Idea for Operation Reconnect

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by chao, Mar 12, 2008.

  1. chao Member

    Idea for Operation Reconnect

    The idea for the global anon message on Saturday is a good one and I think could be repeated for Operation Reconnect.

    At the next protest we should get a message read out in as many areas as possible, but this time rather than a statement from Anonymous it should be a statement for the disconnected. Get a list of named disconnected people who have posted their stories and read out a sentance or two for each one stating who the disconnected person/family was, how they or their family got involved in Scientology and that they were disconnected byt their friends/parents/brothers/sisters/children/partner. Eg

    We need an introductory paragraph and at the end something along the lines of

    This will be a powerful message, not just to the people still in but also to the public nearby. It'll be good for PR too as on one side we'll have the CoS calling us hackers/terrorists/bigots and we'll be there trying to bring families back together.

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