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  1. hydranon Member

    Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

    Someone mentioned that by May we should have a bit of media attention, and I think we should use this to our advantage. Here's an idea.... How about for the May protest we try to bring in other citizens--not necessarily people who want to get as involved as Anon, but we advertise that the May protest is a protest open for EVERYONE, and we could encourage individuals who have been hearing about Scientology this, Anonymous that, to come out and get some information. We can set up booths for information, and then if we want to throw in all those other ideas, like a picnic or a cake walk or whatever, we could do something like that, too.

    But I've been talking to people I know lately about Scientology, and most of them think it's a shady cult, but other than that they don't know anything. How about, maybe two weeks before the May protest we advertise--tell the local newspapers and news channels, etc, and try to get local people involved. Up to this point it's kind of been Anonymous vs. Church of Scientology. But if we can start getting the masses involved, well, there's a lot of press there, and all of sudden we could start having other organizations (not that Anon is an organization--it's not, and it should NEVER become one) taking up that stance that the Church of Scientology needs either a serious reform or complete demolition. Really, it's a way to make people start realizing that this is a serious deal.

    ....I tried to make that as clear as I could, but I'm really bad at trying to explain things.
  2. Anonymous H Member

    Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

    Haven't we been trying to do that all along? :p Meme's are being discouraged because it distances the non-anon, and flyers are going out to passers-by. Anon's have been contacting the media about February and in advance of March. The Youtube messages tell people what they should be looking for - the reason they're "look up McPhearson" rather than "This is what happened" is so people are actively researching and understanding, rather than being spoonfed and thinking it might be lies and propaganda. People within the media are understandably wary of getting themselves involved with scientology because of things like Operation Freakout and so on, so it's going to be a slow process - hopefully they might all have a go at it at once so there's no single target.

    On the other hand, if it's not already obvious to the non-anon that it's open to them, we need to make sure it is. Optimally we could give out details of where to get masks (or give them out, but that'll be expensive and many will probably be wasted - no point giving them to people that get there as they've probably already been photographed.) so they feel like they're welcome to join us. Perhaps a link to the site and a seperate page with easy to read details on why we're masked, how to make pickets and guidelines about what we should/shouldn't do (Emphasising that it's a peaceful protest and against the organisation, not the religion)

    It's unwise to go after Miscavige (sp) - it looks like a smear campaign, whether it's fact or not, and so much easier for Co$ to play the victim. There might be a time for it once it's known well enough what and who we are, but at the moment it's likely to get us bad rep.

    We could counter the stress test stands, but as soon as we mention we know where/when it is, it'll probably be moved, so it might be a case of, if you know anons in the same area (anons you already know, not that you give contact details for the sake of it) and you see a stress test table, you give em a ring and they turn up with their own flyers, or even their own table, provided it's legal. Since people often walk away when you try to hand them a flyer, maybe just a "<-- CULT" or "<-- Love how they hook you before they tell you it's to convert you to scientology" (or something a bit more witty, but still legal and non-slanderous) picket or something like 4 people so people approach you instead, or at least find you amusing, take photos and show their friends or upload on their blog/myspace/facebook. Having the website on the bottom of the picket, or a pile of flyers you can give out at request, allows them to do their own research.

    I think small groups of people (say, in the previous paragraph) might attract people to ask "what's going on?" rather than "darnit, the streets blocked with noisy protestors or people pushing flyers at me, I'm going the other way", but we still need the big protests to get the attention of the government and media.
  3. DrAdlaiAtkins Member

    Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

    I like the idea of a carnival, perhaps entire booths of "fake stress test" tents set up where people play those pos fairground games, and we give out thetans instead of tickets and make the whole theme "if you're going to invent something crazy :lrhmoney: it may as well be fun! :eek:hyeah: " ITS OK TO DRINK THE KOOL-AID GUYZ
    Idunno, I agree that we'll be losing steam by then but I think it may be possible that it'll be more or less over by that point as well. We'll see.
  4. Anonymous H Member

    Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

    If you know where to get the carnival stuff, good stuff :p But we need to make sure the theming is against the Co$, not Scientology itself - and since thetans are part of the religion, we'd have to bypass that - perhaps make it "IOU"s or tickets for fake self improvement courses (provided the games were free - although where would the money go if not?)

    We could do a cake prize thing in exchange for monies, but again is the issue of where the money goes and so on.

    We've also got a space issue, for where all the tents etc can go, since we can't picket on the road (unless we're so big that they shut the road down for us, which is unlikely this early on.)

    I don't think it'll be nearly over by then like - at least, not as far as shutting down the organization or changing it so radically that everything's so right.

    Perhaps a "sucker- er, stress test!" would be more appropriate for the booths? :p So people don't mistake us for the actual scientologists (as amusing as one scientology stall trying to recruit in vain next to a 200+ anti-Co$ picket is)
  5. Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

    I'm still not convinced that Anon couldn't do an effective charity raising event by May.

    This could also have us spreading our message beyond the same areas which have already had three demonstrations at this time. We should be ready for a new audience. Choose some public area where we can set up a fair, or just a party. Have balloon tosses and three legged races or other silly games. The costume competition is a wonderful idea... it would help the idea of Anons in mask seem almost charmingly quirky rather than siege mentality paranoia. In Austin at least, people love having bizzare excuses to party. Invite the public to bring their own food and fun. Rather than trying to raise money ourselves, just invite representatives from relevant charities to attend. Make it clear that these organizations deal with the kinds of problems we are campaiging against, but, emphasize and repeat that every Anonymous donation is an individual donation because Anonymous isn't an organization. We are concerned individuals who recognize the same dangers for many seperate reasons. Remind the public that they don't have to don a mask to take action themselves. Even if they only donate a little money, they will have made a difference. If they feel good about that they may look to make a bigger diffence after the fair.

    TL DR...
    Throw a public party (away from the orgs) and invite charities do their own fund raising.
  6. DarkL Member

    Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

    I like this one a lot. I've always wanted to be lei'd. :p This looks like a lot of fun.

    And hey...shouldn't Anons wear suits under the beach stuff, just on principle? (For those willing to wear them of course.)
  7. KagedAnon Member

    Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

    ok... how about this:

    We get all the anti $cientology groups to organize the stuff, handle the cash, etc etc...
    Then we, as Anons, go and "volunteer" to work the thing.

    If its a carnival, JUST AS AN EXAMPLE, we would be the carnies. We would manage rides, distribute the snacks, first aid (simple first aid that doesn't require a medical license or anything like that), point people to the bathrooms, etc.

    Meanwhile, the "legit" anti$cilon groups would collect all the money and send it to its proper places.
  8. widecat Member

    Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

    I really like this one. Thrift-store uniforms, and satirize 'In the Navy', and chant "We come back - until you blow" or some such. The possibilities are endless. Play-act their clone behavior, but get the word out about what's really behind it. Recruiting children, billion-year contracts, rice and beans, no toilet paper...lots of room for satire with a message. And since they think they're the ablest of the able, I have to think this would get under MissCabbage's skin in a major way.
  9. Anon Y. Mouse Member

    Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

    I love the fun run idea. A whole ream of us in masks and scarved faces (at least me) would make an impact. Especially if we purposely had the fun run end at a TV studio and then we had a rally there.
  10. BadassAnon Member

    Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

    For you maybe. Here in the UK Mother's day is this Sunday. If this is going to be a global theme, it needs to fit everywhere.

    Fundraising + Anonymity = Fail. To collect for an established charity, you need (in the UK at least & I would hope elsewhere) to show photo ID with your name, provided by the charity you are raising for, to prove you are not ripping people off. Mass produced V mask photos with Anonymous names are not going to cut it, legally.

    To establish a charity ourselves, again it would need to be global and it would mean several people losing their anonymous status which is our key strength.

    It's a great idea, but not at all practical or manageable.

    What we can do however, is advertise established charities, say what they do, inform people of why it is needed & it's not beyond the realms of possibilty to have a whip round of anons at each rally, with a couple of people taking the money straight to the bank. Keeping the paying in receipt would halp counter claims that we were lining our own pockets (you know $cientology will try to use this) & helps make it easier to tally up here afterwards how much we raised, just from ourselves.
  11. cakesofbaby Member

    Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

    Love the idea of something fun while advertising the charities.

    Navy theme is good too, but I kinda like the idea of a fair/party so it's more accessible to other people. The Navy theme sounds like something people might watch for a while, but I think more people will get interested in the cause if they feel like they can easily get involved too. A public party means we have more of an opportunity to connect with everyone, discuss more with them, maybe dispel some of the bad press (those ridiculous accusations of us being terrorist haxors or whatever).

    Uhm, just my .02. *hides*
  12. anonymous3347 Member

    Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

    We know that we are the good guys, at least in this fight. But I believe it would be very difficult to find one reputable charity to participate, let alone more than one. Think about it, charities depend on goodwill within the community and a stable base of people who are willing to support that charity. Then there are the casual supporters, also from the community, who contribute from time to time.

    Anonymous is, well, just not a safe bet for them. Any charity willing to associate themselves with Anonymous would be taking a huge risk. We are chaotic, unpredictable, unafraid to take chances. Sure, we are on the side of the angels this time; one might argue that Anonymous is fighting for truth, justice, and freedom. But that doesn't mean we are safe to associate with. We are the Unknown, personified. It's our great strength.

    We can't be a charity group ourselves, and I doubt we could find a reputable charity group willing to work with us. And even if we could, would all the Anonymous be willing to support it? There are too many faiths, nonfaiths, and philosophies at work within us.
  13. Tsakara Member

    Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

    I support this plan. Anonymous has always been an insane ridiculous circus, its time we use those powers for good.
  14. Anonermous Member

    Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

    Best idea yet raves Anonermous! I second that idea. :anon:
  15. Anon9000+1 Member

    Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

    Great Ideas all.

    My two cents however.

    Many :anon: have brought up the idea of projecting movies onto walls in public places.

    What if an anon was to set up a COMPLETELY informational video (akin to "The road to Feb. 10').

    With explanations of who we are, why we fight, why sciions need to change.

    And have a 100 + chair "seating area" filled with anon's simply watching the film.

    This would most likely be better in a shady area with through traffic.

    When people see something out of the ordinary [I.E. Hundreds of :guyfawkes: watching a movie on a building]
    They want to see whats going on.

    Have tables with Legit groups on the sidewalk giving out info, and Like a .50 admission fee (to sit down with anon)
    We could eeven make some $$$ from sciions.
  16. badwolf Member

    Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

    Too many problems with fundraising. I like Miscavige in May. Either that or something should be done to bring attention to the children. Maybe that would be good for June. Maybe find organizations willing to offer scholorships to ex-scientologists. I know Im probably dreaming, but wouldn't that be nice?
  17. BadassAnon Member

    Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

    The kids is the way to go. We have raised awareness of deaths & mistreatment, next weekend will cover financial corruption, April shows up how members are isolated & families broken up, which segueways nicely into focussing on the trials of children within $cientology.

    Not only Sea Org employess of the past (correct me if I am wrong, but there are less kids in Org now, percentage wise, than 10 years ago) & RPF although that should be the main point since is it child labour, exploitation, abuse & neglect all in one neat package, but on standards for general kids. Public kids in the Delphi etc, appaling standards of education in science (the irony, right? :roll: ) & the false claims of college admissions, how Scienos push their Narcanon programmes in public schools & the like.

    No one with half a heart is going to agree with mistreatment of children.

    Plus, it gives an excuse to have Maud Flanders banners 8)
  18. Sir Anon Member

    Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

    All I could think of when I read this was a sign instead reading, "Does your mother know what you are doing, David?"

    I'd rather see us waiting for results from 3/15 before jumping on anything with seriousness. I like some of these ideas, especially the costume contest. However, while doing the whole informal movie thing is pretty cool in concept, move it away from the roads and into a park. We don't want motorists getting distracted by the hundred-odd Fawkes-mask clad anons watching a movie and getting in a car accident.

    The only thing I can think of to add is, strangely, anons doing standup comedy or other small, largely informal entertainment routines. These would help draw people in, at which point they'd be given a flier or other information package. Perhaps a small tin cup could be kept handy for any small donations (stating beforehand that we wouldn't accept any extravagant sums of money, thus proving we aren't out for greed).

    Keep the ideas flowing everyone. :)
  19. anonitard Member

    Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

    I like this idea. If we show the community that we want to be helpful, the hateful remarks that the $cienos make about us won't do jack.
  20. anonymous3347 Member

    Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

    I love a good dog-and-pony show as much as the next person, I truly do. But I think that the idea of Anonymous going out to do volunteer work while masked is a bad idea. Sure, go and contribute to your community. I do Red Cross, worked in a Katrina shelter as a matter of fact; if a band of masked yahoos had shown up wanting to help, I would have hit them in the head with a broom handle to knock some sense into them and then handed them the broom. So go do something good, be a community volunteer, but don't expect anyone to understand Anonymous out there in the real world.

    I think that March 15 will provide a lot of important feedback about what to do next. There are some good ideas floating around in this thread. Focus will come, consensus will arise, it's how Anonymous works.

    Personal opinion: I still think informing the public of the CoS ersatz "Navy" orientation would be an eye-opener. The acronyms, "berthing," "operations" language is deep material. Spoof the nautical nature to catch the public eye with beach party trappings, then catch their brains with information.

    All in all, I have faith in Anonymous. You are all magnificent bastards, and I'm trusting the wisdom of the crowd.
  21. googoomuck Member

    Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

    What about going to volunteer and talking to your new friends about Scientology and why it's evilbad?
    Don't mention anon necessarily, but getting the word out to people already active in the community could have a knock-on effect.
  22. deepthot42 Member

    Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

    If we get money... then they'll really be interested in suing someone.
  23. googoomuck Member

    Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

    This, x a million.
  24. anon_david Member

    Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

  25. widecat Member

    Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

    The wider audience is also woefully unaware of the Sea Org, too, which is a shame - this is where a significant number of the most egregious abuses happen, and even public Scientologists seem to get inadequate information about it! It's their elite, where the RPF exists, where DM beats his underlings, where abortions and divorces are forced and behavior is most closely controlled, etc. etc. The evil that goes on inside the Sea Org alone is enough to counter the argument that we're protesting against a church, and yet there's nowhere simple to direct people to explain the difference between this and the harmless-looking "church of Scientology" building up the street. It's also where the deepest discontent is likely mired, because these folks can't walk away like the public can. The leaks that come out of there are invariably explosive! And without it to back him up, Miscaviage cannot stand.

    Maybe now is not the time - maybe we need to educate the public gradually. Their deliberate overcomplexity enables them to hide this cult within the cult behind a wall of obfuscation, even from its own public members. But we need to figure out a simple and effective way to explain this deeper level of insanity so we can yank off the covers and start talking about the innards of the crazy. If we're going to cut off the monster's head, sooner or later we'll have to start chopping away directly at its neck.
  26. Gnom Member

    Re: Idea for MAY activism. &lt;==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

    I love this idea. Granted, we'll all have to lift our masks a bit to nibble on our peanut butter sandwiches, but it's WAY more approachable than big screaming protest-thing.


    It'll keep up morale among the troops (Let's face it, the protests have been the single biggest element in our comraderie) and I think it's a bold and fresh move to actually invite the scientologists.

    They might try to counter-protest us with their own sign-wielding asshattery, but wouldn't that be suspiciously reminiscent of the lunch counter sit-ins?

  27. googoomuck Member

    Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

    I don't want to be unmasked for even a moment- will be cutting a hole for a straw.
    And food is always a big risk- a scilon could bring a dish of their own and pose as anon- or pose as someone who got sick after eating anon's food.

    Bummer, a picnic sounds fun. But not so fun that I'd risk getting namefagged over it. Moar ideas pls, but minimize security risk whenever possible.
  28. Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

    On a slightly different note:

    When I have ruffled a few feathers online in various places, some of the first reactions I get from non-Anon peeps is that they think Anonymous is protesting the religion of $cient. They usually retort something to the effect of "We have freedom of religion in the USA" or whatever. Of course, I can immediately clear that up with a few fun facts about Co$. But that's beside the point.

    I think any protest signage should make clear that the ire Anonymous has is about the corporation of Co$ -- the financial draining, the cover-ups, the murders... Most people don't even know that Co$ is a Godless cult. They don't realize that it's just a bastardization of concepts involving re-incarnation and psychology (not that either of those concepts are bad on their own...).

    For you who are tl;dr: Be sure to make clear that Anon only protests the financial fraud, murders and cover-ups. Do that by having very clear protest signage.

    Lotsa Love!
  29. Gigazz Member

    Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

    Why not have a presentation or something in a park, and encourage people to bring their own picnic foods and blankets? That way you're not feeding anybody food but they're still invited to eat, chill, and recieve information.
  30. Gnom Member

    Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

    Oh, definitely, Natch. Bring your own cake.

    Random off-topic thought: Has anyone made a music-remix of a reading of the Xenu story?
  31. Gnom Member

    Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

    This wins. Hot girl in short skirt + mask (not to be removed during kiss) = lulz.
  32. Gnom Member

    Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

    Oh man. This sounds like a major headache, a cash drain, and a liability waiting to happen.

    Nothing like a news headline like "Internet hate machine kills 3 in rollercoaster accident" to bring on the lawsuits.
  33. Apples Member

    Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

    I don't know what we should do yet, but I can't say I'm terribly excited with most of the ideas so far. There are too many holes. Anonymous+money raising I don't see going to well. Picnics and stuff are fun, but I think thats sort of what the DC Anonycon is for.
  34. xenudu Member

    Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

    I like this idea. I was thinking on the line of a picnic too, but yeah, one where people brought their own stuff to eat. And if people don't want to eat they don't have to.

    Even if it's just some kind of gathering or something that COULD be a picnic, but maybe with games or something? Like, you could have something simple and little like frisbee (with L Ron's face!), up to big games like whatever game is big in your country (here it's cricket or footy or rugby) where you have a team of V masks against a team of L Ron masks. No prizes to guess who wins.

    The public is drawn in by spectacles. Surround the game with cheering people in masks with signs and others having fun and picnics and shit like that, and I dunno about the public in your end of the world but here they'll come over all a-gawk.
  35. anonymous3347 Member

    Banging on about the beach/navy theme: There's no reason why sharing food and games wouldn't be integrated into this idea.
    The reason I keep bringing up the Davy's Navy/Miscavige in May thing is because it screams from my bones that it's a good idea. I know that Anon works from consensus, and that nothing will make this idea float unless other Anons think it will work.
    That's why I'm taking the risk of being a one-note wonder.

    But it is a cheap way to have a unifying theme, and it will introduce the public to something new about the CoS. By the time May comes around, the public will have been exposed to the tax status, the murders and deaths, and the disconnection of families. Keep that info flowing, but give them something new to think about, too.

    Plus, it would be fun.
  36. Witness Member

    Money/Donations = Bad.
    Food (other than that which you bring for yourself) = Bad.
    Carnival = How the hell can you get the herd of cats to do that? Please let me know the secret!

    I think some of us are failing to remember that some of these protests are getting anywhere from 10 to 700 people. What works for one protest will not work for another, for a myriad of reasons. I think we need to stick to themes, and let the local organizers decide how these themes are going to be executed, based on local abilities and needs. I saw a lot of amazing ideas for 3/15 never come to light simply because not everyone involved in these protests is on enturb, the chans, or hell, any planning website at all (many have referenced Digg as their source of information). They see a theme, bring a mask, and go with it.

    So, we have March as taxes, April as Reconnect, why not May as COST? Many of our previous picket signs have references that Scientology is expensive, but that doesn't create the vision that Scientology is selling religion. By putting emphasis on the COST of being a Scientologist, and why it should be FREE, we can further emphasize that we are not against their beliefs, but against the organization which profits from it.

    We need to drive this point home. We are not protesting the religion, but the organization which takes the religion/belief system and profits from it.
  37. A_nonchalant Member

    Thought in terms of a carnival game or just a stand/table for people to set up. Roleplaying is a very effective psychological tool, and helps drive home emotional points.

    Take the Co$ double-triangles symbol, make one out of cardboard. Mount it on a stand such that you can spin it, and put a big wheel behind it with sections divided off into SP, Pre-Clear, Clear, OTI-VIII. It's Scientology Wheel of Fortune. Have price tags on each, issue a set number of raffle tickets or post-its or whatever to anyone who wants to play. You spin the wheel, pay up, spin the wheel, and the goal is to get as far as you can. Dole out candy or cake with information (e.g., someone who makes it to OT3 gets 3 pieces of candy and a little brochure with all the OT levels on it, so they can see what they gained for their trouble). People who run out of tickets can still play, they just need to spin on the "Sea Org" wheel, which has chances of being RPF'ed as well as SP'ed. If you land on one of those, we put a big "Suppressive Person" or "RPF" sign on you and all chant something mildly annoying before we let you go with a flier about Fair Game, and no candy.
  38. number 6 Member

    Ooh, a carnival. That sounds like a good idea. No need for an admission price, just a helpful donation.
  39. nala.smithee Member

    Picket Gov't Buildings?

    Lots of good ideas already in this thread. What if for may we instead protested at gov't buildings, with a focus on the governmental goals we want to achieve (tax-exempt states, getting more CoS scrutiny, etc..)?

    Keeps the locations fresh and also gets more gov't attention... plus if the Scions decided to stage a counter-protest or just show up it could be massive lulz.
  40. Ann O'Nymous Member

    I support the idea of "Miscarriage May" and the focus on children, but propose to extend it as follows:

    The header could be "Scientology does not like its children".

    Themes: Miscavige - Miscarriage (won't work in other languages) - Forced abortion - Children - Lack of formal education - RPF for children.

    The rationale is as follows:
    - It is a nice follow-up to April,
    - Children appeal to most people,
    - ESK and other testimonials.

    We could propose schools with awareness programs to educate the children and youngsters. Same for youth organizations, sport clubs, etc.
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