the best in doing what you do, but i'm out of here.

    so long and thanks for all the fish.
  20. Anonymous Member

    Re: If you could change something about WWP...

    From a technical standpoint, I would love to build a mind map to represent entities and their relationships like the journalists have at Muckety.

    Here's an example of a very interconnected map to show how tricky and weird these relationships can be:

    I would start with the old Guardian's office crew and map all their first degree relatives and associated businesses.
  21. da5id Administrator

    Re: If you could change something about WWP...

    if yer that concerned about your privacy, why do you even trust us? and furthermore, why arent you pushing all of your browsing traffic through a vpn or proxy? see how far this well goes?

    enjoy yer emoquit
  22. grebe Member

    Re: If you could change something about WWP...

    I would like to save the PMs I send. My memory is crap and sometimes I can't recall what I said exactly to someone.

    Maybe there's a setting for this that I missed. If so, cocks.
  23. Anonymous Member

    Re: If you could change something about WWP...

    No you!

    Holy fucking shit. Yes, let's make shit so fucking elitist (join date determines superiorty!) that newbs won't even fucking bother registering.

    Suggestion: reformat/redesign the forum layout, or hand out maps & compasses, it's getting very unintuitive to navigate.
  24. Anonymous Member

    Re: If you could change something about WWP...

    Nice of you to completely miss the point - namely the last sentence. Being new is no excuse for laziness/ignorance.
  25. XenuV2 Member

    Re: If you could change something about WWP...

    I like this idea.
    maybe WWP could be split into several project specific forums.
    as it stands Chanology and Payback threads are all mixed into one forum.
    I don't know the tech side of splitting up the WWP, but a new forum on WWP called Payback Forum could be introduced.
    then the current forum could be renamed Chanology Forum.
  26. Anonymous Member

    Re: If you could change something about WWP...

    Being old is no excuse for being a twat.
  27. Anonymous Member

    Re: If you could change something about WWP...

    Thanks that was my idea you quoted, but it looks like the mods are getting a little busy to worry about it right now. Our wonderful mods may take it into consideration and who knows how long our friendly new guests will stay. This is simply the early days for them they may decide to buy a place of their own or move in next door. I think all ideas will be considered. -- Thanks for your support of the idea tho. :)
  28. Anonymous Member

    Re: If you could change something about WWP...

    wont noscript take care of the google anal thing?
  29. Anonymous Member

    Re: If you could change something about WWP...

    If I could change something about WWP....

    that would be me.

  30. Re: If you could change something about WWP...

    There is a checkbox when you send a PM that allows you to do that.

    For some reason some accounts have this box checked by default and some do not (including this one).
  31. OTBT Member

    Re: If you could change something about WWP...

    I use NoScript. Great program. NoScript lets you choose individually what sites / linked programs you wish to allow or not allow.

    On NoScript, I allow Why We Protest, but do not allow google-analytics, google-syndication, etc.
  32. Gottabrain Member

    Please get rid of the orange. It's hard on the eyes and annoying. The Italics font for things quoted is not visually friendly, either, and it's not needed, since quotes are in boxes anyway.

    The Subjects list is too plain. There's a huge space after each title that is unutilized. Could use this to show number of replies, or to show subcategories.

    I hate all the little type. I rarely had to wear my reading glasses to look at my screen but now I need to.

    My favorite feature in a forum, the first thing I look at is "Recent Posts" or "Most Popular Threads". I miss that, too.

    :( Sorry to be a whinger. I'll get used to most of the other stuff, I guess.

    If you do nothing else, please please please get rid of the orange.
  33. anon8109 Member

    Shows up as brownish/peachish/beigeish on my screen, and is a nice change from the baby blue everywhere else.

    you can use CTRL +/- to increase/decrease font size on your browser as a workaround

    click "what's new" (and then "all recent messages") for recent posts

    I agree about the italiquotes: hard to read.
  34. Gottabrain Member

    Thanks. The CTRL+ is nice. :)

    Yeh, it's a peachy orange. The brown print on it (on top of replies) isn't easy to read, though. I can live with it if the italics were gone. I like that the smiley faces work again, though.
  35. anonamus Member

    Italics only where italics are appropriate, e.g. when you want to emphazise a point.
    Verdana font as default. Much more readable.
    Date of posting at top of post, like the old layout had.

    Otherwise, nice layout.

    Just my humble 2 cents.
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  36. Miranda Member

    This is an old thread. Please post comments about the new website here.
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