IAS mega raid 2012 - Postgame

Discussion in 'Europe' started by afternon, Oct 19, 2012.

  1. afternon Member

    A brief raid in East Grinstead town centre with press interviews was followed by advnaced pub tech (involving xenu chips and body thetan sandwiches).
    A fine collection of exes, old guard, anons and merchants of chaos in the form of a documentary team chatted and exchanged experiences.

    The advanced SPs made their way to the front gate of Saint Hill to be faced with a massive security team in faux police uniforms and including one dog handler who lookd like he may be a clam owing to the fact that he never smiled, had an over inflated sense of importance and was largely useless.

    Tony kept a constant barrage of megaphone tech, signs were waved, kazoos were played, some of the security were amused (the ones who werent clams). One interior security guy- almost certainly a clam came out to try to stare us down- and failed, I'm not sure if it was my comment to him about not phoning, writing or sending flowers that did it.

    ..More reports to come!
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  2. Anonymous Member

    Axiom142 on ESMB:

    Well, I guess there must have been some OTs postulating some bad weather to keep the nasty SPs away, because it has absolutely p***ed down all day here in East Grinstead. Unfortunately, this tactic rather backfired as the poor Scilons arriving for the IAS shindig got soaked and the many outdoor events that the cult planned (knights on horseback, Scottish pipers etc) got a bit bedraggled. Not to mention the car parking which is in a field which is now completely soaked and waterlogged. The first escapees will be trying to leave the grounds right about now – I imagine that much spinning of wheels, cursing and mud-splattering of staff pushing cars, will ensue.

    After a half-hearted protest in the town centre earlier in the day, the assorted Old Guard, Exes, Anons, Critics and Indy retired to the local hostelry for some last minute planning and quenching of thirst.

    Suitably refreshed, the masses (well 15ish) marched on St Hill for some more standing in the rain and waving at arriving Scilons. A few choice phrases were also delivered.

    I didn’t manage to get much video, I’m afraid as I didn’t dare risk my best camera and it was very dark. Although there was an amusing incident where a foreign Scilon decided to turn his car around on a patch of grass and rather predictably got completely stuck and had to wait for a tow. I might Tube this if I get the time.

    It was interesting to note that there was a very small Police presence (they obviously know by now that we are not ‘terrorists’, despite what the cult says) and a very large private security presence. I saw at least a dozen guards (and presumably many more in other locations), land rovers, quad bikes and even an Alsatian or two. Seriously, what are they expecting? Miscavige is so effing paranoid.

    Actually, there was a peaceful ‘invasion’ of St Hill, when about half a dozen protestors quietly walked through the main gate, but they were stopped very rapidly by a similar number of guards who then ushered them back off the property. Amusingly, while the guards were occupied, they left the side-gate totally unwatched and another (well-known, local) protestor simply walked right in and got some distance before he was spotted and asked to leave. Well, we had to give the guards something to do, didn’t we?

    Due, to the weather, we probably weren’t as ‘in-yer-face’ as we would have liked to have been, but we showed up and we let the cultists know that we are still around

    During all this, the TV production company got a threatening letter from Carter *uck, er, Carter F***, the cult’s infamous attack-shysters in the UK, threatening dire consequences if they so much as looked at a Scilon the wrong way. Didn’t stop them filming though. And one interesting fact that one of the guards let slip, was that the cult had circulated info sheets with photos of all the undesirables, so that they could recognise us on sight, including the TV crew. One of the cultists even tried to intimidate me by referring to me by name and then saying that he had recognised my car and seen it ‘down there’.

    Oh, and you will all be pleased to note that I saw our vertically-challenged security guard, Andy Connor (with the ‘eyes’) again. Only this time, he wasn’t so keen to talk to me. Wonder why?

    Tomorrow – the conference…

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  3. Well played, everyone!
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  4. anonysamvines Member

    Brilliant news.
    Aww you make us so proud.
    and we still haz tomorrow:)
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  5. Anonymous Member

    pics or didn't happen.
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  6. pedrofcuk Member

    It rained all day long, where was that October sunshine? The same sized marquee as was used 20 years ago does not show any expansion at all. Lots of waves and smiles from some people going in to the event. The usual lies and bullshit from the cult. Lots of good pics and video footage to follow.
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  7. Anonymous Member

    Do you think the OTs made it rain?
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  8. RightOn Member

    thanks for putting up with the rain
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  9. Anonymous Member

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  10. jensting Member

    Awesome effort to remind the clams that there are a few determined beings out there :) At least, the car park amusement does sound even better than the usual incompetence.

    PS: Avatar photo is me smirking at displayed incompetence at the gate of St Hill.
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  11. frettchen007 Member

    patiently waiting for moar

    demand vids of:

    well done
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  12. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Englanons frkkin ROCK!

    Oh yeah, car-pushing tech pics ploxs! (can almost hear shooper's drooling)

    Aweshum! Ax's reportage has me laughtering like a dement hyena :p
  13. Yes the clams declined to come out and play or even supply music, instead remaining 1.1 behind security guards. Our thanks for the roadside beams to stand on out of the mud and the lighting anyway.

    The number of totally empty buses has been growing each year. We saw only one full one this time, from France. Is DM only shown the 'number of buses hired' stat? It must be dispiriting for public to see these vehicles transporting only Body Thetans from the empty Ideal Orgs.
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  14. pooks Member

    Made me LOL.
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  15. Anonymous Member

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  16. Random guy Member

    What was the TV team there for, or is it a skrit still?
  17. Anonymous Member

    Making a TV documentary.
  18. anonysamvines Member

    maybe all those supposed attendees suddenly decided they needed to wash their hair?
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  19. Anonymous Member

    The empty buses fascinates me. If you hire a private coach, and nobody shows up to get on it, does it still make the run anyway?

    ^^Getting confirmation of that from the company the buses were hired from would be interesting.
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  20. Aurora Member

    Possible periodic body thetan shuttle service for those body thetans who parked their meat bodies elsewhere in a specified lot?
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  21. anyone know what scios spend to attend the various IAS events?
  22. RolandRB Member

    Pay to attend or to leave?
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  23. SeenTheLight Member

    Last night's IAS Anniversary Event and today's Expansion Seminar are free to attend, but you get pressured into buying the new releases (if nothing else). Last night was new £19 for the "The Fundamentals of Thought" DVD and Blu-ray, and £11 for the new CCHR DVD, "Fear".

    Tonight's Patron Ball is something like £275 for 2nd Tier/General tickets, £350 for 1st Tier tickets and £475 for Premier tickets. Tomorrow's Gala Concert tickets normally cost between £10 and £250.
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  24. The Wrong Guy Member

    Enlightening chat with Scientology cult guard St Hill IAS Event

    Published on Oct 20, 2012 by Martin Padfield

    Well, it's official. Chatting with staff at Scientology UK HQ is now a "suppressive act". Although apparently beating and torturing juniors in the Sea Org isn't. This guard I believe is Jordan Laveau, son of Janet who is OSA staff at the cult.
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  25. pedrofcuk Member

    Estimated 3000 in the marquee, 25% of the space unfilled, we didn't get in but we got two reporters in who now have audio and some video and photos to publish, our conference was very well received, no OSA harassment, live streaming went out and I believe it will be available online very soon if not already up, all in all a great success, thank you to everyone who made it so.
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  26. :).

    I enjoyed today.
    I was half expecting some form of OSA faggotry.
    But this press conference may have been kryptonite to Scilons
    I think I am going to get off my butt and start /r/aiding TCR.
    I miss crazy dave.
  27. anonysamvines Member

    Good job done well! Looking forrward to the media reaction :)

    Is dumper tech the alfresco curtain tech?
  28. DeathHamster Member

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  29. Intelligence Member

    I LOVE IT - LOL :)

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  30. :).

    Here is a pic of the conference.
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  31. Anonymous Member

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  32. Anonymous Member

    For those who don't make it through to 6:00, a Sea Org member states:

    "Church policy is very clear in terms of when you commit suppressive acts then you forfeit your rights and - as a Scientologist."
    "What suppressive acts has Martin committed then?"
    "Well this right now is a suppressive act"
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  33. Anonymous Member

    Here is a pic of the conference.
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  34. jensting Member

    Through, certainly not. Around, not really. The owners of the field at the back agreed with the clams to tell the police that we weren't welcome. Until then we had a good run of walking around to the back and waving at the one or two clams who hadn't ducked-and-cowered.

    Best Regards

  35. Egonymous Member

    From what I have seen they are on good terms with their immediate neighbours. The Hockey club carpark up the road was an IAS car car park for coaches, and they had seemingly spoken to whoever owns the land opposite the main entrance so they could put down large wooden beams, backfill with soil and then plant conifers in there. (with the goal of stopping anyone getting in front of the main entrance)
  36. anonysamvines Member

    at 5.35
    "West Sussex CC says as a brown signs attraction the public are entirely entitled to come and visit without prior booking?"

  37. Axiom142 Member

    Here is an edited version of the visit to St Hill. This was filmed the day before the actual IAS shindig.

    I filmed the entire conference at The Old Courthouse and will try and make it available as soon as I can, but please be patient as there is 2 hours worth to edit and synch up.
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  38. afternon Member

    The result of this attempt at making an obstruction/ suppressing freedom to protest?
    Standing on the wooden barrier made protestors about 8-10 inches taller and more visible!
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  39. Axiom142 Member

    None of their neighbours like them, they merely tolerate them. And make some money out of the cult when they need to hire their facilities.

    The car park used for the coaches was actually the Rugby Club’s not the Hockey club.

    I doubt that they got permission to plant the conifers, I expect that they just bunged them down without asking. Rather antisocial behaviour and callously putting pedestrians at risk simply in order to make it difficult for anyone to protest outside their cult.

    Here we can see that they have taken approx. 2 feet of space from the verge on the left, thus forcing anyone walking or standing here into the path of oncoming traffic.


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  40. jensting Member

    Silly clams! An echo of the posy tech from Gold Base. Say, how did that work out for them, again?

    Anyway, if the police were there I'm sure a safe arrangement was worked out. I would be delighted to learn that the clams claimed ownership of the trees (assuming as I do that they do not in fact own the land).

    Best Regards

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