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Discussion in 'Resources' started by treeman, Jun 24, 2009.

  1. treeman Member

    It's clear the resistance are having trouble communicating with the outside world at the moment.

    My proposal is create a self-repairing,self-connecting mobile network based on wifi routers/dd-wrt/AUTOAP


    ROUTER: wireless routers based on the easily available and cheap LINKSYS/WRT54G/GS/GL OR atheros-based/LAFonera. available used for between 15-30 US dollars. They have FAR more power and range than ordinary wifi adaptors and can be used as such. this is important. They do need external power however(12 or 5 volts) and can run off a car battery/battery_pack/inverter.

    DD-WRT: an open source,free ROUTER OS based on linux. easily configurable as wireless network repeaters, bridges and other network components. I ACKNOWLEDGE that OPENWRT might be better choice in the long run, but dd-wrt can be easier to set up for novices. remember, they may need something that works NOW and that is reasonabbly headache free and can run on routers with limited memory.

    AUTOAP: a simple open-source, free add-on to DD-WRT. that adds automatic network discovery capacity. this is very much akin to zero-configuration available with MS XP/vista withthe added capacity of viable-connection-checking to the global internet. if it finds a connection that works-but isn't usable, it moves on to the until it finds one. If it loses signal, it finds another to route through. NOTE: you will always have an changing external IP that is UNTRACEABLE to you! This will work with open networks or WEP networks for which you have the key , or have cracked the key. you can also easily program networks NOT to connect to. WPA discovery is not an option yet. NOTE: this software WORKS well, is stable, and has been in use for over 2 years.

    PROPOSED ROUTER CONFIGURATION: MOBILE dd-wrt with autoap. router configured as a wireless repeater. router will connect ot any viable open/WEP/ or OTHER dd-wrt router and extend connection to external wireless devices/laptops/repeaters. the repeated signal can be encrypted if necessary even if the originating signal is not. DRAWBACK: throughput is effectively halved per repeater hop. 4 hops is probably the maximum for VOIP/IMAGE/VIDEO. maybe 5-6 for simple email/surfing/blogging. each router should have a different internal ip range/ssid to prevent conflicts.

    MY USAGE(example)

    I always have a router such configured in my work truck. it finds a WIFI/INTERNET signal and presents me and my laptop with a signal roughly 90 prercent of the time. since my router can typically find a signal from a block away and can communicate to me a block further away. hard to trace no?

    at my VERY large home I have 3 such configured routers. one in the center, and two at the farther ends of the property. my desktop is hard wired to the center and can receive about 6 distinct wifi signals(2 of which are my other routers) the other routers can connect to roughly 8 out of 12 OTHER routers and present it to the center one. Thus, i ALWAYS have wifi/internet.

    Note: occasionally, I have parked my truck with router a block or two away or so i've been able to thus use two hops with little degradation in throughput. ROUGHLY 30 viable internet access points to choose from.

    Note: all routers configured the same way, only different SSIDS and internal ip ranges.

    POSSIBLE DRAWBACK: If the authorities trace back IP traffic to the originating hardwired router(s), it could cause problems for the owner(s). Of course he/she has the excuse that the anybody could have connected to his OPEN access point. But it is STILL something to keep in mind.

    Any interest?


    Atheros routers have the capacity to communicate on extra software-controlled frequencies that are different from standard ones. Not That cheap(10 bucks more per router), but it might make them harder to jam.
  2. tl;dr: Hack routers to build a mesh network.

    /me approves.
  3. reform Member

    open wifi - IRI

    last year or so, anon did a wardrive through tehran. all major hotels and businesses with broadband had full encryption running -- not 1 open wifi found in a month of driving. every internet cafe had wifi for money in addition to the normal old skool internet cafe services. this was midtown, high streets and commercial zones but not into campus's behind wall/fence (aka embassies). not attempted downtown, but down there, anon was not going to carry flashy kit. not attempted uptown, but that is like another lifestyle and not a hot zone.

    anon heard rumor that a few universities open wifi - but then (not now) and 2 wardriven were useless.

    also, what little 3G was crap then and likely, though built out more, would be 100% offline/unsecure.

    basically, there is no viable, anon-ish open service. people i know, for residential service, are still on 14K dialup. yeah, why bother with g+n+ there.

    or to be quick, there are likely not many radios available there for this concept. they will need to be sipped in.

    just an feeling, but it seems like less clean traffic and more noise is coming out. you would think people would be nervous that an open wifi site might be a way to cluster potential victims with all their heads down into their devices.
  4. In tense situations some of these protocols that are carried over regualar FM can be targets for triangulation. When the replacement net is eventualy, in addition to ip hopping, you may need a quick freq hopping algorithm to keep the base band carrier spread across a wider field and below the noise floor.

  5. treeman Member

    Well, If there are that few open wifi APs, it would definitely put a damper on how this concept would work particularly with novices in charge. definitely not as useful or robust. It HAS to be kept simple.

    Unless a quick WEP auto-pawn option is quickly available, of course. Sadly, not the case. broadcom routers are ill suited and though atheros/fonera would defintely work, it barely has enough memory/flash to do the job. I have not seen any reliable code yet that doesnt at least require a little human intervention.

    I remember seeing a thread which stated the vast majority of encrypted wifi in Tehran was STILL WEP. IF a huge chunk of it is based on the same hardware, a quick-and dirty auto-pawn program could be written rather quickly for it specifically. Hopefully just one of the big three(arp replay/packet forge/chopchop/blahblah) strategies to keep it simple

    And of course, it could still function as-is as a private mesh with internetaccess when available near the ANY of the nodes/routers(max 4-6 nodes)

    As for fonera/atheros router availability, they would definitely have to be shipped in. I checked with FON, and as far as i can tell, there are no registered FON routers in Iran. there is a gazillion of them in Turkey however, just across the border.

    On the other hand, a LaFonera router is barely bigger than a pack of cigarettes. Not that I would do it, but you could fit a hundred of them in a large suitcase.

  6. reform Member

    every suite case is x-rayed for your exit from customs hall.
  7. Wifi not recomended

    I chatted to a guy in Tehran who had worked on the Satelite & Microwave system there and he had set up WiFi networks in the past & said they find them & shut them down whithin a day,

    They also go door to door down every street & alley & check the rooftops for satelite dishes & remove/smash them.... so he wasnt too enthusiastic on sophisticated WIFI given the setup / detection time.

    pC to PC may be another thing, I think using existing wire network in a new way would be more likely..
  8. wireless internet for iran

    Hi to All

    I am in Tehran , and my work is in satellite and network systems , although the Gov maybe check some buildings for the satellite dish but consider that millions of dishes are on the roofes, McCin idea is good about WIFI balons on the Tehran , because they can not block 2.4GHz , 5.8 GHz also , and many people are ready to use such services

    also maybe Wimax can be help us better , it can work until 50km
  9. How do you connect to the outside world?
  10. good luck and stay safe

    show the ppl who dont got access that the free world is with them
  11. Can you see a practical solution to the communication issue, or things we could be doing that we're not (as yet)?
  12. Vee Member

    Found this whitepaper on wireless mesh networks that were built in Africa.

    This guide is interesting as it takes into account a low budget and readily available materials building a "Cantenna" out of a coffee can for example.

    DIY Mesh Guide - WirelessAfrica
  13. bradcapo2 Member

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