"If He Dies, He Dies" book by Ron Miscavige Sr., David Miscavige's father

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    Scientology leader’s father signs a book deal, for ‘If He Dies, He Dies’

    By Tony Ortega, The Underground Bunker, June 30, 2015

    Ron Miscavige Sr., 79, the father to reclusive Scientology leader David Miscavige, 55, has signed a deal with major publisher St. Martin’s Press to issue his book about his son and Scientology titled “If He Dies, He Dies.”

    The title is a reference to a now infamous story that came out in the Los Angeles Times this April about the arrest of two private investigators in Wisconsin who told police they were being paid $10,000 a week by David Miscavige to surveil his father, and had been doing so for more than a year.

    At one point while they were watching Ron in a Walmart parking lot, he clutched at his chest and the private eyes believed he was having a heart attack (he was actually fumbling with his phone). When they called their handlers for advice, the private eyes say David Miscavige himself came on the line and told them to do nothing — if it was Ron’s time to die, then so be it.

    It was a stark moment that confirmed what other longtime former Scientology members have said about Miscavige and his ruthless style of running the 63-year-old organization. And this won’t be the first book taking a hard look at him that comes from his own family. In 2013, Miscavige’s niece, Jenna Miscavige Hill, painted her own harrowing portrait of the man in her memoir, Beyond Belief.

    Ron has reportedly been working on his book for several years. When the private investigators, Dwayne and Daniel Powell, spilled their guts in lengthy taped police interviews (Dwayne was facing a serious ten-year charge for possession of an illegal silencer at the time), one of the things they claimed was that Ron had been paid off by the church to keep him from completing his book.

    Continued here:

    Scientology Leader David Miscavige's Father to Pen Tell-All Book

    By Andy Lewis, The Hollywood Reporter, Jul;y 1, 2015

    Ronald Miscavige Sr., the father of Scientology leader David Miscavige, has signed to a deal for his memoir, If He Dies, He Dies, with St. Martin’s Press, the publisher confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter.

    The title refers to a story in an April 8 Los Angeles Times article that revealed that David Miscavige had put his father under surveillance because he had grown estranged from the church and his son. When one investigator saw Ron grab his chest in an apparent heart attack, he called his Scientology employers to see if he should intervene. David personally called him back and said, “if he dies, he dies.”

    Longtime Scientology observer Tony Ortega reported the news of the book on his blog about the Church, The Underground Bunker. Publisher's Marketplace, a site followed by publishing insiders, also reported news of the book.

    Continued here:

    That same article is also published by Billboard as well as Business Insider:
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  2. Three airline stewardesses are asked to smuggle a small rare species in their panties worry about them being detected by the smell. And the person employing them answers " well if they die, they die"
    Ron's mum
    This message by Ron's mum has been hidden due to negative ratings. (Show message)
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  3. Anonymous Member

    Thanks! Will be awesome to read what DM's father has to say about him.
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  4. Random guy Member

    According to Ortega he's not a bad writer. He wrote a small boyhood memoir that appears to be quite readable.
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  5. Quentinanon Member

    Now that book should be a good read.
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  6. ''If he dies, he dies''
    ........ David Miscavige

    ''Thanks, son, love you too!''....... Dad

    Dave's mother in law Flo Barnett was much better at dying, although Davey thought she took a bit too long to move along towards Target 2 after commiting 'suicide' by shooting herself 3 times in the chest with a 22 rifle (quite a feat).

    Holidays with Dave must be a joy.............

    Many Scientology 'suicides' are never fully explained or fully investigated.
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    Father of Scientology Leader Writing Tell-All Book | Vanity Fair

    Scientology Slams Forthcoming Tell-All Book by Father of Church Head David Miscavige: 'Provable Bullshit'

    “Mr. Miscavige has always taken care of his father and continues to do so,” church rep tells TheWrap

    By Matt Donnelly, TheWrap

    In the wake of Scientology leader David Miscavige’s father signing a book deal with St. Martin’s Press on Wednesday, the embattled church is hitting back against claims of surveillance, intimidation and callous indifference at the center of the forthcoming tell-all.

    Ronald Miscavige Sr. is penning a memoir tentatively titled “If He Dies, He Dies,” which refers to a 2013 incident in which the senior Miscavige was on the verge of a heart attack outside his Florida home when he encountered private investigators allegedly hired by his son. According to one of the investigators in a Los Angeles Time expose published in April, David Miscavige instructed the PIs not to intervene, telling them: “If it was Ron’s time to die, to let him die.”

    A Scientology spokesperson told TheWrap that the alleged incident is “provable bullshit,” calling the quote “despicably false” and adamantly denying that Miscavige hired any investigators to follow his estranged father.

    “No such conversation with Mr. Miscavige ever took place and any claim that one did is provable bullshit,” the rep said.

    “Mr. Miscavige’s attorney, Michael Lee Hertzberg, is on record stating that Mr. Miscavige does not know the investigator, has never heard of the investigator, has never met the investigator, has never spoken to the investigator, never hired the investigator and never directed any investigations by him.”

    In April, the L.A. Times reported the claims of Dwayne S. Powell, a private eye arrested in Florida in 2013 while lurking in residential area not far from the town where Ronald Miscavige lived. Powell alleged that he and a partner were tasked with searching Ronald Miscavige’s garbage, photographing him constantly and tracking him with a GPS device. He was charged with a federal count of possessing an illegal gun silencer, which was later dismissed.

    The church had no comment about Ronald Miscavige’s deal for a book, which does not yet have a release date. St. Martin’s previously published Andrew Morton’s 2008 unauthorized biography of Tom Cruise.

    The Scientology rep disputes the notion that its leader harbors any ill will toward his father. “Mr. Miscavige has always taken care of his father and continues to do so,” the rep said. “Beyond that, as a matter of policy, neither the Church nor Mr. Miscavige comments on members of his family.”

    It’s been a rough year for the faith founded by L. Ron Hubbard, given the controversy stirred up by the March premiere of HBO’s “Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief.” Directed by Alex Gibney, the documentary spotlighted startling claims of imprisonment and slave labor for followers, as well as allegations that the church leaders exerted control over celebrity members such as Tom Cruise and John Travolta.

    TheWrap exclusively reported that former Scientologists who appeared in the film were allegedly visited with threats of physical harm and financial ruin.

    “Most of the real vitriol is for the people who were in the film,” Gibney said. “They’ve received threats of physical harm, threats of having their homes taken away, threats of being forced into bankruptcy. They’re being followed by private eyes and surveilled.”

    Prominent ex-Scientologists including Marty Rathbun, publicist Sylvia “Spanky” Taylor, Tom De Voct and director Paul Haggis were all interviewed for the documentary.

    The church vehemently denied the allegations, saying, “Each and every one of the allegations in your questions is absolutely false and rejected. Alex Gibney is getting desperate and is now resorting to ludicrous, made-up claims.”

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    David Miscavige inspired his father's book title 'If He Dies He Dies'

    By David Love,

    Scientology leader, David Miscavige, appears to have inadvertently titled a book written by his own father, Ron Miscavige Sr. A book deal with major publisher St. Martin’s Press has just been signed. The Hollywood Reporter published today, "If He Dies, He Dies' will offer a rare inside look at the church and its leader" - referring to a story in an April 8 Los Angeles Times article.

    The ‘Times’ revealed that David Miscavige had put his father under surveillance because he had grown estranged from the church and his son. According to police records, private detectives tracked David Miscavige's father for 18 months as they eavesdropped, spied on his his emails, and planted a GPS monitoring device under his father’s car, according to police records.

    Continued here:
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    Miscavige memoir: Scientology leader's father to write tell-all book

    By Mark Joseph Stern, Slate

    St. Martin’s Press confirmed on Wednesday that Ronald Miscavige Sr., father of Scientology leader David Miscavige, will write a tell-all memoir called If He Dies, He Dies. The elder Miscavige introduced his son to Scientology in the 1960s, but recently left the church and is, by most accounts, somewhat alienated from his son. David has led the church since its founder, L. Ron Hubbard, died in 1986. He played a key role in securing a tax exempt status for Scientology, thereby allowing the church to amass a massive fortune.

    Continued here:
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    Father of Scientology leader has reported book deal | Tampa Bay Times

    Last two paragraphs:

    The church's media relations office said in an email that David Miscavige "has always taken care of his father and continues to do so," and it "knows nothing beyond media reports about any purported book."

    The church also disputes the Powells' story, saying David Miscavige never directed any investigation by Dewayne Powell. "No such conversation with Mr. Miscavige ever took place," it stated, "and any claim that one did is provable bullshit."
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    If He Dies, He Dies

    By Mike Rinder


    David Miscavige is in full-on spin-control mode.

    The Hollywood Reporter has just published an article about his father’s book, basically restating what Tony Ortega wrote at his blog yesterday.

    While he foolishly dismisses articles by Tony Ortega (as he does with the BBC, CNN and most other media) he swings into full panic when he is portrayed unfavorably in “the trades.”

    So, he dropped his tank and mask on the deck (he is roughing it for a week of scuba diving fun before making his appearance at the Bogota ideal org ribbon yanking) and dictated a response letter to THR.

    You can tell it is written by the “ecclesiastical leader of the scientology religion” because of his telltale use of “Beyond that…” as the opening of a sentence.

    Secondly, the final sentence is very “religious” and dignified — and nobody else would DARE write such a thing to the press, especially when the story is about COB.

    And finally, it has his hallmark: using someone else (Karin Pouw and then Michael Lee Hertzberg) to speak “on his behalf.” After saying “we don’t comment on these matters” he then gives a long quote from his lawyer (not him) about that upon which no comment is made. In this matter in particular, why is Miscavige himself not quoted?

    How Miscavigian this is…
    Source, and open comments:
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  13. Quentinanon Member

    You're telling me!
    Perhaps some of those are homicides.
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  14. Ogsonofgroo Member

    wow, getting moar interesting...
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  15. Ogsonofgroo Member

    QA & LATEOTT, we know there are so many unexplained deaths associated with Hubbard's cult of grief and delusion, we also know that is soon as they are brought up, the scilon crazies will be swarming like a bunch of flies, laying eggs, stealing wimmens, killin' cats, trollin' and shpyings....

    De Hubbard Hive, so not a place ya want to be, just look at some of our trolls and you'l see why.

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  16. The Wrong Guy Member

    Here are some more articles that are based on earlier ones:

    Scientology Leader's Estranged Dad to Write Book

    Ronald Miscavige's story could be a blockbuster

    By Newser Editors, Newser Staff

    More bad publicity for Scientology is on the way. The estranged father of leader David Miscavige plans to write a memoir, reports the Hollywood Reporter. Don't expect the account from former church member Ronald Miscavige to be a glowing one: The working title is If He Dies, He Dies, which is what his son was quoted as saying upon hearing that his father was seen clutching his chest. The quote was in an LA Times story about how the younger Miscavige had hired private investigators to tail his dad. The book could be out next spring, according to a blog post by Scientology watcher Tony Ortega, who has more details about Ronald's break from the church. (News of the book comes on the heels of an unflattering HBO documentary.)


    Scientology Leader’s Dad: Tell All About David Miscavige Planned By Dad, Title Is Quite Amusing
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  17. anon8109 Member

    Since Miscavige likes to compare himself with the pope in the media, can you imagine if the pope sent PIs to spy on his father, told them to let him die, then have his father write a book about it while the pope sent more PIs to harass him further and trashed him in the media.

    Why can't the Catholic pope be as ethical as the Scientology pope?
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  18. Indeed, personally I share the belief that Scientology has been getting away with murder under the pretext of 'suicide' for decades along with all of the other crimes perpetrated on a daily basis such as fraud, intimidation, threats, extortion, tax-evasion, illegal imprisonment, bribery, assault and batteries, blackmail, money-laundering, child labor and plenty more brutal abuses in the name of that 'mighty thetan' L. Ron Hubbard.

    Corrupt governments and politicians protect corrupt religions (even fake ones) that support their campaigns and agendas.

    I blame Scientology for the actual suicides and staged suicides / murders brought on by their abusive, controlling tactics and brutal LRH policies.

    Yah, probably drowned in scalding hot water with his head above water in his Fort Harrison Hotel room, nothing to see here........
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  19. RightOn Member

    ^^^^ And I blame the US Government for letting it continue
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  20. anoninoob Member

    delicious, delicious caek!!!

    "St. Martin’s Press confirmed on Wednesday that Ronald Miscavige Sr., father of Scientology leader David Miscavige, will write a tell-all memoir called If He Dies, He Dies. The elder Miscavige introduced his son to Scientology in the 1960s, but recently left the church and is, by most accounts, somewhat alienated from his son. David has led the church since its founder, L. Ron Hubbard, died in 1986. He played a key role in securing a tax exempt status for Scientology, thereby allowing the church to amass a massive fortune."
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  21. anoninoob Member

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  22. The Wrong Guy Member

    Here are three more new articles, all of which add nothing new:

    Is This The Scientology Tell-All We've Been Waiting For?

    Former Scientologist Ronald Miscavige Sr. to Pen Tell-All Book

    Scientology Leader's Dad Inks 'Tell All' Deal, Story Involves Guns, Private Eyes, And Homemade Silencers
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  23. The Wrong Guy Member

    David Miscavige, Father Of Scientology Leader, Will Write Tell-All Book 'If He Dies, He Dies' About the Controversial Church | Bustle

    Scientology head David Miscavige’s dad to pen tell-all book | New York Daily News

    Father of Church of Scientology leader David Miscavige to write book about son | Daily Mail Online

    It's reported that his book may be ready for published as early as next spring.
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  24. The Wrong Guy Member

    Scientology Leader David Miscavige's Father Writing Tell-All Book

    Tom Cruise bestie, and Scientology leader, David Miscavige is about to get skewered in a tell-all book written by his own father, Ronald Miscavige Sr. St. Martin’s Press confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter that a deal is in place for the memoir which will be titled If He Dies, He Dies.

    Scientology Leader David Miscavige's Father Writing Tell-All Book | Us Weekly

    Book bombshell. Ron Miscavige plans to write a book about his son, Scientology leader David Miscavige, the Daily Mail reports. The 79-year-old has reportedly signed a deal with St. Martin's Press and could likely be published as early as next spring.

    Father Of Scientology's David Miscavige Pens Memoir: 'If He Dies, He Dies'

    Talk about daddy issues. Beleaguered Church of Scientology leader David Miscavige is still reeling from the scathing Alex Gibney documentary exposé "Going Clear," and now his 79-year-old father, Ron Miscavige, is penning a memoir for St. Martin's Press called "If He Dies, He Dies," according to The Hollywood Reporter.
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  25. The Wrong Guy Member

    The Church of Scientology and Provable Bullshit | OTVIIIisGrrr8!

    We in RTC wish to comment upon Church spokesman Karin Pouw’s reply to scurrilous allegations that Captain David Miscavige told two private investigators to not intervene and allow his father to die if the elder Miscavige appeared to be dying: “If he dies, he dies,” Captain Miscavige allegedly said to the PI’s.

    In refuting this outrage, Ms. Pouw emphasized this point:

    So let me be clear: No such conversation with Mr. Miscavige ever took place and any claim that one did is provable bullshit.

    Through Scientology spokesman Karin Pouw, then, Captain Miscavige has made a definitive ecclesiastical statement for the ages about the Church of Scientology and bullshit:
    • There is provable bullshit
    • There is unprovable bullshit
    We in RTC hereby order the media to follow Captain Miscavige’s new ecclesiastical ruling on the Church of Scientology and bullshit. Rather than simply reprinting what some wog hater, psych-infested journalist, or bitter defrocked apostate has said about the Church or Captain Miscavige, we demand to review all allegations. We will then respond as follows:
    • Where an allegation is provable bullshit we will say so
    • Where an allegation is unprovable bullshit we will note that as well
    We in RTC realize that the Church of Scientology throwing around the term “bullshit” in such a hostile and public manner is not very professional; in fact it is quite offensive and vulgar. Nevertheless, that is how we roll, bitches.

    In happier news, Scientology Media Productions is almost ready to go live and begin broadcasting complete bullshit 24/7/365.

    Source, and open comments:
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  26. Jeff Jacobsen Member

    Dm fears that his dad's book will have emberassing childhood photos like this one;
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  27. Ogsonofgroo Member

    .Karen Pouw, lutz-cow extraordinaire, needing less cow, needing more lutz,~ 'provable bullshit!' lolololol!

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  28. JohnnyRUClear Member

    I lol'd
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  29. RightOn Member

    Ron's book was featured in Bing's top news stories! :eek:
    With a picture of the wee one! WOW! :D

    I can hear the veins popping in DM's head.
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  30. sinisterministergk8-jpg.14296.jpg
    Scientology's Ecclesiastical Leader: David Miscavige
    ...........................''Walk This Way!''..........................

    Lil Davey: ''You'll pay for this one day, Dad!''
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  31. Malory Member

    Pope Francis works tirelessly, ticks off politicians and corporations fearlessly and does things like posing for selfies which results in worldwide praise.

    Pope Davey goes on holidays, hires investigators to tail his dad and authorises press statements including the word 'bullshit' which results in worldwide laughter.
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  32. JohnnyRUClear Member

    He's just trying to provide some value. Laughter is good medicine.
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  33. The Wrong Guy Member

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  34. Anonymous Member

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  35. I call Bullshit on provable Bullshit. If it's provable, it's not Bullshit, it's provable Shit.

    There's mountains of provable Shit on David Miscavige and Scientology and that's no Bullshit.

    Scientologists will try anything, they never catch on, you can't Bullshit a Bullshitter, c'mon..........
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  36. Ogsonofgroo Member

    '...will be writing...'
    *cough* Careful dad, yer son is not all he's cracked up to be, and, more..

    *insert popcorn emoticon here*

    So, not written yet? Hm, the shit does write itself sometimes , this could be one of many culty ploys, or, it could be great thingy-thing, holy hell, maybe a rampant local troll, is it just me or does this sound a bit like a threat, oh my! *yawn* Will Davey pay? Or will Miscavige slay? Only his dentist knows for sure.

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  37. Kilia Member

    When the book is published, you betcha I'm going to get a copy!
  38. I really hope this doesn't turn out to be another Rathbunny-like drivel that reveals little and praises the all-mighty L. Ron while slamming his son. It will be hard to find a solid audience if he's still drinking the clam juice.
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  39. anoninoob Member

    Doubt it. He's been out of the cult long enough and doesn't seem to have been dabbling in alt-$ci. It'll probably mostly be a slam on his son, and Davey should be shitting his scotch soaked depends over it.
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  40. The Wrong Guy Member

    The Ron Miscavige Book War Begins | Mike Rinder


    Scientology has fired its first shot across the bow in the inevitable, cost-is-no-object-when-it-comes-to-protecting-the-reputation-of-Dear-Leader campaign to try and stop Ron Miscavige’s book. And it’s a spitball from a pea shooter.

    Obviously, Dave knows this is not going to be good. He stepped right in the shit by hiring some goons to follow his father and they got caught. And in his inimitable style he turned someone who was doing and saying nothing into another voice raised up in protest of the abuses that are perpetrated inside his church.

    The story in the LA Times by Pulitzer prize-winning reporter Kim Christensen caused quite a furor. You can be sure that this incident, and a lot more will be covered in the book.

    So, Dave has reason to be worried.

    I wonder why he is bothering with the low level stuff and not getting right down to business with some serious threats and Freedom reporters and whatever else he (wrongly) thinks is going to end the next chapter of his golden age of taking it in the shorts. Perhaps it is a reflection of his desperation that he will try anything and see if it works.

    But for a first shot – this is really weak. Sticking to the shot across the bow metaphor, this is a spitwad fired by an asthmatic dwarf who has had a lung removed. This projectile didn’t make it beyond the floor next to Gary Soter’s desk.

    And that is the first clue as to how toothless this is. It comes from Gary Soter. The lawyer scientology uses to send letters that their other attorneys won’t send because they are afraid of tarnishing their reputations.

    Let’s take a look at the letter.

    Right at the outset, it is curious that he claims Dan Koon is “ghostwriting” Ron Miscavige’s book?

    How does he know Dan Koon is a “ghostwriter” (he isn’t)? How does he know he is even involved at all? One would assume (perhaps incorrectly) he has a good faith basis for what he puts in his letters.

    So, can one then conclude he made this assumption based on wire taps? Email hacking? Surveillance? Because Dan Koon did visit Ron Miscavige at his home. And he has corresponded with him? They had been friends for 20 years or more in the Sea Org. But Dan (nor Ron) told the church this. Someone has put 1 and 1 together and come up with 3. But how did the they even get the 1 in the first place? I suspect Mr. Soter if asked by Dan Koon will claim that this is attorney-client protected information rather than citing to any legitimate source (“I read it in the media” or “The book publisher informed us” or “You said it on the internet”). “I won’t tell you” is pretty much an admission of “I don’t have anything that isn’t illegal or at least nothing that I am willing to admit to even though it’s legal because it makes my client look bad.”

    Not off to a good start.

    But, then on to the meat of this letter.

    And what stale old baloney that meat is.

    Perhaps I can help Mr. Soter by explaining some things. I am sure that he reads this blog. He and the other church attorneys have repeatedly cited to it in legal filings, depositions and hearings.

    So, Mr. Soter, here are some pertinent facts for you to consider:

    1. Every staff member and every SO member signs numerous documents that purport to prevent them from ever talking about any experience they had in scientology.

    2. Nobody receives consideration for any of these contracts. It makes them unenforceable.

    3. The people that sign them have no opportunity to consult with a lawyer. Another reason they are unenforceable.

    4. Nobody is even given copies of these documents. Another indicator they are unenforceable.

    Well, you may say, that is just your conjecture.

    OK, do you want some hard proof they are not enforceable? The church has never tried. Except in one instance — Debbie Cook. And that was a different sort of contract, one that was done by an attorney on video in return for $50,000. And when the church tried to enforce it, they had their butts kicked and withdrew their effort and ultimately settled the case they brought.

    So, that is an exception.

    Everyone who has written a book, posted on a blog or appeared in the media has signed one or many of these “Non-Disclosure” agreements. The list is a VERY long one, and it includes me, Marty Rathbun, Marc Headley, Tom DeVocht, Amy Scobee, Jeff Hawkins, Mat Pesch, Karen De La Carriere, Steve Hall, Claire Headley, Sinar Parman and many, many others.

    Nobody has ever been sued.

    You know these non-disclosure agreements are only a deterrent don’t you? As in, they work as long as the person actually believes they have any legal validity. And in that guise they have shut up a lot of people over the years. But any real lawyer will tell you they are unenforceable… The good lawyers I have ever spoken to have been unanimous in that opinion.

    And while we are at it, as you also bring up that Dan Koon is “inducing” Ron Miscavige to breach his contracts: none of the publishers or media have ever been sued for “inducing” a breach of contract despite numerous threats from scientology lawyers. Not the BBC or CNN or the Tampa Bay Times or HBO or Vanity Fair or the New Yorker or the Daily Mail or anyone, anywhere. Not even Tony Ortega.

    Another hollow threat.

    And then, on top of all that, there is a strong principle in the law of the right to freedom of speech and the public’s right to know. They are pretty powerful concepts on one side of the scale, and the church’s “right” to keep its unsavory activities secret is featherweight stuff on the other end.

    And finally, what is there to be concerned about? If nothing wrong has been done by your client, then no recounting of it could be bad for your client. So why bother?

    Oh, you want to keep the nasty stuff under wraps? Well, I don’t think any court would look too kindly on that argument.

    But on the other hand, if it’s because you claim Dan Koon or Ron Miscavige will lie about their experiences, then your remedy is a libel or slander suit.

    Oh yeah, though your client accuses everyone of being a liar, you have not brought any libel or slander suits against anyone.

    Damn. This really is a weak letter.

    And finally Mr. Soter, what is “Confidential – Not For Publication”about your letter? Are you embarrassed about something in here?

    Well, perhaps it is the one thing I can understand. Come to think of it, I would probably not want anyone to know I had written a bs letter like this either.

    Continued here, with the letter itself and open comments:
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