IAS mega raid 2012 - Postgame

Discussion in 'Europe' started by afternon, Oct 19, 2012.

  1. anonysamvines Member

    A noisy word with Council and police about such dangerous actions may be profitable!
    and of media interest!
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  2. John Ritson Member

    Actually it was a great improvement on the previous situation, where you had to stand in the mud and puddles with your back to the bushes at the edge of the (busy) road. There was no grass verge on that side, just bushes nearly to the edge of the tarmac. Thanks to the Scientologists' investment, there is now a safe, stable, 4" wide wooden platform to stand on while protesting. They used to park cars along that side of the road during protests to try and prevent the "International Association of Suckers" from seeing the protesters until the police told them not to block the highway. But their orders were obviously to put 'something' there and in Scientology orders must be obeyed without question no matter how counterproductive.
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  3. anonysamvines Member

    I understand what you are saying, but still think there is profit to be had by complaining to Council and police.

    How long before we use that spot again? Who owns the land that side of the road? are they approachable? Would they object to a quick trim of the bushes in that spot when we are there (solve the bushes in the back problem)? I can see it would be nicer (and higher lol) to stand on the 4" wood platforms but it is in fact closer to the road and more dangerous for all of you! Any car driving close could easily catch you, especially if cars are passing in both directions at the same time. Even if you see a moment of danger happening, where would you jump out of the way?

    Did scilons get permission for the saplings they planted? Are they still there, if yes what happens as they grow that close to the road? Is it legal to plant them so close to the road? Who owns the verge? Council presumably, and while they may not fuss about overgrown established bushes too much, they may have different views on scilon trees.
    And the silly scilons will have to wrack their washed brains for another plan next time. And deal with the unforeseen consequences (and fail lol) of this one.

    Good news that the cops stopped them parking cars there already. Hopefully they would be receptive to complaints about trees and 4" planks endangering not only walkers and protesters, but also vehicular traffic! That doesn't look like a particularly wide road and the verge looks essential.
    (having had to drive over, only and safest option at the time, a 4x4" plank dropped on a motorway, I can tell you it is not fun and very deadly. I was lucky to get away with 3 wrecked tyres, 2 wrecked wheels and my life)

    The media may be interested in covering why the most ethical, numerous and growing cult on the planet is soooooo scared of a handful of protesters*, and why it is willing to endanger lives to prevent a protest? Not only protesters lives, but innocent motorist's and pedestrians.


    Next time it may be possible to arrange your own wooden platform, this time further back on the verge in a slightly less dangerous spot. Now the scilons have given us the idea!

    (* small in number, wonderful and effective in deed and affect)
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  4. Anonymous Member!topic/alt.religion.scientology/6Ln--Xpldf8

    A very wet day in East Grinstead. Not quite as wet as the opening day of the London "Ideal Morgue" but very wet indeed.

    Nonetheless, about fifteen suppressives turned up in the centre of East Grinstead before heading out to the gates of Saint Hill to picket the arrival of the cult supporters for the IAS event. Things have definitely improved, picketing-wise, as the cult has beautified the area opposite the entrance by installing a row of six-inch by four-inch wooden beams, narrow-end up. This gave us all a nice firm platform to stand on, no need to get our feet wet in the mud at the side of the narrow busy road as used to happen in the past. I would like to thank the Scientologists who installed this helpful feature. What will we get next year, comfy chairs, free coffee, plasma screens?

    As befits the "International Association of Suckers", there were cars going in from Germany and Belgium, and a coach each from Germany, the Czech Republic, Italy and France, plus three stretch limos, but what was most noticeable was a stream of coaches coming in and going out empty. Is this going to be Miscavige's latest boast of growth: "More coaches at an IAS event than ever before"?

    We had a "COB is an SP" banner. Tony was in fine form on the load-hailer greeting the arrivals with reminders to have their cheque-books and credit cards ready. People leaving were told that they needed to hurry to the nearest ATM to draw out cash, or David Miscavige would be very angry with them.

    In addition to the money wasted on empty coaches, they had spent a lot of money hiring a private security firm. Scientology obviously can't scrape up enough Scientologists to keep COB safe. Tony asked why the security guards didn't have hats or umbrellas as they stood drenched in the downpour. They looked sheepish, as in standing around in the open, getting very wet.

    After picketing for five hours, we moved to a nearby hostelry.[/quote]
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  5. I've hired coaches before. IME - you're charged based on how long you book the coach for, departure location, destination, any stops on the way etc. If cou cancel there's a cancellation fee, but you can only cancel up to a certain time period before the booking.

    So yes, if you book a coach to go from point A at XX:XX and arrive at point B at YY:YY you're still charged - hence it will still make the journey. The driver apparently gets paid on distance travelled so they will drive an empty coach, otherwise they risk not getting paid.

    Love the idea of coaches carrying BTs around! LOL!
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  6. Anonymous Member

    A little off topic but none the less, your discussion provoked a little suggestion in me. It seems for protesters in any location involving mud, in inclement weather, perhaps employing a 'small role of astro turf' tech may be useful?
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  7. RightOn Member

    yummy thread
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  8. Dox

    Brown signs are tourist attractions:

    Section 2 of this document defines the relevant part of the National Standard for being classed as a Tourist Attraction:
    So yes, he is absolutely correct, the fact that they have applied and paid for brown signs to their location means they must have declared themselves as a tourist attraction and are open to the Public without prior booking.
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  9. John Ritson Member

    THERE WAS NO VERGE to stand further back on. People walking along the road all walk on the opposite side (where the verge is cult property). The hedge line was in line with the line of the tarmac. The only way to stand there in the past was to find spots where individual bushes were not growing so well and push back against them. As we understand it the cult persuaded the land (and hedge) owner to let them 'beautify' the area opposite the entrance gates. The property owners in the immediate area are understandably nervous about annoying a dangerous cult on their doorstep.
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  10. Random guy Member

    Because I'm a lazy fagot and can't be arsed to seek up the relevant threads: How did this years attendance compare to last years?
  11. Anonymous Member

    Roughly 3,000 attendees, according to one journalist who got inside.
  12. Axiom142 Member

    John, what grounds are there for thinking that the landowners gave permission? AFAIK the land is part of the land attached to Rockwood Park, which is an apartment complex. Given that several Scilons own apartments there, it is not unfeasible that the ‘residents committee’ voted for this, but did someone tell you that this was the case?

    I don’t know where the property boundary ends, but it seems to me that there should be a verge, otherwise all pedestrians are forced into the road not just us protestors.

    The ‘planks’ are actually railway sleepers (8” x 4”) and represent a hazard to traffic – stray a few inches off the road and they will cause damage to your vehicle. In any case, the fact that the obstruction starts immediately outside their property is a bit of a give-away.

    I don’t think this is meant to be permanent, the cult had simply fixed two parallel rows of sleepers, about 18” apart, filled the space with soil and plonked some conifer saplings very loosely in the soil. They were so loose, you could easily pull them out by hand (I would like to stress that I do not advocate or endorse such behaviour) . And, the whole lot was backed by rusty steel mesh as used in concrete reinforcing. And that wasn’t even fixed properly – some inclement weather might see the whole lot fall into the road.

    My guess is that the cult will remove this very soon. If they do, this proves that they are willing to spend large amounts of cash on simply obstructing the right to free speech and had no intention of ‘beautifying’ the environment.
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  13. Anonymous Member

    Retweet from TonyO

    Bringing in the extras again?

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  14. Axiom142 Member

    This is just an estimate and not confirmed. I would be interested to know how this estimate was arrived at. The last time I attended this event (2007 – see my video on YT), I had a good look around, counted the rows of chairs and adjusted for occupancy levels. My guess then was that there were 6 - 8,000 attending. Judging from the numbers of vehicles arriving (especially coaches), I would say that attendance was well-down on that figure. 3,000 would be at the very low end of my guesstimate, but I’d be surprised if there was as many as 5,000.

    According to the reporters who were there, the camera didn’t zoom in on the audience like they used to, so they couldn’t see if the Scilebs were there (in the front row). My guess is that this was deliberate in order to obscure the fact that TC wasn’t present. If this is true, then this is a major development. He is apparently in the country filming and would always attend.
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  15. John Ritson Member

    Yes, they are open to the public. From their website: Open all year - daily tours. 2:00pm - 5:00pm on the hour.
    (though "opening hours" presumably excludes "special events" and they can refuse entry to specific people as we saw with the taxi-driver on the banned list who was delivering Scientologists to the gates but allowed to go no further).

    Once upon a time Chris Owen visited: "Yesterday afternoon was one of the most surreal experiences I've ever had. I was standing in L. Ron Hubbard's bedroom. Behind me was a four-poster bed with an enormously thick mattress — it was waist-high — next to which was a mirror with a pith helmet draped nonchalently over it. I'd just opened the front of his wardrobe, not expecting to find anything, but to my amazement I saw dozens of silk waistcoats (very nice quality too, by the look of it). I opened a drawer at random to find a neat pile of beautifully-pressed silk underpants. An extraordinary experience: I Saw Ron's Undies And Survived! or something like that, anyway."
    If they don't know your face - Go For It!
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  16. Anonymous Member

    We want pictures!
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  17. pedrofcuk Member

    It was double, you lazy fagot.
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  18. pedrofcuk Member

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  19. RolandRB Member

    The local council owns the verges.
  20. :).

    But it may/may not be the case that the private land runs right up to the road.
    I suggest going to the CC for boundaries info.
    I have a suspicion that the sleepers have been moved,they are a hazard.
    Sloppy work,they didn't even dig a trench to hold them in place.
  21. RightOn Member

    the scilons planted trees to say
    "You conifer with us"
    ( you can't intefere with us, get it? )
    ok I will make like a tree and leave.
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  22. Anonymous Member

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  23. pedrofcuk Member

    A handful of dauntless, defiant, resolute SPs attempt to enter the grounds of Saint Hill during the IAS event, only to be turned back by security. Also a Scientologist at the beginning of the clip drives into a puddle in an attempt to SPlash the SPs, grinning as he did so, I call him a cowardly scumbag.

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  24. Please spruce up your act. I think you are just pining for cheap laughs.
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  25. RightOn Member

    maybe if you ash me nicely
    I will do it for yew
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  26. Oakay, that's enough. Or willow a larch apology for fagging up this thread. It's not fir on those who braved the rain to troll the cult
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  27. The Wrong Guy Member

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  28. Anonymous Member

    Oh I cedar puns der... try ta spruce up the place a bit..
    Knotty pineses.
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  29. Seems like you are a cypressive person. Please don't bark at me. Son of a beech(nut)!
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  30. RightOn Member

    oak k we will stop
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  31. afternon Member

    Don't be such a birch!
  32. Anonymous Member

    Put a fork in it, it's done! Stumps me that I should have to point this out to you, so just bark off.
  33. incog712 Member

    If a motorist had to suddenly swerve in order to avoid hitting a squirrel the results could be quite tragic.

    Yes, something can be done about it.
  34. RightOn Member

    sorry to gum up the thread, I cedar isn't any more to say
    don't want to be a pain in the aspen
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  35. Anonymous Member

  36. Anonymous Member

    Kudos to the brave Anons who ran interference outside, while we got our agent at The Sun to infiltrate.

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  37. Anonymous Member

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  38. Chipshotz Member

    Thanks Axiom, I still think you talking with George Bailie is the best anti-scientology video of all time.
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  39. Anonymous Member

    East Grinstead Courier and Observer:

    Scientology gala snubs protesters with A-list guests"

    THOUSANDS of Scientologists gathered to mark a year of successful charitable work at an annual gala.

    More than 1,500 visitors attended the charity concert at Saint Hill Manor on Friday, where this year's chosen charity was the RNLI.

    Community leaders from as far afield as the United States watched as Marisol Nichols, an actress from the hit television series 24, hosted the event.

    Entertainment was provided by Britain's Got Talent quarter finalists The Jive Aces and award-winning gospel singer Jesse Stevenson.

    It was the 16th anniversary of the concert and receiving a cheque for £50,000 on behalf of the RNLI was Peter Tarrant, who said he was grateful for the church's contribution.

    He said: "I am overwhelmed by the cheque, which will go towards the new lifeboat crew room.

    "This enormous contribution will mean so much to our life-saving activities. I also love the special connection with the fact that L Ron Hubbard was himself a Master Mariner and that when he lived at Saint Hill Manor he supported the RNLI."

    But the celebration did not pass completely without incident as about 20 demonstrators from across the UK and Ireland protested against Scientology outside the church.

    The group gathered earlier that day in East Grinstead High Street, where they held up signs decrying the religion and used a megaphone to amplify their opinions.

    Few shoppers stopped to talk to the demonstrators but intrigued retailers peered out of their windows to catch a glimpse of the protesters' messages.

    The group then made its way to Saint Hill Manor to protest while visitors arrived for the gala.

    John McGhee, who travelled from Dublin to attend the protest, said he had been a Scientologist until two years ago.

    Protesting against his former religion, he said East Grinstead held great significance for Scientologists.

    "Saint Hill was always seen as the home for Scientology in the UK – it was the dream – so to come here and now protest against it shows an amazing change and is important to me. The main reason why I came was to wake people up," he said.

    A police van and CCTV unit was stationed outside the entrance to Saint Hill Manor and visitors were seen waving at the protesters, who were standing opposite the entrance. Police reported no disturbances.
  40. Woo Hah Member

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