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  1. pedrofcuk Member

    It's time to drop everything, shelve all those plans and concentrate on the biggest ever protest at Saint Hill Manor, home of the Scientology cult in the UK.

    You will NOT want to miss this.

    Anons, critics, exes and Indies will descend on the cult HQ one weekend in October this year to stage the biggest-ever protest to coincide with the annual IAS event.

    This is the BIG ONE!

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  2. pedrofcuk Member

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  3. Anonymous Member

    Count me in!!!
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  4. RightOn Member

    go go go!
    latest narconon deaths?
    Tom Cruise and Katie divorce?
    scientology child abuse?
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  5. Anonymous Member

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  6. Anonymous Member

    Protesting hardcore scilon public, staff, & sea org - "Ideal Orgs are EMPTY" "Narconon Trois Riviere SHUT DOWN" "Global Stats Are DOWN" etc etc

    Stay away from the gossipy stuff - that only re-inforces their beliefs that we're all just 1.1 degraded beings

    Focus on the delusion that DM sells: $camo expanded x26 over past year year etc

    Scilons are going to that event to celebrate victories and "unprecedented" expansion. If we're trying to wake them up on any point it should be that $camo is not expanding but exponentially contracting globally
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  7. SFOSABully Member

    I wanna go !! I wanna go !!
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  8. new guy Member

    Sounds to good to miss,count me in.
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  9. Sure. A date would be helpful! See previous Post Games for details, as its unlikely to be different.
  10. Anonymous Member

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  11. novu Member

    Sounds fun, count me in.
    Saint Hill is a great place to play Spot-the-OSAbot:
    pic by cf
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  12. Anonymous Member

    And, lets not forget -

    Scilon Saint Hill .gif
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  13. Anonymous Member

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  14. RightOn Member

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  15. Intelligence Member

    There is a good chance that Narconon Arrowhead will be shut down by then too.

    We'll see:) - - Oh', and before I head off for a VERY long nap: "OSA - GFY"!

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  16. afternon Member

    Perhaps a reminder that none of the British Olympic winners are $cientologists and have sports psycjologists to help them mentally prepare and win events!
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  17. afternon Member

  18. Anonymous Member

    Suppressives crash statistics, that's a 'technical' fact. If the psychs were onboard, I would expect the medal stats of Team GB to be on the floor, worst ever, all of them sick with flu's and failing. What was the medal haul again? They musta been, like, ranked 50th or something pathetic like that. Technical fact, and we all know LRH's 'tech' is 100% accurate.
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  19. RightOn Member

    were there any participants?
    any why didn't some OTs try out for Olympics? Surely they would have liked to win one for the COS?
    they could have worn a Dianetics or IAS logo jacket
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  20. Anonymous Member

    3rd, with 29 gold, 17 silver and 19 bronze.
  21. afternon Member

    Those evil psychs have the best tech!
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  22. Anonymous Member

    Elron kept quoting the Orson Welles broadcast of War of The Worlds whereby they *faked* a News bulletin of an alien invasion. They did this in a South American country and there were instant riots in the street.

    For the same reason - deeply embedded instincts, body thetans and the lot - OTs are made to *promise* that they will not make public spectacles of their gawd-like powers.

    So, hopin over hurdles or passing a stick to another dude runnin' might get us mere mortals excited, but these earthly things are utterly beneath OTs. dats the *reason* why we *never ever ever ever* will see any glimpse of true and ossom Oatie powers - coz it would excite those dark impulses within us, that we can't control
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  23. pedrofcuk Member

    Anyway back to the matter at hand, we are planning a megaraid to coincide with the IAS event at Saint Hill in October, also known as /I/ASP2012 and plan to follow the Dublin model with a conference during the day in a venue in EG. Any thoughts and/or bright ideas on the subject appreciated.
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  24. Anonymous Member

    Great Idea. Stick it right in their faces.
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  25. Anonymous Member

    ok, wow, dat is raising the bar. Can that be achieved in less than 2 months?
    Don't want to be suppressing SPs, but the logistics and expense of booking hotel rooms, PA systems etc!?

    I could totally see alerting local Journos and getting them along, giving interviews afterwards as being easily obtainable. Defo rounding up a crew for protest outside stain hill, handing out fliers across the local community, all very achievable, already in the bag.

    ...anyway, will be up for helping out as much as I can, and I don't doubt the OT abilities of my fellow SPs
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  26. afternon Member

    Great idea- keep the details off the public forum, let's see if OSA can actaully read our minds!
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  27. pedrofcuk Member

    Persoanlly, I don't care a tuppeny if OSA read my emails as I know that a handful of SPs is more than a match for the cult with its billions of dollars warchest and them pesky OTs. Fuck OSA.
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  28. afternon Member

    Whislt I agree with the sentiment, many Anons don't want to be facefagged and keeping OSA out of the loop lessens the chance. It's also fun to pass wrong info to OSA seeing as they fail to know the difference between truth and lies judging by the way they believe anything L Ron said!
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  29. pedrofcuk Member

    I agree and try to make sure anons remain anon unless of course they are already known to OSA and, yes, playing with the goons is fun. In fact, I am actively seeking any ideas to "fair game" OSA, preferably legal, no, totally legal.
  30. Anonymous Member

    I think Occupy Tunbridge Wells have some tents they no longer need, maybe we could use them?

  31. Random guy Member

    Just want to wish you guys good luck! This sounds like it could be epic!
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  32. pedrofcuk Member

    Any #occupyfags doing nothing that weekend?
  33. Anonymous Member

    I have loads of ideas to "fair game" OSA- at least borderline legal!
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  34. pedrofcuk Member

    Are they shared any place?
  35. pedrofcuk Member

    Please share ;)
  36. Anonymous Member

    I will PM you some ideas- not on a public forum- don't want to spoil the surprise!
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  37. booski Member

    Planning is in full swing for the IAS Raid at St Hill, East Grinstead, West Sussex, UK.

    As you are probably aware the Event is being spearheaded by Pete Griffiths who organized the Dublin conference, we need your help to make it a raid to remember.

    Pete is accepting donations at the following link.


    To clarify, this will cover travel costs, venue & publicity and anything else we can't do ourselves on the Internets for free.

    More information regarding the RAID will be posted here as it becomes available.

    Your support and attendance is greatly appreciated.

    Join the Discussion @

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  38. Anonymous Member

    I know you've probably thought of this, but venues in EG are going to be far more reluctant to host the conference - unless you have one in mind, I'd suggest making that a priority.

    I thought that calling this a 'megaraid' was pushing it, but "This will be the biggest mega-raid ever" - really?

    Regardless, I know of very few people who could stomach three days of raiding Saint Hill (as has been suggested on the Facebook page). From an anon perspective at least, I imagine people would rather base themselves in London, do a London raid one day, a Saint Hill raid for the event day, and the conference. Being based in London is also preferable for the post-raid shenanigans. BUCK FORIS

    Are any local anons assisting with the organisation? Especially those who've helped with / been at Megaraids in the past?
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  39. pedrofcuk Member

    The venue has been sourced and confirmed and I'm just waiting for a date.

    Calling it a mega-raid, ok, call it a mini-raid and the smallest-ever Stain Hill raid. If there are more than 10 at the IAS event protest it will be the biggest ever.

    Three days of raids during the IAS event, the biggest weekend on the Scientology calendar deserves full attention, IMO. And of course DM will be there the entire time. Don't you want to let him know how you feel about his constant lies, theft and manipulation?

    Who are the local EG anons?

    Actually, are there any anons left with any interest in Project Chanology? Ireland has 2, the UK has 5, the rest of the world, probably 14, with exception of Germany who has 44,444 and France who have 10.

    It would be great if every org and mission in the world was raided that weekend. A bit like February 2008.

    I want my mum.
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  40. Anonymous Member

    I'm not disputing what might be most effective / deserve attention, I'm thinking about what might pull in numbers / make for a better megaraid. A combination of different activities over the few days sounds better than three days in a border being molested by shrubbery. Many people might not have much idea about East Grinstead and Saint Hill, but give them something familiar like London and they may be more likely to join us on a trip to the former. I'm certainly not trying to pick apart the current idea, which I'm sure would work. Either way, I hope to be there - it just depends on the date etc.

    I meant Londonfags, as those with the most EG experience.

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