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  1. pedrofcuk Member

    We probably need a planning forum or something where all ideas can be discussed and we can feed OSA titbits or morsels of juicy intel.
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  2. pedrofcuk Member

    Actually, you are so right.

    Raids/protests are essentially boring and the shrubbery at Stain Hill and lack of footpath and close proximity to the road make it dangerous for the unwary dancers.

    The problem with planning this is that the actual IAS bullshit event is usually held on a Friday which would mean a London raid on the Thursday? If we do the Friday IAS event, is doing London even feasible for the Saturday? London on Sunday?

    Ideally we would need a base close to the gates of Stain Hill, with a bar for the thirsty and a playground with ferris wheel for the rest of us.

    One Londonfag is in on the planning process.

    I love the positivity of, yes.
  3. Anonymous Member

    Yes is a link.
  4. pedrofcuk Member

  5. Anonymous Member

    And a portaloo.
  6. pedrofcuk Member

    ^Noted :)
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  8. jensting Member

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  9. Anonymous Member

    this is it guise. Remember the 30 by 30 campaign and all that abusive fund-raising that took place during 2012? ($30 million by June 30th). This is it on our doorstep. Miscavige has to be there, otherwise the sheeple might start to google.

    this is the only place in the UK where oaties are made, it really bursts their bubble to have so many suppressives on their doorstep. Dead Elron promised them that suppression wouldn't be a problem if the pay handsomely to become oatie. obviously that's not working out too well for them.

    this is the most important fundraiser of the year for the cult. it really fucks shit up when anon show up
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  10. anonysamvines Member

    seeing this on another thread
    <iframe width="640" height="360" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

    just made me quiver with delight at the thought af anons dressed as the village peeps and sea org singing this to ol slappy
    a gay piss take of a gay pisstake with added scifaggery
    interspiced with rickayyyyyyyyyyy

    ooh me shivers are timbering

    wish i could be there

    edit hmmmmmm gotta learn how to stick a vid in - is village people In the Navy
  11. pedrofcuk Member

    So we have all these plans and NO date yet. Come on Scientology, this is the IAS event, the BIG one, when will it be held? Surely your loyal slaves adherents also need to plan for this incredibly life-changing annual event?
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  12. Anonymous Member

    Hopefully there are some Anons in the area keeping an eye on things. If not an anon or two could do a recci.
  13. anonysamvines Member

    hmm maybe they got wind of the plans and got scared
    and did it without any publicity

    hmm tommygirl and iirc (but may have been a joke comment) slappy have been in uk lately
  14. Anonymous Member

    Looks like the cutlies are HIDING- very low toned of them!
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  15. Anonymous Member

    Mappin's got a few he could loan for the purpose. Tacky flocked wallpaper not included.
  16. I am definitely atetnding this one! I wonder how many clams will turn up this yeah if all our anon stats are true :)
  17. Anonymous Member

    While I would absolutely ADORE being at an IRL protest, ANY protest, it is very unlikely to happen. Flesh is willing but body is weak.

    / ****
  18. A journalist friend and I Scoped out st hill a few of weeks ago.

    This is happening.

    It is just a question of how many anons can make it.

    One thing we need to be aware of is st hill is a mile out of east grinstead itself and parking near the house is poor. Whilst you can park close the building in a lay by, at the cycle hire shop, or at the sports center. It would seem all these are owned by the clams. There is some good public rights of way all around the property and you can get close. Per curium, I note the Crawley tourism website has the house down as a tourist attraction with free entry that is open all year. Not much action when we went for a visit, tho we didn't go in the house, a few clams knocking about. Usual minibuses parked, Most of them seem to taxi into town. Might be an idea to suggest a time and a meeting place close by even if we are not firm on the date. If you are worried about being facefagged then get a mask and take the train back to London.

    Is anyone bringing any cake?
  19. Anonymous Member

    In the past- Anons meet in town, some go en masse on the train (a couple of years back an Anon was late and ended up alone on a train full of clams)!

    Sometimes it starts with a small demo in East Grinstead town centre followed by walking to the manor- it's a nice walk, though the road can be a little dodgy as there is no path near Stain Hill.

    If anyone does intend to drive there- don't park anywhere near Stain Hill unless you want the culties to tamper with your car (in which case, have a very large dog in the car and the window open enough for the dog to attack)!
  20. Does this plan have a pub in it yet?
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  21. Anonymous Member

    Always- beer works and helps people!
  22. pedrofcuk Member

    Someone calling herself Cathy from Saint Hill obtained my ex-wife's personal phone number from my Scientologist brother and gave her a friendly call. She wanted to know if my ex was aware that I was attacking Scientology and also what my movements were so yes, Fair Game is truly over. They are just gathering information about private citizens for their Church records. My ex was wonderful. She told Cathy that any questions she had about me could be answered by calling me. Needless to say...

    This call occurred in the evening of 18/09/2012.

    Hi Cathy, if/when you read this, I just want you to know that I will make public each and every action you take against me, my family and friends. The criminal abhors daylight, right?
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  23. Anonymous Member

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  24. Anonymous Member

    It is widely said that Cathy Sproule is a very very naughty cult member who has done some very bad things to hurt people in her obsessive mission to keep scientology taking over the planet.

    Mind you, she'll have to come up with something more creative than calling Pedrofcuk's ex misses if she's going to stop the tsunami of accurate information about scientology hitting every corner of the globe.
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  25. Anonymous Member

    I wonder did Cathy know she was talking to a psychiatric nurse....
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  26. pedrofcuk Member

    Despite having no date yet we are putting together an impressive speaker list that will make you hate yourself for missing it if you don't come to this. There, you have been told.
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  27. SeenTheLight Member

    The date's Friday, October 19th.
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  28. pedrofcuk Member

    And you know this ^, how?
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  29. booski Member

    Dox or anything to support this?
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  30. Anonymous Member

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  31. strobe Member

    It's SeenTheLight, internal publication posting extraordinaire. I'd say it's legit. Dox would be nice though.
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  32. booski Member

    Yeah because we have some conflicting information suggesting a week later than this date.
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  33. Anonymous Member

    law of averages. The only reason we don't head down there for both weekends is coz we've better things to do, and gawd's-honest beer to spend that flight money on.

    but davey boy would be very, very anxious to not have it goin on in October. That would be admitting utter defeat for 2012.
  34. the entrenched base of OTs is aging well past 50. It wouldn't good PR for the church to put a bunch of 80-year-olds up against 20-year-old Kenyan runners.
  35. afternon Member

    Besides, the winners in the Olympics all use sports psychologists and the culties are too scared to use tech that actutally works!
  36. SeenTheLight Member

  37. pedrofcuk Member

    ^Nice mappage.

    Planning: as the main IAS fail is on the Friday we should aim to assemble at the main Gates of Stain Hell from 5pm onwards. Take extreme care as the verge is non-existent and there is a very real element of danger from passing traffic. Then, que sera, sera.

    On the Saturday the press conference will start at 1:30pm in the venue (it's arranged, I'm just not announcing it yet).
    The aim is to wrap the whole thing up by 5 or 6.

    On the Sunday anyone still around and hungry for shellfish can re-assemble at the Gates for a flash raid at about 1pm.
  38. pedrofcuk Member

    In an effort to raise funds for this venture I have obtained a limited number of "I <3 SPs" badges which are available on ebay for next to nothing, free postage.

    or direct from on paypal, you will need to leave an address to post badge to.

    Anyone who has contributed to the warchest already gets a badge.
  39. Anonymous Member

    5pm seems too late to make the trip worthwhile. Previous years went something like:

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