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  1. anonGF Member

    1)No moneyz.

    2)Won't somebody think of the children?!??
  2. Himbeertoni Member

    Good point witness, Donations e.g. won´t definitely work in germany since you need to be a registered organisation to collect money in the streets, hell police even took away our flyers last time because there was no imprint on them and the CoS found a gap in the Law and complained about those flyers (by the way we have solved those issues in the meantime (next time we have an imprint thx to Ursula) and a big thx to the guys that were namefagged by the CoS because police abolished the ban on masked protests here for anons --> that was an epic win by the berlinfags, for the first time ever germans were allowed to do a masked protest)

    you see, "what works for one protest will not work for another, for a myriad of reasons!"

    So let´s not get lost in details here and discuss about topics!

    My suggestion for topics ...

    David and the money!
    Just where the money goes has never been clear!

    And what about those who actually want to blow?
    Do we provide them with phonenumbers etc. of organisations they can refer to? Where can they get help? Do we stress the topic that we care about them enough?

    What about asking amnesty international, Unicef etc. in supporting our efforts against the child labour in the CoS? They have a remarkable reputation and those orgs are allowed to collect donations!
  3. Manumission Member

    Would The Rick A. Ross Institute or something like it work for donations? Maybe hammer out a deal with him/them to disperse the money to Exes and whatnot? Make a paypal type link on his page or via Jennas page dedicated solely to donations for the event. I think people would be less leery of donating that way then they would of giving strangers in masks their hard earned cash. I know having computers there for that purpose wouldnt be an issue. I'm thinking it would be tax deductible (legitimately unlike co$) as well which is always a motivator when people open up their wallets.

    I sniffed around a little and the only thing I'm certain of regarding Rick Ross is that they do cult deprogramming and DM and friends dislike him intensely. That seems like a plus to me but it's just a jumping off point. Maybe some actual exes can suggest someone if they thing Rick Ross isn't appropriate......
  4. TheSpAnon Member

    hey i have an idea to add to this, co$ has in the past blocked off whole streets under the guise of a movie filming or party, could we get a bogus permit for a street party, keep it open to traffic regardless and hence head them off from trying to block us off from locations? or do we need a legitimate property in the area?

    i am unfamiliar with such permits, but if possible it would cut them off at their own game. it may also be fun to host an entire street party and attract the locals haha
  5. nonsensical Member

    I want to also chime in in saying that money without accountability and a paper trail is very bad. Plus it always puts a negative mark on ideas associated with it. "Children aren't getting proper education? We should do something. Oh it costs more money? Well maybe next time".

    We don't need to collect money to win this. Educating people is enough, exposing their unconstitutional tax break in the US is enough. Getting their tax break removed around the world is enough. We don't need money to do these things. We only need the truth, and we have that.

    I do like the Public Movie Idea, but that depends on a few things, one a movie is needed. The Profit was suggested, but getting rights to show it may be hard. Second in the larger cities, it's hard to get all those people watching one movie, and we'd really want the public to be there too. Perhaps in the larger cities groups could split up and show the movie in several places. Also the movies would almost assuredly have to be shown in places away from the scientology buildings we've been congregating at previously.
  6. xenu55 Member

    This is def on the right track - monies could be put into a trust at a major accounting firm that would take a small % and distribute to a list of causes evenly, including TV spots for Anon Info!!! - it would be worth it
  7. Mr. 2 Member

    Hmm. In the US, May is Mental Health Awareness month. We could focus on those who have been seriously harmed or killed by listening to Scientology's anti-psychiatry bullshit.

    May is also the month for Geminis. We could focus on the two-faced nature of the Co$.
  8. Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE the parent forum I suggested a month focusing on the multi-corporation 'shell game' that keeps Scientology too confusing for the general public to understand, but THIS probably deserves the most attention.

    I know there's a certain urge to get right to the heart of the matter, but the CoS is simply too big to explain to someone all at once. You try to hit someone with the Sea Org, they will laugh in your face because it's simply unbelievable. Same with the RPF, the sheer scope of Fair Game, etc. You have to start more slowly and build up to it. Right now we've almost got the world's attention. Operation Reconnect should be the final push needed to get things focused squarely on the messages of Anonymous over the lies of the CoS. From there, we need to keep up the theatrics, and also change up the messages to get across one bite at a time. If we go for David too quickly, we risk losing our audience. So, I would suggest the following HIGHLY TENTATIVE schedule for the next few months, as something to keep in mind.

    April: Reconnect, focus on families
    May: Focus on Psychiatry
    June: Focus on public deceptions, including the corporate shell game, Snow White, abuse of copyright.

    Then, in July, once the public has seen how effectively they've been decieved and a few hints of what's to come, show them the real horrors. Start with the Sea Org and RPF, then the true scope of Fair Game, and finally end with coming back around to the theme of the February protests to focus on the various deaths.
  9. Exceed9K Member

    Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

    TLDR: Psychiatry theme could blow up in our faces, due to the public already having diverse preconceptions on the subject. We should stick to bringing to light Co$ actions that that are unambiguously sinister in the public mind.

    I think psychiatry is a dangerous choice for a focus.

    Don't get me wrong, as an overall theme their connection of psychiatrists to Nazi death camps and so on is lunacy, and has indeed resulted in death. Their attitude to mental health harms countless individuals worldwide, and I'd never suggest that we should stop mentioning it. Just that a _focus_ on it might be risky.

    It's a serious issue, but its also loaded. People have a lot of opinions about psychiatry, the proper response to depression, how brain chemistry influences moods and so on. I think it could be bad publicity for Anonymous to throw itself unilaterally behind "psychiatrists are good and honest professionals", however much we as individuals might believe just that.

    We don't want anyone catching a glimpse of a banner in the street and thinking that we are out in the street backing up "big pharmaceutical companies" while that lovely "scientohomeopathy or whatever its called" across the street tries to "heal people naturally".

    We need to stick to the issues where there's pretty much no way for any reasonable member of the public to find themselves on Scientology's side. Human rights abuses, financial vampirism, borderline-slave-labour, Disconnection and so forth.

    From the suggestions I've seen I'd personally pick: Money In May (really get across just how comprehensively the Co$ wants to fleece its members) or Miscavige In May (mostly because I think the "Anonymous Beach Party" Sea Org theme would be a lot of fun, and also I think it's important to break people's perceptions of Scientology as either a self-help course or a religion. Neither of those things needs a scary totalitarian "navy").
  10. Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

    Hmm...okay, I'll admit the Psychiatry issue might be too loaded. If we could somehow manage to narrow it down to just anti-psychology that might work (I've never met anyone who understands the difference thinking psychology is a bad thing before Scientology), but it still stands too much of a risk of confusion. I would think that Money would work better first, followed by Miscavige (we can still do a beach-party/navy theme in June as "beginning of summer" type stuff.) Info on Davey the month before we get into the nitty-gritty of the Sea Org and RPF gives a nice transition. First we show the guy at the top is absolutely bonkers, then we lead into what that madness has wrought.
  11. Mr. 2 Member

    Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

    I don't think anyone in their right mind would go "well psychiatry is a load of crap anyway" when told about people killing themselves or others or suffering a great deal from being told not to take their antipsychotics/antidepressants/seizure medication. Regardless of whether they like psychiatry on the whole.
  12. Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

    Actually, a lot of people do have legitimate grievances with the way psychiatry is headed, and in particular many people think psychiatrists are getting a little too quick to reach for the pill bottle before running through the usual psychology tests. A great number of them could easily be swayed to Scientology's side with the argument "We don't use drugs, we use scientific methods that don't need them!"

    Remember, Scientologists will stretch the truth past the breaking point to try to distort their position. They will flatly refuse to acknowledge their anti-psychology stance until you're way deep in, they won't tell you that you can't get higher levels of auditing if you've ever been on any kind of happy pill, they won't mention their deep opposition to any sort of medication with a psychological side effect, and they won't mention that they oppose modern medicine in general (solely because of its' connection to psychiatry, but still....)
  13. mko Member

    Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

    I am opposed to psych drugs myself but that's nothing to do with a cult. (I've been prescribed, many times in my life, behavior-modification drugs that failed in their intended functions, and I've even been prescribed "cocktails" that are documented as "DO NOT TAKE TOGETHER".)

    I do see a therapist once every few weeks. The office knows I am opposed to medication and my therapist knows that medical treatments do not help, because they do not treat the problem *at all*, not even by masking the symptoms.
  14. anonym0us Member

    Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

    Okay, I'n new in this thread and haven't read all posts.
    Though some of my thoughts are:
    - Fund-raising, as most have already argumented, is very difficult and maybe even bad for our cause.
    - Psychiatry as focus does not get my vote. On the other side, the medical practices of the Co$ and their lack of having any scientifical foundation IS (IMHO) a good focus. Though this is very close to the theme of Feb 10th (deaths etc.)
    - The focus on childs is IMHO integrated (or at least partly) into Operation Reconnect. Making the May protest about children specific could work, but I would need to be convinced more.

    Another idea I had floating around (and why I came to this board) was the multiple front-groups of the Co$. These are also very dangerous and maybe if our numbers continue to grow, we can have more protests in front of Narconon and other front group headquarters all over the world. What do you guys think? Exposing their deceiving way of luring people in would also help our cause very much, I think.

  15. twelve Member

    Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

    Fundraising is a Bad Thing, imho. It makes a target, it requires an absurd level of organization, &c., &c. Insofar as theme goes, I would have to go with the Cost suggestion. Forced abortions/child labour makes us look terribly tinfoil, despite the fact that it is quite real, and there is too much controversy (as has already been mentioned) surrounding psychiatry/the CoS is too willing to completely BS their position about it for that to be productive. My 0.02.
  16. Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

    As far as fundraising goes, I'd say Anonymous organizing to do it at a protest is bad, yes. If some anti-Scieno group chooses to do so at an Anon protest, clearly identifying themselves and masks off, that's largely their business as far as I'm concerned.
  17. anonymousemia Member

    Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

    No money/charity/drives - just a bad idea on too many levels

    No carnival - Way too much organization, $$$$, liability, exposure to namefagging, inability to duplicate effectively world-wide, etc

    Stick to protest or maybe a party in the park. This is a marathon, not a sprint. I think many on this thread are letting their internet ADD get the best of them. We are still very very under the radar in the major press and general knowledge/acceptance game. At least in the US, we haven't got any national TV news time. Hell, we haven't even got basic cable coverage yet (anybody call Colbert?). We've got very minor surface level newspaper/net coverage and mostly from local outlets. We're not a real blip on the radar yet.

    tl dr; stay on target

    Theme opinion; FREEdom of religion (or no religion)
  18. Jack the dog Member

    Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

  19. thephotoman Member

    Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

    I've got to go with the idea of child abuse in the orgs as a central focus, too. Only, this time, let's steer it away from the Scientology centers in large cities (though a picket at FLB in Clearwater would still be on), and instead move it to a large park, where there are more likely to be families, some of them possibly Scilons. After all, the Scientology centers in some cities are rather out of the way and in poor traffic locations.

    No money. If we want to set up an online moneybomb (it worked for the Paultards and the Obama folk) for an Old Guard organization, that'd be cool, but that's the most I'm willng to support. Giving maybe five euros/dollars/whatever a head would be great. We could coordinate that with the date of the protest. You can advertise to your friends and family, sure, but it wouldn't be a real fundraiser.
  20. UnknownEntity Member

    Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

    No Money
  21. Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

    I think the "Theme" protests will work for now. I don't know if this movement can last beyond a year or two. Which is why it's important that we win in that time frame, or at least set the gears in motion. Perhaps we should protest outside government buildings because they're not doing enough about it, or outside the domiciles of celebritologists if we can get permits for it.

    Two protests and the media really isn't reacting yet. After reconnect, we need to shift gears a bit and figure out how we're going to draw attention to what scientology has done and get people pissed off.

    Perhaps we can go door to door telling people about the cult and asking them to write their congressional representative or whoever else you have who is locally responsible.
  22. Dubber Member

    Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

    I had already posted this in the megathread without knowing people were talking about it but YES, YES! Let's have a fun raid about Miscavige in the near future. Too many srs bzns raids will be the death of Chanology.
  23. Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE


    The IRL raids are important, for lots of reasons:

    (1) They give former members, confidence that NOW is the time to speak out.

    (2) They do much the same for the media. LA Times even wrote an article on this.

    (3) They generate an easy bit of publicity on and around the day.

    (4) They scare the shit out of Co$ management, for a whole host of reasons.

    Having said all that, our army marches on it's lulz, and as OP says, they will get Anon-stale and media-stale if we're not careful. Unless we're very creative, protest, protest, protest will turn to little fail, big fail, bigger fail.
  24. Anonakitty Member

    Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

    I think highlighting child abuse within Co$ would be great to focus on next.
    That should catch the publics attention .
    There is enough evidence on this site to horrify anyone into taking the evil cult serious as a danger.
  25. Randomness Member

    Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

    Right, MAY IMHO should focus on the cult management.

    This is because the CoS management (Namely Miscarriage) have been rewriting the tech and fundamentals of Scientology. (Long, brilliant video here:
    We need to address this and get the Clams questioning big old Miscavige.
    Signs like "Why is questioning RTC SQUIRRELING considered OUT ETHICS? That's not KSW!" and "RTC and Miscavige are REWRITING SOURCE FOR PROFIT!" should go down nicely.

    OSA: While we have one side of the protest to address the CoS itself, the other should address the public.
    "A department within the church dedicated to slandering, harassing and suing critics? Who would do something like that?!"
    "Well Mr/s Public, the CoS!"

    We need concise signs at every protest saying "I wear a mask so I don't get tricked, sued, lied to or destroyed", also to provoke curiosity "BBC PANORAMA IS NOT A TERRORIST ORGANISATION" (ref:

    We need people to understand fair game, then all the CoS bullcrap Black PR will just be recognised as, 'Oh, that again' by the public and media.

    End result intended to be massive internal struggle and moar much-needed public knowledge of the dangers of Scientology.
  26. Exceed9K Member

    Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

    TLDR: Quoted for truth, I recommend COST or Management in May.

    I agree with this.

    March 15th was successful, at least in part, because of the highly successful party atmosphere that everyone expected, and received. Serious work gets done (The London protest, which is notoriously meme-heavy and light-hearted, also handed out somewhere in the region of 10,000 flyers at the Ides), but Anons come along because it appeals to both their moral compass and their sense of fun. For many, I suspect, those priorities are in the other order.

    Reconnect is good, solid stuff and I don't want to knock it. But I think it needs to be followed by something which has a nice balance of lulz and serious business. As mentioned, Anonymous Beach Party vs Davy's Navy might make for a good protest in the summer, so I think it's got to be one of these two for May:

    1) COST - Is your religion free? How many books should you have to buy to become enlightened? Does your priest keep a credit card machine in the Confessional? Also, we can STAY ON TARGET and avoid trivialising by referring to the HUMAN COST of scientology.

    2) MANAGEMENT - Time to strike at David Miscavige, who beats his staff, alters the Tech, etc, etc. Time to get at the Shadowmen (why do, IIRC, non-Scientologist lawyers and accountants handle the RTC's wealth - particularly since Dianetics allegedly enhances your professional skills). Who gets to decide what Scientologists believe (it sure ain't LRH anymore), when they go to the RPF, who gets declared SP, who the OSA targets? What are their crimes?
  27. Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

    Okay, I'm with OP that we need to be thinking beyond straight protesting. But as this thread seems to be focussing on that for now, what about a "The Authorities" type of theme, focussing on the reason Co$ sees themselves as entirely above the law, (or as Tom Cruise puts it, "Why ask? We are the authorities!").
    The reason they don't think they're subject to the law of the land? because they plan to take over the government and mental health roles for the entire friggin world.

    They've been bent on doing this by largely covert means, and there's a lot of good, documented stories: Bulgravia (their plan to take over bits of four countries and create a new one!), their own justice system, that justifies attacking ppl Fair-Game stylee, their use of WISE as a vehicle for covert takeover (big fear in Germany), and on and on...

    Fair-Game in particular is fast becoming something Anon's got personal experience of, and I reckon there's a lot of lulzy, media-friendly things we could do with this theme.

    Other possible name: The World is Not Enough (Sea Org aim to take over Gov/mental health roles on Earth, b4 moving on to the next planet!!!)

    Other names, don't know, but sure there are better.
  28. Member

    Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

    IRL raids are not necessarily going to generate "yawns" - simply because CoS is begining to wake up and perceive us as a serious threat.

    They are starting to fair game, threaten, and all around being bitchs between each raid. This is great - because its making things interesting. It also shows that they're peeved and annoyed, and its generating the lulz for those who wants them.

    Its also supplying us with footbullets - footbullets that we can spin and turn back on them.

    CoS perceives itself as "serious business" - all the more why we are driving them insane: We're not serious. We're all happy and singing and eating cake and talking with nonsensial humor and memes right under their window. Whats worse, we're -mocking ourselves-. What kind of a SP mocks itself openly? How dare we break their spit and polish image? How dare we mock the authority on the mind? Quite easily, actually.

    We're the mirror image thats showing them everything they're trying to hide.

    So far I support the following ideas:

    - Do a mock of their Sea Org navy mentality. Expose its existance and abuses to the public. Let it be clear that the next time someone goes on the FreeWinds for a week, its not for a "caribian vacation".

    - Continue the protest raids as they are. Its working and CoS is providing us with the necessary Lulz injection to keep things going. They're doing us a favor, really.

    - Abit of a shameless plug, but obviously I support my own idea as suggested yesterday: Collect all the CoS footbullets up to this point (fairgame, exposed PIs, baseless online accusations of terror, fake talking heads on their website, etc' etc' etc') and collect it into a single package that we can deliver to as many Media outlets as we can, creating their single biggest PR flap in history.

    I've suggested this last point as the focus for May, but it can also work great as a side-quest in conjuction with whatever May focus we come up with.
  29. Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

    My only concern with going down the Sea Ogre route, is that they always try to liken them to monks and other "elite" religous orders. Given that the general public isn't at all familiar with S.O., for once they might half buy the "church's" tired old "mocking our religion" line.
    It's surprised me how many ppl I've spoken to, who do tend to start off with that position.
  30. Anónimo Member

    Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

    This is just some crazy idea I had last night.
    There has been some people complaining about how people are not actualy writing to their representatives, so my sugestion is: We make it the theme of on of the protests after operation reconnect. In that protest we would basically go out picketing, writing and sending the letters all in the same day. If donbe right we would suddenly have 10000 letters wrote in one day. We could bring pre-made letters to the lazy(they would have to just phtocopy them).
  31. UnknownEntity Member

    Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

    Ideas I like the most:

    - Going After David Miscavige - DM altering the Tech etc. Waking up the scientologists themselves.
    - Protesting At Government Buildings
    - Focus on the child abuses
    - Operation Street letters (Read Above Post)(could be combined with protesting at G. Buildings)
    - We need to spread the word more, the vast majority of the people don't support Anonymous, just because they don't know it exists, just as they have never heard of scientology's crimes.
    - I also think we need to go beyond the protests by the way.
  32. [Achil] Member

    Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

    I like the OP's idea. I think he's right in saying that if we all just take to the streets doing exactly the same thing each time people's interest will start to wane - of both the protesters and those of the public.

    We really need some solid media attention. Not just some small web news article - I'm talking about real news in real newspapers, like The Telegraph, The Times, The Sun (even though I hate the third newspaper).

    I'm fond of a lot of the ideas people have suggested in this thread.
  33. MudkipLiker Member

    Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

    I've kinda skimmed this thread and seen no mention of a date. Is the proposed date the 10th?

  34. A23 Member

    Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

    I believe this could be another idea for a future protest: Operation Serious Business. A few of us are being Fair Gamed (threatened, harassed, stalked, and even namefagged), and who knows how many more will be after this month's protests, or even after that. Get together all the stories of people who were harassed after leaving Scientology and after the protests (Those LA Anons come to mind), and present them to the public. Tie it all back to the Co$ being a cult with tax exemption, and we have ourselves a raid that would make any Anon feel proud, and even a bit secure, of being part of.
  35. UnknownEntity Member

  36. Persephone Member

    Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

    ""As for keeping it fun, the idea of a nautical theme strikes me as a chance for light-heartedness. The entire idea of the CoS pseudo-navy is so strange that it will catch people's attention. We could treat the public to a "Day at the beach with David." We could have mermaids and sea-monsters, if the CreateAnons want to make costumes. Since it is in May, it will be warmer in the Northern Hemisphere, which would make beachwear an option. Perhaps an AusAnon could say what May is like down under and whether it would be feasible for them. Even if it's just a t-shirt and shorts, something with a Hawaiian-print, or (haha) clamdiggers, I am sure that most Anons could find something. Think cheap grass skirts from the party store, leis, sarongs, whatever tropical trappings appeal to you. Put a seashell or a starfish on your flyers and posters. Do a mass approximation of a hula dance with the rickrolls and the bel-aires.""

    I love this idea, personally. With all the April seriousness, May should usher in more antics.
  37. albinocat Member

    Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

    ^^ I support this


    "Day at the beach with David." Idea
  38. AnonKiwi Member

    Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

    I'm thinking May would be an extremely good time to start a real world petition.

    Yes, you heard me, a global petition calling for investigation into the COS.. or maybe the tax regime they live under in your country.

    This would be an extremely powerful tool. I can imagine the scilons flipping out seeing the petition being signed, and the stats of people we get to sign give us even more reason to feel extremely cool, and we show the world that Anonymous is EVERYONE.

    I'm going to post a big post on this one and I hope you'll all come contribute.
  39. kingler5 Member

    Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

    Petition sounds good, sorry I didnt read ALL of this thread but I assume the fund-raising idea was poo-poo-ed?

    While I agree we need to keep going with the themes to keep from getting burned out, I think one of the things keeping us going are the 'progress reports' we get, in the form of moar 'leaked memos' and defectors speaking out, and simply noticing the dwindling activity at local orgs, that kinda thing. Fund raising etc at this point is too ambitious and simply too complicated to properly organize at this point.

    I'm all for a super fun "Ridiculing David Miscavige" type theme, should be fun. At least I know thats May taken care of if we can agree on that.
  40. AnonKiwi Member

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