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Discussion in 'Freedom of Expression' started by Anonymous, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Interesting blog:
    Read article called Borders . Here is the text :

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  2. Anonymous Member

    All I see is someone showing off their bad spelling and grammar. A single picture of the world taken from the moon is more inspiring than this drivel.
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  3. Anonymous Member

    It's not about spelling. It's about idea from the text. Give me one reason that he is wrong. That we should stay separated?
  4. Anonymous Member

    So 'we' (some group) fight another group that is regarded as an "enemy" (Politicians).

    And if we do this, as a group, fighting with another group, we'll become united? WTF? How?
  5. Random guy Member

    All live as one country? Riiiight.

    I sure as hell do not want to live in a country where the law is written by one of the majority groups on this planet, like the Chinese or the Arab countries. Nope, I very much like to remain living in a small secular democracy at the North-Western tip of Eurasia, thank you!
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  6. Anonymous Member

    Politicians is small group that is greedy. They only care about power. We (the group) is everyone else which is 99.99% of people. So, live as one country with basic laws against crime. The religion and opinions of other people is something we HAVE to accept without law. You, random guy, can't live as Chinese people, so don't. The laws shouldn't be about what you do, laws should only control crime.
  7. CarterUSP Member

    I think Random Guy's point is that the definition of what is a crime is. Like I'm sure that there are many millions that would want sharia law, or to make it illegal to say anything against Islam. And the appalling lack of human rights in Chinese law would have a negative influence too.
  8. Anonymous Member

    Those who want something like that have to wrok on them. Our consciousness should be on really high lvl to understand that we have no reason to fight each other, hate each other, run from each other, we are basicly all the same race. Animals do fight even inside their pack but they don't have consciousness as we do. So, are you an animal or you are ready to show everyone what is the big truth.
  9. Internetzin Member

    Nice thoughts, but John Lennon wants his material back.
  10. Anonymous Member

    I'm all for this new "Occupy Earth" movement, it's.. oh wait, we're already here. Good Job!

    That text doesn't say a fucking thing about money. Pathetic.
  11. Anonymous Member

    The article is about borders, not money, there will be another for that.

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