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  1. AnonNow Member

    Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

    OK, so I think we are going to burn out on protests. We don't want to end up like "oh, it's the second weekend of the month, those masked fella's are out again, *yawn*", which is what will happen.
    I know April's direction has alread been announced so how about this for May.
    Rather than protesting, we publicly fund raise? Anonymous in eash city, on the same day, performs some kind of masked, fun, fund raising event or activity with the proceeds going toward organizations that help ex-scis readjust (I'm thinking something like 'Escape' inthe UK) or cult escape groups.
    It will show us in a different light, a more fun side, I think if you do something special it might get the media interested again too.
    And we could raise some (I expect after being fleeced by Co$) much needed cash for families who have escaped the cult.
  2. Mumeishou Member

    Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

    We could organize a "sue Co$ to get your money and life back" campaign.
  3. saerat Member

    Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

    I say we raise money for the old guard. It is very hard for us to decide on what to do with the monies and to keep track of it without any leadership but the old guard have dedicated their lives to pulling $$$cientology down.
  4. AnonNow Member

    Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

    We can go through TOG, but there are organisations that help people escape Scientology, I just think giving to victims (and we shouyld use that word a lot) of Scientology puts us in a really good light, and does somthing really good for people in trouble.

    What does everyone think though, for fund raising rather than protesting in May? We can decide on who to raise maney for later.
  5. Iunnrais Member

    Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

    Setting up tables for "The Victims of the Cult of Scientology" donations would be a very good idea. We might want to look into contacting mall authorities for temporary space for the fund raiser. I used to do a bit of street advertising for a living, and it sucked... you want people coming to you, not having to stalk them while they just want to do other things.
  6. UTANON Member

    Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

    This is a good idea.

    It shows that we care. I can't figure out what else to say. This idea just strikes me as the right direction. Helping these families is important as well as those ex-scienos who have no money because the church took it all and they need help to rebuild.

    Maybe someone should contact Magoo about any charity or organization that helps these families.
  7. AnonNow Member

    Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

    I was thinking of some kind of sponsored event, along the lines of (but not a ghey as) a fun run or something, in masks, a media spectacle that happens worldwide the he same date and raises money for the victims of cults.

    64 views an no fucker has an opinion on whether this would be good for Mays event? Come on guys, opinions?
  8. Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

    It's a great idea but.... *puts on tinfoil hat* If we do do this, then we need to have trustworthy people handling the money and the donations. If we don't then we probably gave a nice fat tip to an OSA goon, or lined the pockets of a greedy anon. Plus using paypal is very traceable, so if the person come under scrutiny their cock would be on the block. *removes tinfoil hat*
  9. Anon21 Member

    Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

    how in the world does one org a "funrun" and remane unknown?

    how does one donate funds online and not risk getting namefagged?

    maybe we should have a bake sale to

    cuz... cake.
  10. Aeros Member

    Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

    Hate to throw water on the Long cat, but fund raising with real money requires a real organisation.

    I'm sure there are laws and such against an unregistered organisation (Like Anonymous) going out like the salvation army to pan handle for cash. Plus, will people really give money to masked individuals?

    It's a good idea, but I think it needs a bit more planning then "Lets all go out and beg for money in May"
  11. anon734 Member

    Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

    Interesting idea, would be great, but only if we can find a way to make it work, without the risk of being labelled as greedy by the OSA and $ci... which I don't know whether we would be able to... also has major risks of greedy people trying to make a buck... would probably require people to be not so anonymous to organise...

    Also, part of the donations should go to WBM's documentary fund.
  12. Zzzzz Member

    Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

    I considered mentioning a charity drive if only to counter the publicity crap that some orgs apparently pulled on 2/10. It's fun to think about the carnival-type games that are possible (Bobbing for Thetans, get someone to dress up like Hubbard or Xenu and have people throwing pies at him for prizes), but it's simply something that anon cannot do.

    Anon couldn't even help existing/named critics run such an event, since any Scientologist could just grab a mask and sabotage the thing.
  13. argh Member

    Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

    I don't think you can do things like that in the UK without public liability insurance etc (as well as local authority permission).. which can be expensive, and will require name etc. who will automatically be seen as the leader of the event, even if we all know that person is just the one who wrote the cheque.
  14. AnonNow Member

    Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

    OK, I understand the difficulties of a charity drive...fair enough.
    I think my main point, though, was people are going to get burned out on once a month protests real quick. To the public we will eventually just be a nuisance and our number will fall dramatically.
    If not this, I still DO really think May's activism, should still be worldwide, still be synchronized, still be masked, but not a protest, something else, something clever (obviously something cleverer than what I thought of!), something that will capture people's imagination, and still something very public.
    My two pence. (That's "my two cents" for my yank /b/rothers)
  15. eclipsael Member

    Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

    Not to mention the fact that Paypal almost never hesitates to freezing an account when complaints are lodged against that account's holder. OSA/CoS would shut it down in a heartbeat.
  16. widecat Member

    Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

    But anon could call for a Xenu-themed day! Tons of opportunities for fun, and although prizes wouldn't be workable, a worldwide costume contest would be. That'd be easy to keep informal - "voting" could be by general anonymous acclaim, prize a shiny new internet. And it serves a great purpose - below OT3, they're lied to about Xenu, and above that they tell lies about him. Why not tell the people on the street and let them decide? We even have the sooper secrit cash-money goods in Hubbard's own handwriting, sufficient to mail to every pressroom around the world. I'd love to see a photo gallery of Xenu costumes, not to mention a massive worldwide Xenu rickroll or Bel-air video. People having fun just seems so...suppressive.

    (I love the idea of broadly themed protests because it means they'll have to answer the issue or get caught blowing it off. "Hacker kids up from the basement" isn't going to fly for long - in March, they're going to have to address the question of disconnection or start being seen as evasive. The same would be true if anonymous asked all at once around the world "Why are they dead?", another great candidate for a theme, IMO.)
  17. Operator Member

    Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

    By May we should have a fair bit of publicity.

    I agree that instead of a protest it should be a themed gathering, maybe not even outside a Scientology centre.

    Anonymous Company Picnic?
    Send invitations to Scientologists and the Press and gather in the nearest park to the centres. Food, Drink, and lot's of awareness.

    Maybe they could be focussed on the nation's capitol. Imagine if Hyde park gained over a thousand masked anons with banners and leaflets having a good time, the Press could report on the peaceful and fun atmosphere but would also have the background of the previous more direct protests to refer to and bring into context.

    Just a suggestion, but the offer of a day in the sun bringing awareness and having fun would be enticing to lots of people who are following this but haven't got involved yet.

    [edit: you could even have disconnected relatives come along and send targeted invitations to their loved ones in the church to attend]
  18. anonymous3347 Member

    Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

    Any organized attempt to raise money requires an organization to do it. Anonymous is not an organization. I would like to see the Old Guard funded, too. But the money isn't going to come from the public. It will have to come from Anons.

    Now, turn the public into Anonymous, and then we're baking cake. But until then, fund-raising isn't really practical.

    When are we going to focus on David Miscavige and Sea Org? If March is LRons birthday, and April is Reconnect, why can't May be about Miscavige and the Sea Org?
  19. Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

    Random thought, but...

    May is Mother's Day.

    Imagine a sign that reads, "Your mother wants you to call her."
    Or "TODO: Call mom."
    Or for real fun, "David, what would your mother think?" (Need to check on this... maybe she was a Sci too? That won't work then, but you get the idea.)
  20. anonymous3347 Member

    Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

    Mother's Day is not the same day all over the world. April is the family-focused month. Carrying a sign that says "I love you Mom" of "We miss you, come home" is never a bad idea, no matter what the month.

    I just really want to go for Miscavige. I think that if we make him a pressure point, it might accelerate the crumbling of the CoS. It has been said that the rank-and-file ordinary Scilons really don't like him, and even Sea Org is terrified of him. If we can concentrate on pulling back the curtain to show the weasley little man running the show, they might blow. If they hear someone else asking questions, it may empower them to do the same. If they are exposed to information that seems to conform with the whispers and rumors circulating around the Orgs, then maybe they will get disgusted enough to walk out.

    So, please, Miscavige in May?
  21. boborely Member

    Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

    Agree, I'm for focusing on Miscavige in May...

    Inform, or hand out dox highlighting "Musical Chairs" and other stories that BFG has provided...
  22. Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

    Well, if it's going to be Mistake... I mean, Miscavige... there's this fabulous little vid on YouTube...

    Check out from around the 0:26 to 0:59. Pity we can't actually PROJECT this thing at protests.

    Incidently, is it me, or does "Miscavige May" sound pretty catchy?

    I was looking at one Ex-Sci board, and one person gave as his reason for leaving, "Source has been dead for 20 years, why is the material changing NOW?" (Apologies to whomever said it. It seemed trvival at the time, tho in hindsite, it probably has great potential.) I suppose it could be a "The (Insert Holy Book of Choice) Doesn't Need A Rewrite: Why Is Dave Ordering One For Yours?"
  23. Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

    That's a valid concern and a good idea on how to deal with it. But I'm not sure *what* exactly to do, though. Impromptu street art gallery? A public contest (from "Pin the tail on the thetan!" to more Serious Business, if you'd like)? Costume competition? Street concert (Rick Astly, of course)?

    Just a few, probably bad, ideas thrown out to the wolves.
  24. Heyanonnyno Member

    Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

    I say if in doubt - ask the oldfags. WBM, Tory, etc will know how to keep picketing upbeat - they've done it for long enough!
  25. anon_david Member

    Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

    This is probably an unpopular opinion, but I don't think Anonymous should get involved in any kind of public fundraising activities. The public is finding it hard enough understanding our motives as it is without giving them a handy excuse to discount our efforts because we're just in it to make money for ourselves. <-- That's how it'd look after the Co$ had exercised their spinning skills.

    However, if there are charities already in existence that could help those people, we could help advertise them.

    As for the old guard, again, I'd say the best thing to do would be to encourage the public to donate but NOT to handle any of the money ourselves.

    I think we should make the protests about bringing truth to the public but that's just me.
  26. Zzzzz Member

    Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

    Don flesh-colored bodysuits and prance around in the streets to "Goodbye Horses".
  27. Amomynous Member

    Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

    Moved to Think Tank.
  28. Me Member

    Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

    QFT. thinking...:|
  29. googoomuck Member

    Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

    I do like the idea of focusing on Mothers' and Fathers' days. We have Mothers in May and Fathers in June, right?

    The Miscavige May idea has promise as well. The guy is absolutely brutal to the people in his organization and it simply is not right. Focusing on Miscavige might also be a good way to show that the misdeeds of the cult are not just a "few bad eggs" but go all the way to the top.
  30. BHX Member

    Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

    I like this too. The most important thing to parents is our children.
    We need to shine the light on the Co$ mistreatment and uneducation of their victims children.

    We could maybe tie that in if we could get his niece (and others) to do an interview with WBM

    I'm sure that would help upstat his "What a Bastard" numbers.
  31. Anonymous H Member

    Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

    I think the donations idea would backfire on us - Part of our arguement is about the money in Co$ and where it's going, and that could easily be spun on us. In fact, many charitable organisations that have been around for years face the same "where is the money going" obstacle. Now if there was a charitable organisation worldwide or local that helps ex-cult members that accepts donations we could point people in that direction, but doing it ourselves isn't going to look good.

    An art exhibition type thing could be cool, but I'm not sure about the legality and it's difficult to paint a anti-church but not anti-religion image - Unless you went a Roy Lichtenstein theme with the speech bubbles and all? A number of large paintings/illustrations all labelled as "by Anonymous" Parodies of things like the Mona Lisa, with Miscavige instead, might be entertaining, as well as original stuff. I'd say stay away from Xenu and the like though, as that would be attacking the religion instead which is something we don't want.

    In addition, the art would attract interest compared to a protest - provided there's room for the people to wander through and take a look at things, and it's a conversation point/starter. The people with stuff they've made would have to get there early or have a space to put their stuff up, unless there was a rotation system. We could even do free postcard type things, but with info on the back. We'd also need to make sure we don't get ambushed by scifags on the way there who might smash up our artsy things, or follow people carrying canvases/posters/sculptures. There'd need to be more space - an area for the protesters with their pickets, and room for the public and anon to wander amoung the artistry, unless they're large enough to see from a distance.

    edit: Mother's day in the UK is March 2nd, and Father's day is 15th June? So we lose the "worldwide significance! think if a Brit comes up to us, asks us about the date, and we say "Well it's (whatever day) in America!" (No offence intended)
  32. jester6284 Member

    Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

    So, Feb.= Deaths (notably Lisa), Mar.= Tax Exemption, and Apr.= Operation Reconnect.

    The money idea is a good one, but not for anonymous. Let's face it. We're not that organized, as a whole we don't consolidate our resources, and we have no leader. With that said. IF we did it, and IF we got a decent ammount of money. Where would we put it? and who decides who to give it to? It just wouldn't work out. I vote NO on this one.

    As for Miscavige. Attacking people isn't a good way to go about it. Even people like him. Not yet anyway. We should eventually call for his resignation, demand it even, if there isn't a coup of some sort by then. But you have to be really careful if you're just going to go after him. Nothing but facts, especially if the media is involved. We don't want to be proven to be slanderous liars. Anything they can do to make us look bad, they will. At first we were terrorists, then they said we were neo-nazis. Both of those terms have a lot of stigma behind them. If they had stuck with the public we'd have been toast. I wouldn't suggest this one but if majority likes it i'll go with it.

    I like the more festive ideas.

    One I would suggest (non-festive) is a Fair Game theme. Signs and flyers about their fair game policy and in places that it can be done have fair game victims speak about it at the protest. Another would be censorship. find violations of freedom of speech. tell them THEIR crimes.
  33. Anonamour Member

    Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

    I just had an idea...

    Mothers Day? Miscarriage May?

    What we do is set up a legal "defense" fund account for Tommy Gorman, his wife and baby and campaign for people to donate to it so that they can sue Miscavige for the shit they've been thru. He may not be able to sue Miscovige but the idea of holding him personally responsible is electric.

    People can just distribute a pretty flyer- a Holy Family photo-op perhaps- with the info of where to donate- direct into bank account is easy to set up and secure.

    Need some other snappy way to promote it... not a protest... not a picnic... __________?????

  34. anonymous3347 Member

    Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

    I wasn't suggesting a smear campaign against David Miscavige. If we stick only to the facts, that would be plenty. Sea Org could also use a big highbeam shined on it. We wouldn't even have to rely solely on the witness accounts written all over the web. Just using quotes from what we have on video and the actual documentation should be enough. The idea is to get that information out there, make the public aware.

    I know things are bad for Scientologists everywhere, and it is getting worse, but being in Sea Org has to be among the most hellish situations ever. Especially now.

    As for keeping it fun, the idea of a nautical theme strikes me as a chance for light-heartedness. The entire idea of the CoS pseudo-navy is so strange that it will catch people's attention. We could treat the public to a "Day at the beach with David." We could have mermaids and sea-monsters, if the CreateAnons want to make costumes. Since it is in May, it will be warmer in the Northern Hemisphere, which would make beachwear an option. Perhaps an AusAnon could say what May is like down under and whether it would be feasible for them. Even if it's just a t-shirt and shorts, something with a Hawaiian-print, or (haha) clamdiggers, I am sure that most Anons could find something. Think cheap grass skirts from the party store, leis, sarongs, whatever tropical trappings appeal to you. Put a seashell or a starfish on your flyers and posters. Do a mass approximation of a hula dance with the rickrolls and the bel-aires.

    Just make sure that the signs and handouts are about Sea Org and Miscavige. Tell people about the Freewinds. Get their attention with the theatrics and show them what we have. Have fun and inform.
  35. Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

    I'd advise first doing research into the workings of charity drive events. Later we can always come up with how the event should be like. First, make a list of fitting organizations to which the money should go(cult exit organisations and such) instead of establishing our own trust(unless the old guard wants to recreate a new incarnation of the Lisa McPherson Trust). Second, contact these organizations if they have any interest at all. It should be co-organized, with the organizations doing the money-handling and Anonymous helping out with all the other work. That way we won't have to deal with trust issues.

    On the Dave Miscaviage targeting: why not target the upper management in general? There is speculation in Breaking News about them ditching Miscavige anyway, and he may be gone by May if things go swell. Research the upper echelons of RTC and place them in the spotlight. Though DM makes a fine target, the Church won't stop working if he's gone.

    Another idea for May activism: target not the Church, but its many external organizations. Narconon, Criminon, etc., plenty of targets that need to be exposed for what they truly are.
  36. Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

    Maybe a focus on what the children in the organisation go through? Not just the horrible stories of abuse that turn up but the way they are (not) schooled and treated like tiny adults. I react very strongly to all of the stories I hear about this kind of thing because even from a skeptical stand point you cannot ignore it when someone harms a child, even if you could write it off in adults as 'just their fault'.

    May: "Won't somebody think of the Children!?!"
  37. Anonamour Member

    Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

    How to promote Tommy's Legal Defense Fund initiative:

    You set up press conferences in every city that had a protest. It's theatre pure and simple:

    -The spokesman is Anon in Guy Fawkes mask- presents as a high powered lawyer who is also Anon. The statement is prerecorded- the spooky Anon digital voice.
    -In SF Tommy and his family can be there to answer Q's and/or read from a statement.
    -For other cities an Anon stand-in for Tommy (Tommy mask would be great) reads a statement from Tommy.
    -There will only be a handful of reporters so fill out the crowd with Anons posing as reporters.
    -Make sure audio and video is recorded then post "Newscasts" on Youtube
    -Pro-Tips from the Yes Men:

    I guarantee that within a week he will have enuff cash to consult a lawyer and make a statement.

    He's the guy. He's the one to do it. The face. The whole Boxer thing. OSA will piss themselves and ex-Sea Orgers will take heart.

    Side note- hard to retain anonymity at the beach or munching on hotdogs at the park.
  38. Anonermous Member

    Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

    I was thinking of some kind of sponsored event, along the lines of (but not a ghey as) a fun run or something, in masks, a media spectacle that happens worldwide the he same date and raises money for the victims of cults.

    64 views an no fucker has an opinion on whether this would be good for Mays event? Come on guys, opinions?[/quote]

    Im on boord. I think that protests by themsleves will end fruitless and people will stop paying attention. Fundraising on the other hand is a good idea. We could get local bands to play free shows as benefit, maybe a sit in : where Anons refuse to come down from said structure until money is raised to reunite families. My favorite is the Anon kissing booth....oh yeah baby kiss my mask!!! :guyfawkes: $1 per smooch. Comments? Complaints? Jokes at my exspense? :anon:
  39. Anonermous Member

    Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

    HMMM. You speak wisely. Well, we could make vids and such to encourage people to give and maybe everyone give to one org on a given day in masks, put it on you tube n such.......Eh? yes? World wide snychronized, anonymous, charity sounds pretty powerful to me. It wouldnt have to be much money from the individual anon to make an impact on the public view of us.
  40. xenubarb Member

    Re: Idea for MAY activism. <==PLEASE READ AND OPINIONATE

    I guess you might already have plans for April, but you should know that the cult has a booth or two on Earth Day to do the Free Stress Tests. In the US, Earth Day is around April 22.
    Nowhere on their booth is Scientology mentioned, something worth pointing out to people who stop by to have their stress tested. (Yes, you are stressed. Buy this book.)

    They're also present at street fairs, right next to the chiropractic "free back massage" deals.

    It'd be kind of fun to have a 'Free Reality Check' booth. It's easy to ask fair organizers if Dianetics, Volunteer Ministers, or Scientology has a booth scheduled.
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