"If He Dies, He Dies" book by Ron Miscavige Sr., David Miscavige's father

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    * * * * * BEGIN PROFOUND OBSERVATION * * * * *
    * * * * * END PROFOUND OBSERVATION * * * * *

    That hadn't occurred to me, but I bet you're right. And this is the best coffee I've ever tasted.


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    How My Son David Miscavige Wrecked Scientology | The Daily Beast

    Ron Miscavige still believes in Scientology, but he is outraged by the way his son David runs the organization. In ‘Ruthless’ he details his complaints. Here's a sample.

    David’s position of absolute authority in the church brings to mind the analogy of a military strongman who lives a lavish lifestyle while the citizens of the country live in poverty. David has well-appointed apartments or living facilities in all of Scientology’s major centers: the headquarters in Hemet, Los Angeles, Clearwater, St. Hill in England and aboard the Freewinds. As I have mentioned, he has only the highest quality food served at every meal. At the Hemet base, he had an exercise facility built that only he and certain celebrities such as Tom Cruise are allowed to use. Incidentally, because of my lifelong interest in exercise, I researched, found, and bought the equipment for the gym. The church furnishes all his vehicles and transportation, including motorcycles, cars and vans. He wears suits tailored by top Los Angeles tailors and once received a $10,000 suit from one for his birthday. And speaking of birthdays, every April the churches around the world pressure their meagerly paid staff to buy birthday presents for him. Rank-and-file Sea Org members receive a standard allowance of $50 a week for incidentals. Many weeks, however, this amount is reduced because of financial pressures, sometimes to zero. During some years we were paid nothing throughout most of the year—except when it was time to shell out for David’s Christmas or birthday presents. Still, after the weekly staff meeting at which everyone lines up to collect their pay, someone is there to take 30 or 40 percent of their pittance to help buy COB [chairman of the board] a new camera or high-end mountain bike or high-tech gadget. The same thing happens at Christmas when different organizations try to outdo one another to express their gratitude. Make no mistake: David’s position of absolute power is a comfortable and well-feathered nest.

    I recall a time when he walked in wearing a nice pair of shoes. “I got the shoes I told you about while I was over in England,” he said. “Custom made.”

    “Good-looking shoes,” I said. “How much did they cost?”

    “Fifteen hundred bucks.”

    I was stunned. Fifteen hundred dollars is what I made in the Sea Org for an entire year’s work. At that time, Sea Org members made $30 a week. Yet he had the wherewithal to drop $1,500 on a single pair of shoes.

    David obviously saw the look on my face and told me in a somewhat embarrassed tone, “You know, these really do feel different,” trying to convince me that these nice shoes really were worth ten or more times the usual price of a decent pair.

    All the booty David accumulates doesn’t take a dime out of his pocket. Sea Org members are meant to be rewarded for their production. What they produce on their jobs is counted up weekly, and [Ron] Hubbard recommended that, for stellar performance, staff should receive bonuses on top of their allowance. Dave has worked it out so that he receives not only weekly bonuses but also hefty year-end bonuses. The allowance that other Sea Org members receive isn’t even an afterthought for him. A former RTC [Religious Technology Center] staff member who worked in its finance division told me that David would have shirts custom made at a cost of $200 each, and he would wear them once. Maybe this was for special events but still. Once? Scientology is supposed to be a church.

    Continued here:
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  5. cult site but interesting quoted from live TV from Ron:
    [use proxy condoms]

    yes, even though iot is a cult site, it shows the video of Ron talking about the beatings she gave to the wife
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    That is pure awesomesauce. The lulz is strong in that one. Highly recommended.
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    Ron Miscavige’s life in Scientology: “It was inhuman as far as I’m concerned” | Salon

    Salon speaks to the author of "Ruthless," a memoir about Scientology and its leader, his son David Miscavige


    There are a lot of examples like that in your book of people being punished in harsh ways.

    Oh yeah, absolutely. There’s just no concern for the person. Yet they will say that it’s totally the opposite, that he’s a kind and compassionate person, which just couldn’t be further from the truth. I personally know people who he punched, like Mark Fisher, like Tom De Vocht… I’m not going anonymous on any of these guys. There’s their names. They’ll go on camera and tell you what happened. Yet when it comes to anybody in the church who’s an official making their presence known and going on camera and being interviewed, they won’t do it.
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  8. i am glad Ron Senior wrote a book, but that does not excuse the beatings to his wife and kids.

    No excuse.

    I don't care why.

    I came from an abusive family.

    No excuse.
  9. Random guy Member

    Also, not relevant except as to help us understand where little Captain Miscavige came from.
  10. anon8109 Member

    Sorry that your dad was abusive, but that is no excuse David for destroying people's lives just to maintain your power and wealth.
  11. Quentinanon Member

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  12. I cannot believe some of the posters here condone the fact that Ron Miscavige (on his own words on TV) said he beat up his wife more than 120 times, with punched in the arm and in the back (if he cough those up I am sure there is more to it).

    People in this forum are becoming what they are fighting. If this would be clam saying on TV that he beats his wife more than 120 times we would be all over manning the harpoons and outraged at this.

    But no, if it is someone attacking the midget, then it is ok.

    Fuck, man. This is fucking sad.
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  13. Ron’s account of his wife beating that he tries to pass off in his book suddenly imploded during a May 5 appearance as a guest on Megyn Kelly’s The Kelly File on Fox News, discrediting his entire “memoir.” Pressed by Kelly on how many times he punched his late wife Loretta, Ron responded with the jaw-dropping admission that “Maybe all the time, over a 10-year period—would happen maybe once a month or something like that.”

    Even if one believes Ron’s estimates—his daughters say he beat their mother far more often, on average twice a week—that comes to a staggering 120 times that he admits to punching his late wife!

    Contrast his admissions to the way Ron and publisher St. Martin’s Press have previously been bending over backwards to soft-pedal and whitewash his shameful domestic violence in his “memoir.” He claims “there were times” he punched her, “sometimes I did strike her” and “for the most part, though, we just fought with words.”
    Yet, Ron’s own words from three decades ago further expose the lie he continues to live just like all the other delusional wife beaters who go to great lengths to downplay and deny their abuse.
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  14. Random guy Member

    Oh may, what have we here? Damage control! Cool!

    Your problem is that old man Miscavige's abusive past does in no way detract from his account of David Miscavige. Actually, Ron being quite open about it gives his account far more credibility.
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  15. Violence is a two-way street.

    Ron recounts that Loretta "...threw things at me. Pots, pans, a pot of boiling coffee once." Ron's account is that Loretta initiated many conflicts.

    They were both in the wrong for arguing and fighting in a domestic situation with children present.

    They were also living in a time and place where domestic violence was both more common and culturally tolerated.

    Ron was no hero, and that is part of why David was able to become such a monster.

    Ron at least admits his mistakes, and is willing to tell his true story, candidly, on camera, about finding faith and overcoming his faults.
  16. quote="ornery, post: 2581485"]Violence is a two-way street.

    Ron recounts that Loretta "...threw things at me. Pots, pans, a pot of boiling coffee once." Ron's account is that Loretta initiated many conflicts.

    They were both in the wrong for arguing and fighting in a domestic situation with children present.
    except David Miscavige - he is SOLELY the one at fault, always. LOL

    Everyone else is excused.


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  17. Your argument is without merit for three independent reasons.

    First, nobody here is condoning what Ron Miscavige did to his wife. One can condemn Ron Miscavige for what he did to his wife while at the same time consistently condemn: (1) the Church of Scientology for what it did to Ron Miscavige and many others; and (2) most importantly for this forum, condemn and fight the Church of Scientology for the abuse it is currently doing to members and the public..

    Second, you, coincidentally like many members of Scientology, have engaged in the ad hominem fallacy. See:

    Third, it is significant that Ron's conduct caused neither the Church of Scientology nor David Membership to have any problem with Ron not only being a member of the Church of Scientology, but also Sea Org clergy of the Church of Scientology, It was only after Ron left the Church of Scientology and a wrote a book that the Church of Scientology rejected Ron and objected to his behavior.

    It was, in fact, the Church of Scientology that condoned Ron's conduct by having serve as clergy for decades.
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  18. Someone told there was a wife beating thread.

    And I came immediately.
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    Meat beating?
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    Premature ejaculation can be a bitch, I'm told.
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  21. cardonefb-jpg.257515.jpg
    Question: If your name is Grant Cardone and you posted a video of YOU humiliating your own elderly Mom by forcing her to embarrass herself for your entertainment while she struggled desperately with chop-sticks while you laughed, would you have the video that showed your true nasty nature removed from youtube when the general public was disgusted instead of amused like you were?

    That abusive video could be still on the wayback machine. Why yes it is, (here it is with you telling Mom to bark like a dog at the end: )

    Here's another of Grant Cardone's abusive videos of his Mom, you're soooo enlightened, douchebag............

    Abusive OT mean pricks in glass houses shouldn't throw stones, Mr.Cardone..............
    Poor elderly Mom's an easy target..............Leave her alone.........You've been severely over-processed with abusive conman.

    LRH's mind-numbing 'Tech'. The highest OT levels of Scientology 'spiritual enlightenment' have caused you great harm.

    Scientology's Diamond Meritorious Douchebag:
    Grant Cardone
    Status within Scientology is for sale and you've spent a fortune purchasing such phony 'status'. (FYI): Honorable Status in the real world is earned, not purchased

    My condolences to your Mom. Happy Mother's Day. I'm so sorry that she has to deal with this miserable end-product of L. Ron Hubbard's scam.
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  22. Lulz.
    He is such a fgt.
    Grant, I wink at you.
    Wait for it...........................
  23. Ron beat his wife and Scientology did nothing to help her or their kids. One kid leaves home early and finds something he can control utterly.
  24. BlooAnon Member

    For someone who was so hurt and angry at his father, he sure took his sweet time to come clean and "to do something about it", don't ya think? What was that? Thirty-plus years? Had a hard time thinking it over, Davey? Or did you really not have a problem with your dad until you got careless and paranoid and ruined his sweet silence? Sleep in this bed you made, Davey. You make a new one just like it every day, you really should get used to lying in it.

    Also, it's been a long while since we've seen some attempt at damage control on this board. I've missed it! I had got bored and left for a time. If more OSA come back, I just may too!
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  25. soon a translation in french ?
  26. RightOn Member

    Hey Rant Fart-drone, your stupidity is showing AGAIN!
    Thanks for the entertainment and always proving what an utter douche you are.;)
    Carry on
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  27. fishypants Moderator

    An extremely cogent analysis.
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  28. RightOn Member

    AND also play Tom Cruise's birthday party on the Freewinds and be in the Scientology house band.
    COB also gave him 100 thousand and a car. He also received Father's Day cards AFTER he left.

    Anyone check on that "inheritance" that COB supposedly received? Chris Shelton said in a vid that the money COB gave Ron was from an inheritance?
    Since when did his family members have that kind of money?
    anyone know?
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  29. The Wrong Guy Member

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  30. PODCAST: How Ron Miscavige Finally Left Scientology, and How His Son Reacted.

    WYNC: How Ron Miscavige Finally Left Scientology, and How His Son Reacted

    Audio at link.

    * * * * * BEGIN INTRODUCTION * * * * *

    May 9, 2016

    Ron Miscavige, father of David Miscavige, leader of the Church of Scientology, finally left the organization in March 2012 after devoting much of his adult life to it. In Ruthless: Scientology, My Son David Miscavige and Me, he details his harrowing escape from the Scientology headquarters outside Hemet, California, and reveals how his son had him followed by private investigators. He discusses his life and children, explains how they became involved in Scientology and offers insight into the disturbing realities of the organization.

    The Church of Scientology published a rebuttal to Ron Miscavige's book on their website.

    * * * * * END INTRODUCTION * * * * *
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  31. FTFY

    WNYC is New York, NY's flagship NPR station.
  32. what does this mean?
  33. Incredulicide Member

  34. The Wrong Guy Member

    Recommended reading:

    Scientology’s Family Values

    By Bryan Seymour, Yahoo7 News Australia

    The Church of Scientology is run by a "sociopath" who physically and verbally abuses those around him. So says his father, who has written a book about his son and what really goes on inside the secretive group.
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  35. DeathHamster Member

    Ron Hubbard?
  36. The Wrong Guy Member

    New Tell-All

    Scientology Showdown! Lisa Marie Presley Screamed At Leader David Miscavige, His Father Claims

    Elvis's daughter left the church in 2012

    By Radar Online Staff


    While Lisa Marie Presley has said she left “crazy people” in her life behind, she has never spoken publicly about her 2012 split from Scientology. But in a blockbuster new tell-all, church leader David Miscavige‘s estranged father, Ron, makes shocking claims about Lisa Marie’s explosive final days in the religion.

    According to Ruthless: Scientology, My Son David Miscavige, And Me, the fed-up actress courageously confronted feared Scientology chairman David in the church’s Clearwater, Florida, headquarters.

    Lisa Marie, Ron’s friend, was allegedly furious that the tyrant demanded his siblings “disconnect,” or cease all contact with their father, upon his leave from the church in 2012.

    While he wasn’t present at the Florida property, Ron claims the late Elvis Presley‘s daughter, 48, said she “wanted to deliver a message directly to David,” and screamed into the Scientology center’s ever-present video cameras.

    “How dare you not let your own father talk to his daughters!” she shouted, according to Ron. (He surmised that David’s minders promptly delivered the message.)

    Two days later, Ron’s daughters — and David’s sisters — Lori and Denise allegedly had a blowout fight with Lisa Marie in person at the compound.

    “Denise lashed out at Lisa Marie and stomped around like David does, cursing and gesticulating and slamming her first on the desk,” Ron wrote in his new book.

    In an exclusive interview with The National ENQUIRER, Scientology expert Tony Ortega claimed Lisa Marie likely left the church four years ago due to its “snitching culture.”

    “You always have to be worried your own kids will turn you in,” he said.

    Lisa Marie hinted to the breakup in a 2013 interview with CBS.

    “I had a very obscure and actually completed blocked view of reality for a very long time,” she cryptically said.

    Continued with the cult's denial, here:
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  37. The Wrong Guy Member

    What Happened To Shelly Miscavige? Scientology Leader’s Father Makes Claims Regarding Missing Woman’s Whereabouts

    David Miscavige's wife hasn't been seen in public since 2007

    By Gina Bacchiocchi

    Scientology leader David Miscavige‘s wife, Shelly, hasn’t been seen in public in nearly a decade. But now, nine years after her last appearance, the missing woman’s father-in-law claims to know where she is.

    In his new tell-all, Ruthless: Scientology, My Son David Miscavige, and Me, David’s estranged father, Ron, claims Shelly has been “banished” to a secret church headquarters in California’s secluded San Bernardino National Forest.

    In the early days of her seclusion, Shelly sent birthday presents and cards with Ron, he claims. A spy told him he spotted the gifts in the undercover facility’s mailroom.

    “A former staff member told me recently that he used to see my presents in the mail center in the basket for the facility near Lake Arrowhead in the San Bernardino mountains, where I believe Shelly has lived since about 2005,” he writes.

    Last year, Scientology reporter Tony Ortega also claimed that Shelly was living in isolation at the Lake Arrowhead compound.

    Continued here with open comments:
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  38. The Wrong Guy Member

    Ron Miscavige shakes off Scientology smears, rockets to #1 in ebooks

    By Tony Ortega, The Underground Bunker, May 14, 2016


    Your proprietor left his underground lair recently to make a kitty litter run, and found himself in one of those cavernous wholesale warehouses where you have to buy everything in bulk. And while passing by pallets of industrial-sized boxes of breakfast cereal and five-gallon drums of peanut butter, we saw it. On a table overladen with self-help volumes and coloring books, there was a stack of Ron Miscavige’s Ruthless about 20 copies high.

    Scientology is so screwed.

    You probably already heard the news. Like Leah Remini’s book Troublemaker before it, Ron Miscavige’s Scientology memoir has rocketed to the top of the New York Times bestseller list. It’s the most popular non-fiction ebook in the land, and, combined with its hardback sales, it’s the #7 most popular book overall.

    And if you go to Costco to stock up on kitty litter today, you’ll probably find a copy of the book waiting for you.

    There was a time when it was extremely difficult to get a book about Scientology published at all, let alone get it to the top of the bestseller list. For decades, Scientology was very effective at suing books out of existence, or with the result of making it very hard to find a copy.

    We’ve been waiting for Ron’s book for some time, and we admit thinking, more than a year ago, that David Miscavige and his Scientology attorneys would find some way to keep this book from coming to market. Instead, Scientology followed the usual L. Ron Hubbard playbook, throwing a lot of smears at Ron in a concerted online campaign. But that campaign has gotten very little traction. People want to hear Ron’s story, and they’re curious about what a “ruthless” dictator his son is.

    It’s a remarkable time to be a Scientology watcher, isn’t it?

    Continued here:
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  39. RightOn Member

    "Your proprietor left his underground lair "

    Tony, please stop
    thank you
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  40. The Wrong Guy Member

    Here's another report by Bryan Seymour:

    Elderly parents cut off from kids by Scientology

    Weekend Sunrise shares the heartbreaking story of an elderly couple desperate to reconnect with their Scientologist children.
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