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    The East Grinstead Courier and Observer:
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    thisissussex: Demonstration is planned as protesters target church
    Them: With all religions and religious organisations throughout history, there are always bigots and people who want to create religious hatred and intolerance. Name-calling is their usual weapon.
    Us: Being called a Bigot is a good example.
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  3. Anonymous Member

    OOOOOOO some naughty SP has been commenting all over this online paper!
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  4. Anonymous Member

    That's hilarious. When I was a kid I loved playing spy games [outside I mean, not on a computer].
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  5. pedrofcuk Member

    I like this, only yesterday an OTV called me, a "bad man" and "dangerous" also a "religious bigot" and you "know that paypal? It's a scam and he's behind it," meaning me, lol.
  6. anonysamvines Member

    yeah but at least you can spend the afternoon in the tea tent until it is time for the pipers (surprised they have that many pipers they can call on)
  7. RightOn Member

    COS with the same 'ol BS
    they are regging the hell out of people, you would think they can come up with something new besides this snore fest!

    to all protestors, have a safe and wonderful enturbulant day!
  8. anonysamvines Member

    oh yeah Go get em guise! Be safe and funny! and if you can't avoid assaulting a scilon's fist with your face make sure you get it on film!
    Rick roll the hell out of slappy for me pls
    Looking forward to the after game report
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  9. booski Member

    Ustream channel will be broadcasting the conference on Saturday at the following link Streaming starts 1.30pm G.M.T
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  10. anonysamvines Member

    oh great!
    Thanks for that booski
  11. Anonymous Member

    Saint Hill Gala Concert on Sunday, with the Jive Aces, Chill E.B, Elena Roggero, Rob Meister and Si Cranstoun.

    Drinks reception: 6.30 pm

    Concert 7.30 pm

    Location: The Grand Marquee behind Saint Hill Castle

    Tickets 10 pounds - 25 pounds

    Please contact Liz Ostermann on 01342 326711 or on
  12. Anonymous Member

    Also Christian Durocher.
  13. Anonymous Member

    And Rebecca Grant.
  14. RightOn Member

    Protestors should dress up as jugglers, have on kilts and such, people driving in will think they are part of the hoopla!
    That is until they read their signs! LOL!
  15. Anonymous Member

    Best wishes to all the enturbulators, look forward to the estimates on numbers 8000 lol!
  16. Anonymous Member

    Lovely coincidence is lovely!
  17. Anonymous Member

    Hardly a coincidence, it's all part of the same 3-day IAS event.
  18. Anonymous Member

    Posted on the Twenty-First Floor:
  19. Anonymous Member

    Axiom142 on ESMB:

    Well, I guess there must have been some OTs postulating some bad weather to keep the nasty SPs away, because it has absolutely p***ed down all day here in East Grinstead. Unfortunately, this tactic rather backfired as the poor Scilons arriving for the IAS shindig got soaked and the many outdoor events that the cult planned (knights on horseback, Scottish pipers etc) got a bit bedraggled. Not to mention the car parking which is in a field which is now completely soaked and waterlogged. The first escapees will be trying to leave the grounds right about now – I imagine that much spinning of wheels, cursing and mud-splattering of staff pushing cars, will ensue.

    After a half-hearted protest in the town centre earlier in the day, the assorted Old Guard, Exes, Anons, Critics and Indy retired to the local hostelry for some last minute planning and quenching of thirst.

    Suitably refreshed, the masses (well 15ish) marched on St Hill for some more standing in the rain and waving at arriving Scilons. A few choice phrases were also delivered.

    I didn’t manage to get much video, I’m afraid as I didn’t dare risk my best camera and it was very dark. Although there was an amusing incident where a foreign Scilon decided to turn his car around on a patch of grass and rather predictably got completely stuck and had to wait for a tow. I might Tube this if I get the time.

    It was interesting to note that there was a very small Police presence (they obviously know by now that we are not ‘terrorists’, despite what the cult says) and a very large private security presence. I saw at least a dozen guards (and presumably many more in other locations), land rovers, quad bikes and even an Alsatian or two. Seriously, what are they expecting? Miscavige is so effing paranoid.

    Actually, there was a peaceful ‘invasion’ of St Hill, when about half a dozen protestors quietly walked through the main gate, but they were stopped very rapidly by a similar number of guards who then ushered them back off the property. Amusingly, while the guards were occupied, they left the side-gate totally unwatched and another (well-known, local) protestor simply walked right in and got some distance before he was spotted and asked to leave. Well, we had to give the guards something to do, didn’t we?

    Due, to the weather, we probably weren’t as ‘in-yer-face’ as we would have liked to have been, but we showed up and we let the cultists know that we are still around

    During all this, the TV production company got a threatening letter from Carter *uck, er, Carter F***, the cult’s infamous attack-shysters in the UK, threatening dire consequences if they so much as looked at a Scilon the wrong way. Didn’t stop them filming though. And one interesting fact that one of the guards let slip, was that the cult had circulated info sheets with photos of all the undesirables, so that they could recognise us on sight, including the TV crew. One of the cultists even tried to intimidate me by referring to me by name and then saying that he had recognised my car and seen it ‘down there’.

    Oh, and you will all be pleased to note that I saw our vertically-challenged security guard, Andy Connor (with the ‘eyes’) again. Only this time, he wasn’t so keen to talk to me. Wonder why?

    Tomorrow – the conference…

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  20. anonysamvines Member

    Sounds fab-u-lous dahling..

    Refreshments and flexible planning are verrr important (especially on wet days). TV crew can haz caek!!!
    keep up the good work!!
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  21. Anonymous Member

  22. Anonymous Member

    would love to see a copy of that!

    Good luck with the conference everyone xxx
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  23. jensting Member

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  24. Intelligence Member

    They're gonna need regging money with all the lawsuits in North America:)

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  25. The Wrong Guy Member

    Raid on Scientology, 17th November 2012

    Published on Nov 17, 2012 by David Miscavige

    The deceptive cult of Scientology, who promise their members immortality and god-like powers, completely fail when confronted by Anonymous.

    ...and, Cathy Sproule herself has been RPF'ed:
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  26. Anonymous Member

    She was RPF'ed in 1993 - old document in the link you posted - see date.

    Here is background information on Cathy (Catherine Julia) Sproule she is now remarried and known as Cathy Gouws - she works for OSA St Hill with Phil Harbour.

    Phil Harbour on line CV thread here: harbour
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  27. anonysamvines Member

    yes it is an old doc and is important to be aware of that, esp for anyone who doesn't read it.
    I still found it interesting with a good commentary done on it. I also found much more stuff on that site when i went to the home page - again old but the bits I dipped into i found helpful
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  28. Anonymous Member

    Who is the woman in the first minute of the video?
  29. Anonymous Member

    Oh - sorry - I now see it is Cathy Gouws OSA
  30. Anonymous Member

    Great protest - well done guys
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