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Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by Berserker101a, Dec 19, 2014.

  1. Berserker101a Member

    Have any ideas on how to LEGALLY end or at least damage the Church of Scientology? Post them here.
  2. Berserker101a Member

    Hmm... write The Church of Scientology is a scam on your car?

    Flyers exposing the cult?


    Make a website to expose them?

    Twitter account to expose COS? Facebook? Instagram?
  3. RightOn Member

    Yeah if you want to name fag yourself and get fair gamed.
  4. Berserker101a Member

    I don't care what people say about me. Everyone has a dream. Mine is to help the world. I don't want fame. I don't want fortune. This world needs helping. I'm not afraid to try. I couldn't live with myself if I let other people's lives get ruined because I wanted save face. My name will be lost when I die, but my actions will live on. That is all that matters. In fact, I don't want my name to be remembered by people who didn't know me in life. My only purpose in life is to help those who live on this earth...
  5. anon8109 Member


    But you can't accomplish this goal unless your own life is in decent shape. You can't save a drowning person if they drag you down into the water with them. Then there will just by 2 drowning victims instead of 1.
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  6. Berserker101a Member

    True, but my life is great at the moment.
  7. RightOn Member

    You will care if they contact your employers, or go after you family members and make your life miserable.
    Your want to fight is admirable, but just do it safely.
    There are other safer ways to fight rather than name fagging yourself. Under the radar is the way to go.
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  8. Many scams are legal........
  9. Berserker101a Member

    They are still scams.
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  10. Berserker101a Member

    Fair enough.
  11. Exactly. We're up against more than just the 'Church' of Scientology to help end the abuses, it's pretty amazing how much has been done to help all of those still trapped, thanks WWP and Anonymous!
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  12. recursion Member

    In order to end the 'Church' of Scientology, you must be more convincing than they are, intelligently, not militantly as has been done through DDoS or otherwise -- it will just create aversion, not conversion.

    You must help them to understand the truth. If you yourself do not understand what it takes to know something is true, then you are certainly no better than they are. Explain to them how to understand the truth -- it's not the scientific method, either.

    Explain that intelligence stems from a collection of codependent systems with a tendency towards something we as a species have not quite been able to explain. Explain that manifest reality is the most probable explanation for directly perceived psychological phenomena. That will undermine their argument.
  13. Budd Member

    I first encountered YFTC: You Found The Card though a link online, and then found the old, and then here, which led to local demonstrations/raids/protests in Orlando.
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  14. lezzie Member

    Are there any groups in the Louisiana area fighting scientology?
  15. Disconnect their Telephone and Internet communication. So much and so long as possible. Make some confusion. If they are structured and organisated it´s very disturbing.

  16. And illegal.
  17. White Tara Global Moderator

    ....and as such, the discussion nor promotion of will be tolerated on wwp, Got the message yet anonymous90347589?
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  18. To expose all these scams you need to get up to date with the tactics that dangerous manipulators use.

    Here is the most complete reference on the subject.

    The type of people that do these things can easily be identified from brain scans. The frontal lobes of psychopaths can be seen to be under active and smaller.

    Creating awareness of these predators and their tactics will do more to destroy these cults than you could imagine!

    I have been educating people, spreading awareness and created a petition for Canada to require brain scans of all public employees!

    Sometimes to eliminate an invisible problem you need to find a common cause with other groups. These psychopaths and their abuse system is the common ground for between 100-300 million people globally!

    Just addressing this one issue will solve all our problems so fast it would make your head spin.
  19. Do they still use faxes ?

  20. Nature1970 Member

    Electronics shotgun speakers. It delivers a voice to an inch at 100 metersear their synthesis in brain drives sub conscious thought to within the brain waves itself and cause a person speaking to use words delivered from remotely. The devices are utilized on camera set for purpose of lines in a movie an the ability to address dialogue in one take. Happy hunting.
  21. Nature1970 Member

    It causes the illusion of paranoid schizophrenia “ audio hallucinations.” If using others voices the subject can then become delusional if applied long enough the effects are permanent. No one listens to crazy ramblings of mad men.
  22. K1tsun3 Member

    Why not combine that with terrible fanfiction? Then, nobody will listen to their ramblings, AND everyone can laugh at them.
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