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    Good initiative, but at the moment appears to e shipping to Ireland only.

    Shipping and handling
    Shipping cannot be calculated for your area. You can contact the seller for additional shipping costs and services.

    Item location: Westport, Mayo, Ireland
    Shipping to: Ireland
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    Thread stickied for more exposure. If it's not already in the planning section of the forums too, I suggest making a thread.
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  4. pedrofcuk Member

    The story so far:

    Friday: meet up and event raid. Time? Location? Duration?

    Saturday: venue booked for 20th October in East Grinstead from 1:30pm until 10:00pm, if we need it for that long.
    This is to host a press conference wherein ex-members and others will highlight the dangers and abuse of the Scientology cult. Confirmed attendees to date are a major tabloid and a TV documentary crew.

    Accomm: some limited accommodation can be made available both in and around EG and also Loldon for people who don't mind the travel.


    Ideas and suggestions are very welcome and indeed a must.
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  5. Anonymous Member

    If it's not The Sun, I'll eat my hat as long as it's edible, delicious and moist.
  6. jensting Member

    Brave Anon, given the recent coverage by that splendid and worthwhile publication the Daily Mail (ehrm, I mean, "the daily fail").

    Best Regards

  7. SeenTheLight Member






    Leading the Crusade for Total Freedom

    Join thousands of Scientologists from around the world at Saint Hill. Feel the excitement as we unveil:
    • The IAS Freedom Medal Winners of 2012
    • Our next monumental strides in bringing Scientology to the world
    • How the IAS-sponsored campaigns are changing the course of history

    After seeing the plans announced at the IAS Anniversary Event, come to the Expansion Seminar.
    Get the in-depth information on what makes the campaigns so effective – and how to get them rolling in your zone.


    All IAS members are invited.
    Be on stage yourself when you advance your IAS status.

    • Acknowledge those who have taken their next monumental step in supporting the ideals and spirit of the IAS.
    • Enjoy a gourmet dinner and spectacular concert.
    • Be one of the Patrons and higher IAS Honor Statuses who are awarded on stage.

    Enjoy the evening of world-class entertainment that caps the IAS Anniversary weekend.
    The Charity Concert follows in the tradition LRH set when he resided at Saint Hill of supporting the community. Proceeds from the concert benefit charities in the United Kingdom.

    Admission to the IAS Anniversary Event and Expansion Seminar is free of charge.

    Purchase tickets for the Patrons Ball and Saint Hill Charity Concert now as seating at these events is limited. Call +(44) 1342 324 571, email or contact your nearest Membership Office.

    You may also purchase Patrons Ball tickets by emailing or online at

    If you wish to be taken off this mailing list, please write back to:
    or write to:
    IAS Administrations
    1311 N. New Hampshire Ave
    Los Angeles, CA 90027

    © 2012 IASA. All Rights Reserved. "Scientologist" is a collective membership mark designating members of the affiliated churches and missions of Scientology. IAS Administrations is a nonprofit organization contracted to provide services to the members of the IAS.

    Mailed from 6331 Hollywood Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90028

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    Is there anyway of finding out when COB miscabbage is flying in which airport etc perhaps he would enjoy a welcoming commitee??
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  10. pedrofcuk Member

    Does he fly regular airlines? He certainly doesn't need to. JT has a jet.
  11. jensting Member

    I can make that date. Sweet :D
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  12. Algorithm Member

    Given that it's unlikely that the cult will be able to fill the seats again this year, by registering with the London Extras Casting Agencies and confirming availability at short notice, it might be possible to get a free ride to the IAS event AND get paid for clapping on cue to the babble that's going to get spewed out?
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    Nah, we've got it covered, so long as no-one blows Heretic's cover as lead bagpiper. OH SH-
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  16. Anonymous Member

    Great, now even ex-culties have better MS Paint skills than me.
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  17. Cudgel Member

    While there's no way in hell I'll be able to travel for the event, does anyone think it worth the effort to collect $$$ (or £££ in this case) to set up a portable hot spot to allow streaming of the speakers live?

    Just a thought.
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  18. OK, I'll be in East Grinstead High Street Friday 12 noon.
    Those attending the event will be arriving all afternoon in chartered (almost empty) buses etc so reaching St Hill by around 3 PM would be good.
    The DM speech traditionally starts at 7 pm so that's the latest time to leave, probably before that depending on the light.
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    DM used to fly in on TC's private jet and be picked up at Heathrow by Bob Keenan, LRH PPRO UK at the time. I don't know what the drill is these days, but if DM comes in on a commercial airliner this time, that could be an indication that TC is really distancing himself from the tiny tyrant. It's an interesting thing to think about but unless one of us is "lucky" enough to witness DM coming off a commercial airline at Heathrow, we'll never know. He normally arrives in UK on the Monday or Tuesday prior the IAS event.
  22. pedrofcuk Member

    Is anyone free or knows someone working at the airport? Wait, I think I do!
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  23. Anonymous Member

    Surely Miscavige could be arrested for human trafficking and money laundering offences ad soon as he reaches the UK?

    What were the UK authorities going after Hubbard for before he ran away like the coward he was?
  24. Anonymous Member

    War-chest augmented, at least now you can all have a post-game beer at the local establishment. Have fun, guise!
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  25. John Ritson Member

    I'll be there.
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    I miss the optimistic button.
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  29. Is anybody able to be an escort to dear lil trap for the weekend?
    EG this weekend will be a 6hour journey for me. So cant go there any back, unless I set off home by 4pm the latest... which just wont work because I'm fail.
  30. afternon Member

    This weekend?
    Don't you mean next weekend?!
    (Turning up a weekend before would most definately be fail!)

    I've copied you in on PM:)
  31. pedrofcuk Member

    I'm sure we can find someone to escort you, Trap :)
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    Bumps are a nice gesture but are they necessary when the thread is stickied?
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    Meanwhile at IAS
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    anyone check the local papers in the last month for the COS hiring for "seat fillers" for this event?
    Of course it wouldn't be listed under "seat filler"
  37. Anonymous Member

    I used to love that song.
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  39. Random guy Member

    Hm, the clammy Jive Aces ("in house"), bagpipers (HASI Scotland, "in house") and a medieval re-enactment group? It's not like they have spent much money on this.
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