Ian Walton Restraining Order Court Audio

Discussion in 'Fair Game Reports and Personal Experiences' started by Anonamace, Mar 25, 2010.

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    I would rather not give every penny I have to a $200 an hour attorney, and have them blow my case because they have no real understanding about the facts behind the order. Plus the court gives special consideration to people with disabilities and those who represent themselves in a proper manner.

    Once the Judge hears the first hearing and realizes the only thing that has changed was mom was so bent on getting rid of me she committed perjury, and sees the video of mom coming after me just 5 days before she was in court, I can't see any other outcome but dismissal. I just thank god that Branford is out of the picture. I would have a hard time not telling him off, on record.

    Also, if you ever have a Scientology related court case, DO NOT STAY AT ECONOLODGE. There is some connection, most likely computer related and I caught the owners wife on camera fishing documents out of my trash!!! Nothing of value was lost, but it was a real wake up call.
  2. Anonymous Member

    Re: Ian Walton Restraining Order Court Audio

    Listen, it's probably not the Econolodge. It's probably some PI or some Sci paying them for your shit. The cult knows who you are and where you are so they'll try that shit wherever you're staying. Economy's rough now. People that might not have been able to have been paid to spy on you will do that now.
  3. CowBell Member

    Re: Ian Walton Restraining Order Court Audio

    Computer recycle bin? Physical trash can in your room? Waste bin outside of your room? And how do we know this isn't a case of someone cleaning up your room?

    Oh, and the econolodge corporate complaint web form is here:
  4. Anonymous Member

  5. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: Ian Walton Restraining Order Court Audio

    Ian, listening the court meeting was very helpful to understand your attitude towards your mother.

    I appreciate your calm answers to the various posts.

    I really hope that your hearing will bring you what you expect.
  6. Anonymous Member

    Re: Ian Walton Restraining Order Court Audio

    So interesting.
  7. Re: Ian Walton Restraining Order Court Audio

    I hope you FAGGOTS realize how I just threw myself under the bus to get my point across.

    "Order of Protection" was upheld. All claims except "he called me a bad names during an arguement" were THROWN OUT. Mom mentioned that I claimed she was dosing me with poision. And I still stand by the claim that I caught her in the act, but still let her destroy the evidence, to prove it to myself, as my wise neighbor told me " MY FUCKING DENIAL RUNS DEEP" (wake up call got through). I did not see her put the chunk of boric acid, that she keep very handy, in my oat meal, but it is hard to believe that your own mother, that brought you into this world would try to take you out of it. I also stand by the claim that I have suffered ALL THE SYMPTOMS OF BORIC ACID POISIONING SINCE I MOVED BACK IN WITH MY MOTHER (INCLUDING A "MEATY RASH ON MY HAND AND FACE AND ABDOMEN), AND THEY SEEM TO COINCIDE WITH THE EXACT TIME THAT SHE WAS VERY ANGRY WITH ME, but despite all that I still love my mom, and pray for her screwed up soul.

    EPIC COURT AUDIO TO BE POSTED SOON. Moms slimy Lawyer claime that "Anonymous is a terrorist hate group and blows shit up' was EPIC. Judge actually did me a favore. Now I can move on.

    BTW. this was drunken rant, but from the heart.
  8. Anonymous Member

    Re: Ian Walton Restraining Order Court Audio

    You have been acting of your own volition and not as a part of Anonymous. You are the one who dragged the name Anonymous into this, not her. She would not have even known of Anonymous if it were not for you.

    I for one think you have acted like an idiot scientologist would, against your own mother, believing that she is some sort of SP because of her beliefs and the fact that you have made her your enemy. You can't fix her. No matter how much you taunt her, you are not going to get what you think you deserve from her because you have crossed the line multiple times. Just the filming of her alone is harassment.

    If you just left her alone you would get more from her than all you've gotten because of what you have done . Get a life.

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    Sorry, I no longer respond to trolls. FOAD.

    Before I posted the Wally Hanks beating on YouTube, I had NO CLUE that Anonymous even existed. I only learned of Anonymous when I saw the link on YOUTUBE.

    (oh no, did I just respond to a troll. OOOPS.) FU Mark. Sociopath. Get help. USER & ABUSER. There is NO MONEY OR REVENGE IN THIS FOR YOU OR ROBIN. Thank you for playing the game.

    PS- I had NO CLUE about Anonymous, before I saw the response to the YOUTUBE video. So I would say Anonymous dragged me into this. But Its alright(just like the Black Sabbath song goes).

    [nomedia=""]YouTube- It's Alright - Black Sabbath (1976) [Tribute][/nomedia]
  10. Anonymous Member

    Re: Ian Walton Restraining Order Court Audio

    It is with extreme reluctance that I add anyone to my Ignore list. In fact, I had never done so on this web site. You are the first. Not Herro, not Skeptic, not Daywatch. You. Live well, get some help, and go away.
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    SHE WAS A CHRISTIAN BEFORE SHE BECAME A SCIENTOLOGIST. That is why her marriage had to be destroyed. Because it took place in a CHRISTIAN church. If you have not figured that out by now, YOU NEVER WILL AND HAVE THE SAME AGENDA. So GO TO HELL, where you belong.


    From this day on I AM ANONYMOUS.

  12. Stalin Member

    Re: Ian Walton Restraining Order Court Audio

    You are somewhat disturbed good sir, you should seek help imo
  13. Anonymous Member

    Re: Ian Walton Restraining Order Court Audio

    He already said he was drunk, you eejit!
  14. CowBell Member

    Re: Ian Walton Restraining Order Court Audio

    Hey Anonamace,
    1. I can under stand having a few drinks every now and then. Just be careful it does not become a habit or a way of coping with issues. You have a church you can go to for help in dealing with stress.

    2. If you suspect you have been poisoned with boric acid, see a doctor. It's best to be sure one way or another instead of 2nd guessing.

    3. Throwing yourself under a bus, to get a point across is generally a poor choice. Pick your battles.

    4. Seems like she had a lawyer & you did not. One of the nice things about having a lawyer is they won't throw you under a bus just to make a point. Even well experienced lawyers know it's foolish to represent themselves.

    Once you sober up, start considering what your plan is. You don't have to share it here. But please check with some friends (be they fellow church goers or someone else you trust) to establish some sort of a plan for yourself. In any case, if you suspected that your mother was attempting to poison you, I don't see any reason to ever live with her. Nothing is worth that risk.

    Options may include:
    * Figuring out what you want (honestly, I don't know).
    * Trying to establish another appeal with a lawyer to represent you.
    * Consider seeing about having the house sold (your mother can always live with your brother)
    * Consider stop making payments on the house

    Even though you and your brother have issues, it sounds like he is not sucked into Scientology. I would expect he would take at least some level of interest in seeing that his mother is not taken advantage of in her old age.

    In any case, I think you need to start worrying about yourself more and taking care of yourself. And the first order of business in that respect is to make sure you have a safe place to live free of undue stress. You can't help anyone else until you have your basic needs met.

    I wish you the best of luck. Please take care of yourself. And make sure you develop a network of friends you can lean on.

    ETA: Oh, and drinking alone is a bad idea. Keep it to drinking with other people. That line is a good way to make sure you don't slide off the wrong path.
  15. This would not have helped because the moms attorney Gari Lovejoy is the daughter of Steve Lovejoy, president of the Lincoln County BAR association. Every attorney in the county answers to him, including the judges. Defendant would have had to drive two hours to another county and pay the lawyer $400 to drive to court each time.

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