If you accept Mormonism then you accept Scientology

Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by RolandRB, Jul 16, 2014.

  1. Random guy Member

    I think perhaps Mithraism had a system of enlightenment for payment. The Masons may be said to operate on the same principle too. It is entirely beside the point though. The only real solution is to treat all religions as just another company, tax them, and refund them according to public benefit.
  2. Why?
  3. RolandRB Member

    Evangelical churches are public benefit - right - where they thresh about on the floor after getting carried away by hallelujahs? They are as much public benefit as the Church of England - right?
  4. Random guy Member

    I would think one would have to rein in the criteria for public benefits a bit. The evangelicals could get substitutes per members (keeping them from doing bad stuff, just like a football club) and for any soup kitchens and orphanages they feel like running. If they choose to spend the money they receive on spasming out on the floor, that's their problem.
  5. RolandRB Member

    The Church of England itself does fuck all charitable work like helping the poor. Its members do some stuff but not them directly. So shoukld we give tax rebates to floor threshers who run soup kitchens but not give it to Church of England churches?
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  6. Random guy Member

    Not rebates. Full taxation but refunding based on membership and charity. Refund the soup kitchen, not the trashing. What people do in their spare time in the confines of a taxed wall is their problem.
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  8. nightfire Member

    She was excommunicated for trying to establish and teach doctrine that is not in accordance to LDS church doctrine. She set herself up as a leader and teacher, and demanded that LDS doctrine be changed to suit HER thoughts and whims. That is why she was excommunicated, as this runs directly counter to a main precept of the LDS church one that must be accepted to be a member of the LDS church... and that is Divine revelation given to the leader of the church. (all ground that has been covered here before)
    Men and women in the LDS church are equal, they just aren't the same, just as individuals aren't all the same. Each is given a space to grow in, one tailored to help them best grow (not who can make the most of that space or be the best at it). They have the same blessings, the same value, the same potential... they just get there by two separate routes each tailored to suit each gender. Much like single sex schools (which are becoming very popular again because of some interesting studies that have come out).

    To say that the ONLY way to have power is to be like a man or that power must come from men is anti-feminist at it's core! Women have their own power, their own ways of doing things, and don't need to be given it by men or be like men to be powerful.

    Again this is the belief of the LDS church, and she is clearly not following this belief so... her membership has been ended. She is free to practice whatever form of worship she pleases and teach whatever she pleases outside of the LDS church. She is free to set up her own church and have her ideas be the doctrine. She is free to use any scriptures (including the Book of Mormon) freely in her new forms of worship or church... no one will stop her as long as she doesn't try to claim she is part of, "The church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints" or speaks for them.
  9. fishypants Moderator


    Independent thought is not allowed. That's a bad thing.

    Why shouldn't she campaign to change LDS policy, where it's discriminatory and bigoted? A campaign exactly like that has been going on in the Church of England for many years; it's just succeeded in establishing equality between the genders, within that church. It's totalitarian to insist that people should be excommunicated for suggesting that an organisation's policy ought to be changed.

    And it's a sign of cultism when rational analysis, criticism and debate, are not allowed.
    From these criteria are relevant to this case:

    That's total and complete bollocks. It's absolutely clear that within the LDS, men are in a position of superiority to women.

    The argument that "both genders are equal but different - men are made to tell women what to do, and women are made to be subservient - and that's equality" is 100% male chauvinism. It's completely bigoted.
  10. nightfire Member

    You don't get how this works... when you join a religion it is because you believe what they teach. If you don't... you move on.
    It's like joining the Boy Scouts and then campaigning to change the Scout oath, or Scout Law because you think it should be different
    Or joining the Knitting group and then demanding that everyone do needle point because you don't like knitting
    Boy that knitting group sure is practicing "mind control" by your thinking because it wants to stay a knitting group...

    Men and women being different is NOT discrimination it is FACT.
    It is clear to whom that LDS men are "superior"? You made the claim you back it up with something. Because that is not how I or many others see it at all.
    Men in the LDS church don't tell women what to do, Women are NOT subservient... again this shows how little you know about the LDS church or the people who make up the LDS church. Also bigot is not the right word that infers race or religion, misogynistic is the word you were looking for.

    The offices of Priest and so forth are not places of power and control... they are places of serving others. In fact that is spelled out explicitly in the LDS doctrine. (I will gladly site sources if you need) In the LDS church people are "called" to these positions to SERVE others, to be of service, to help, to care for, to be in a sense subservient to others, to put others before self. Yeah... that sounds so powerful and controlling.

    See you make assumptions about what the nature of those positions are based on your set of bias'. You don't stop to learn what it is that the LDS church thinks about those positions or what it teaches about it. You view this from just one angle. You refuse to see any other point of view but your own (again humorous).

    Women don't need power given to them, they have it inherently (teaching of the LDS church)
    Women are called to serve in many leadership positions, including those seen (by the LDS Church) as most vital, and of greatest importance (practice of LDS church)
    Men are called to serve others, and are required to give up time and effort to do so without compensation. (LDS Church practice)
    All are taught that the only way to fill these "callings" is through love, service, kindness, self-sacrifice, and that those they serve, are the important ones and that these "callings" are not places of power and were never meant to be. (LDS doctrine)
    It is also taught that if someone uses a "calling" as a way to empower themselves, or to control, or have dominion over others that they have sinned greatly. That the ONLY thought should be to serve God, by serving others (LDS Doctrine)

    Those are the teachings, Doctrines, and practices of the LDS church.
    In essence it is a knitting group that wants to remain a knitting group. It doesn't want to change things so that "callings" become about power and control. It doesn't want men to have less chances to serve others, or women to lose the key positions that they hold now. The LDS church values things very differently, and teaches that set of values... people are free to accept it, or not.

    Until you are willing to see from more than just your perspective you will never understand what those values are, and why they are held. I get where you are coming from... I understand the many people think leadership=power, and not leadership=service to others at the cost of self interest. Won't you for just a few moments consider another point of view? Be open to a different set of values and see why and how it is different from yours before condemning it because it is different from yours, and you don't understand it.
  11. hypnotoad4u Member

    That works with normal religions but not the ones that brainwash and hypnotize you into submission. Okay, one could argue that they all do that to some extent, but they don't use proven psychiatric techniques to alter people's thought processes like Scientology does. As for the Mormons, they are nothing compared to Scientology.
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  12. I respect many do not like my Church (Mormons/LDS/The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints). I respect your right to feel that way. I joined back in 1977; I felt this was where The Lord wanted me.

    Part of the problem is that there are many lies on the internet about Mormons and what we believe. The challenge for us as souls of God, is to read and study and learn truth; not to accept myths and lies.

    For example, there are many stories on the internet that Joseph Smith, Jr. had 40 to 80 wives. He did not; he was only married to one woman; his first wife; Emma. Because it is "cool" to say he did, now even some in the LDS Church say he had 40 wives (or so). Rubbish; there is not one thread of single credible historical information stating he did.

    I wrote a book about; it can be found at

    Oh, and I should ask your kind consideration on my race for President of The United States of America.
    Merry Christmas,
    I'd be very grateful if you would say a prayer for my Presidential Campaign.
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  13. The Internet Member


    Hi Mr. Kopitke,

    I am sorry you have this shitty job of googling up criticism of Mormonism on the webs and trying to fix it. But at least you get to work from home, so there is that.

    Okay I just watched this guy's video. What a moron. I am glad I never heard of him.

    What motivates someone so stupid and clearly incompetent to run for President of the US? Are there any bennies you get for registering as a candidate? Free money or anything like that?
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  14. DeathHamster Member

    Is he worse than Trump?
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  15. The Internet Member

    At least Trump can bring the lulz. And Trump doesn't talk about chemtrails and the NWO.
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  16. Kilia Member

    As a member of the Mormon church for over 20 years and now ex-member, I can honestly say:
    You're full of shit! :rolleyes:
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  17. Kilia Member

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  18. Kilia Member

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  19. Kilia Member

    Kyle is really here to use WWP to advance his 'political campaign' .
    ..think about it...
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  20. Sockofleas Member

    Some details of his criminal history listed at the above , including allegedly defrauding Nebraska's veterans by preying on their patriotism and emotions.

    Reading about him makes me want to throw up.
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  21. Kilia Member

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  22. Sockofleas Member

    Kyle Kenley Kopitke oozes sleaze from every pore.
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  23. Sockofleas Member

    Kilia, I'm applauding your finds here, good work!
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  24. Kilia Member

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  25. Random guy Member

    It was fairly obvious Kopitke was here doing damage control.

    Good on you guys for calling him out!
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  26. Roland hasn't been seen in these parts lately. Roland, we miss you!!! No one can troll like you can.
  27. ^Spotted a comment Roland made on Mike Rinder's blog just a few days ago. Do come and throw us a bone now and then, RRB.
  28. Ersatz Global Moderator

    fuck no
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  29. 265

    Glad to hear he is OK. He was WWP's best and most entertaining troll.
  30. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    come to Anonymous to spew? Strange choice, like feeding your hand to the piranhas.
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  31. Sockofleas Member

    His efforts at damage control here were short lived.

    If I was in charge of internets I'd block him and his efforts forever, I can dream.

    What really sickened me was his scamming of veterans.

    Now I'm not American but vets are vets, whether American, ANZAC or European they put their lives on the line for all of us when it mattered most and those guys deserve the best we can give them now and in the future.
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  32. Random guy Member

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  33. nightfire Member

    As a card carrying mormon... that guy is nuts!!!
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  34. How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?

    Not resolved in this debate.
  35. You and Killia are Mormons........

    That explains a lot.
    WWP really attracts the nutter whackos
  36. Kilia Member

    Apparently you don't read these posts too well.
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  37. Sockofleas Member

    Feel free to drop by anytime then.
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